GYST – Bitcoin Mining Play with Record Revenues!

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At the Capital Gains Report, we’re not much for hype, but it’s hard not to be excited about a company announcing its January 2022 revenues were greater than all of 2021 COMBINED.

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It’s still our secret…but with this latest announcement, it won’t be for long.

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The Graystone Company (OTC-GYST)

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If you want to know more here’s what you need to know:


$184K for the month, that’s more than ALL OF 2021!

This only solidifies its already solid standing as the only cryptocurrency stock that matters right now.


  • Company valuation in the Bitcoin Mining Industry is based on hashrate; the higher its hashrate, the more bitcoins it can mine.
  • GYST has increased its hashrate 5X since it began mining in September.
  • GYST plans to have 300 machines by ‘23 which would be a 30X increase.
  • By 2024 it plans to BOOST ITS MINING CAPABILITY 1000X!!!
  • With revenues already growing at an explosive rate, imagine what they will look like when the company’s BTC mining power grows 1000%!!!?
  • Nobody knows about this ….YET…That’s not going to last long, this is your last chance before you have to pay a premium for GYST shares.


The Graystone Company (OTC: GYST) has proven successful in its short time as a miner since official operations started this past September.

In GYST’s first 3 and a half months mining Bitcoin its sales were:

Revenue: $187,085.17 
Expenses: $124,423.64 
Profit: $62,661.53

Then GYST drops this bombshell release about its January revenues equaling the output of its first three months mining!

First-year numbers like these are just seedlings when we look at GYST’s growth, which could quickly put them in the company of Bitcoin miners with market caps as high as $300-800 million.

But how?


The higher your hashrate, the more bitcoins you can mine.  The more bitcoins you have, the higher your value.  Pretty simple.

Hashrate is a measure of the computational power per second used when mining. More simply, it is the speed of mining. It is measured in units of hash/second, meaning how many calculations per second can be performed. … For example, 1 Mhash/s indicates 1 million hash calculations are done every second.

In September, GYST’s hashrate was 1,100 terrahash per second (TH/s) and grew to 2,100 by the end of 2021.  Here’s how it looked on the balance sheet:

MonthTH/sBitcoin MinedRevenueMining ExpensesProfit
September 20211,1000.09937408$3,698.41$929.50$2,768.91
October 20211,1000.19254803$12,366.06$1,915.33$10,450.73
November 20212,1000.30103452$18,166.39$3,545.00$14,621.39
December 20212,1000.29299558$14,054.31$3,545.00$10,509.31

GYST’s January 27th press release laid out the company’s growth strategy for the next 12 months which would bring its output to over 30,000 TH/s.

We calculated revenue estimates based on that press release, $246,392 in mining profits on the low-end and  $336,551 on the high-end.  BUT THROW THIS OUT OF THE WINDOW!

After its January revenue was announced at $184,000; more than all of 2021; we have no way to project how high its revenue will be in 2022.   All we know is it could put GYST on a whole different level!

But even with our original conservative estimates, the company would realize positive earnings placing its EPS above bitcoin mining leaders like Marathon (MARA), Greenidge (GREE), and BIT Mining (BTCM).

After losing money in 2021, reaching positive territory in this major value indicator could be a catalyst for parabolic growth.  The sheer possibility alone has speculative investors on the GYST trigger right now.  That’s why we are getting this report out, well before the earnings event so you can benefit.  

This alone is reason enough to send Graystone to the top of your watchlist.  But it doesn’t factor in earnings from GYST’s other vertical…and that’s not even the biggest reason this may be understating GYST’s potential.

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GYST’s top competitors in the BTC mining space:

CompanyTickerHashrate (PH/s)Market CapEPSP/EPPS
MarathonMARA3,200$2.2 Billion-0.38N/A$22.40
Riot BlockchainRIOT3,000$1.7 Billion0.1978.19$14.70
Hut 8 MiningHUT1,700$929 Million0.413.73$5.52
Bit DigitalBTBT1,603$300 Million0.3410.5$3.63
CleanSparkCLSK1,300$264 Million-0.75N/A$6.06
GreenidgeGREE1,200$131 Million-0.12N/A$11.02
Bit MiningBTCM800$223 Million-1.05N/A$2.94

Notice anything?

Most mining companies aren’t making money, meaning investors value potential in bitcoin mining companies.

GYST’s potential is laid out now, as BTC investors learn about the company its share price could grow ahead of its fundamental value.

With the tendency for speculation in the OTC markets high, GYST share price may rise well before these numbers are realized.


“Buy the Dip”

Bitcoin prices slumped to start the year.  The above projections factor in BTC prices around their lowest levels in 6 months.  

Many are projecting that BTC will recover rather quickly, experts and analysts who predicted $100k BTC before January are standing by their opinions:

  • Blockstream’s chief strategy officer Samson Mow “We’ll see $100k within the first half of the year.”
  • CryptosRus George Tung: despite “short-term, …volatility, long-term, inflation is going to be a continuing issue, and bitcoin is seen as the best hedge against inflation at this point.”
  • El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, thinks two more countries will follow his in adopting bitcoin as legal tender in the next 12 months.

Looking for confirmation from someone not so closely tied to the cryptocurrency’s success?

Peter Brandt CEO of the global trading firm, Factor LLC., commented, “So what that we have a 50% correction? … Greed puts in tops, fear puts in bottom.”

Don’t believe the experts? Ask the crowd…

A study released Feb. 1, 2022 by data intelligence provider Morning Consult found bitcoin owners believe the price will rise to $55k in 6 months, while people owning $500 or more of BTC see a climb to $62k in that same period.

It’s not just BTC investors who are bullish according to the study, 21% of U.S. adults surveyed were considering buying BTC. “That means consumers have so far proved less nervous about bitcoin’s price drop this time around compared with last summer, when its price plummeted,” Charlotte Principato, managing director at Morning Consult wrote in the report. 

No matter what anyone says are a few facts that highlight bitcoin’s underlying scarcity that can’t be denied:

  • Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be produced.
  • 90% have been mined already.
  • The supply of bitcoins to mine is projected to be exhausted by 2040.
  • Bitcoin by far has the largest adoption rate of any crypto currency

A freshman economics student can tell you how scarce supply affects prices.  Bitcoin rising would affect the GYST revenue projections dramatically to the positive side.   The company’s mining costs would remain flat due to its current deal, meaning earnings potential would increase at a steeper curve.

BTC rally would multiply GYST’s value exponentially.  

GYST is set to take off either way; so this factor is just icing on the cake.


The company’s stated goal is to reach 1 million TH/s which is 1,000 petahash per second (PH/s) by 2024.

For some perspective look at some crypto mining market leaders again: 

CompanyTickerHashrate (PH/s)Market CapPPS
MarathonMARA3,200$2.2 Billion$22.40
Riot BlockchainRIOT3,000$1.7 Billion$14.70
Hut 8 MiningHUT1,700$929 Million$5.52
Bit DigitalBTBT1,603$300 Million$3.63
CleanSparkCLSK1,300$264 Million$6.06
GreenidgeGREE1,200$131 Million$11.02
Bit MiningBTCM800$223 Million$2.94

GYST’s market cap is only $3.3 million right now and its hashrate is 6.2 PH/s.   

Reaching 1,000 PH/s would put GYST on the same production level as these industry leaders.

If GYST can maintain the same kind of margins, its value may exceed some of the companies above.

Two years away, the numbers are hard to project, but for now, it is evident GYST’s current share price understates its potential.

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GYST Makes More By Consuming Less

By lowering the amount of energy consumed in mining, GYST will create overall growth. 

GYST most recently acquired 50 S19j Pro mining computers from the industry leader, Bitmain.  The S19j Pro, successor to the —S19 Pro—is one of the most energy-efficient in the industry, using a mere 3050 W of continuous energy, while producing 100 TH/s.    

Putting this into context, these models save energy while maintaining the highest performance level.  In a startup test conducted by, both models reached their required hashrate in one-fifth the time of other mining machines (4-6 minutes vs 30 minutes).  This kind of efficiency could help GYST maintain the healthy mining margin rates it’s reported thus far.

Zero-Emission Mining

GYST uses a third-party data center to host its equipment. This “co-location” receives its power from a nuclear power plant giving GYST a clean, zero-emission energy source.

Giving Back

Demonstrating dedication to sustainability, GYST has donated more than 2,100 trees to be planted through a partnership with The National Forest Foundation. These trees will remove more than 4.5 tons of air pollutants annually.


Don’t just take our word for it, Kevin O’Leary, celebrity investor, and Shark Tank star, announced recently he planned to seek crypto-mining investments. Specifically, companies that use sustainable energy sources.  Investors will follow, as the market craves energy efficiency.


When you look at GYST’s price appreciation a month from now are you going to be:
A. THRILLED you got in on the ground floor? 


B. KICKING YOURSELF because you missed another ride to PROFIT TOWN?

You decide.

*All numbers calculated on January 30th, 2022
*The author is not a financial advisor
**Projected revenue estimates referred to in this article were calculated as follows: In its Jan. 27th press release it states the plan to add 8-20 machines monthly for the next 6 months and 20-30 every month following. In a conversation with the company, it estimates 2-3 months before new machines are mining bitcoin after they are secured. The company uses the Antminer S19j Pro which has 100TH/s per unit mining ability. We then used the ‘bitcoin mining calculator’ at to get an estimated daily revenue figure, we multiplied this by the days in the month for each figure. We subtracted the estimated cost the company states its mining fees will be ($186 per machine per month) from the monthly revenue estimate to calculate a profit estimate. In 2021, the company recorded $190,000 of sales and administration expenses, we subtracted this number from the estimated year end mining profits to calculate earnings potential and divided that number by the current number of GYST shares outstanding (found at to calculate an estimated EPS. The low-end estimate assumes 8 machines per month for the next 6 months, and 20 per month after and can be found here. The high-end estimate assumes 20 machines per month for the next 6 months and 30 per month after and can be found here. Calculations were made on January 31st 2022.
*This is part of a sponsored investor education program, for more information read our disclaimer