PDPG Could Become GEN-Z’s Energy Drink of Choice, Which Means Major Profits for Early Investors

Did you know, if you invested $1,000 dollars in Monster Energy when it debuted you would have $2,000,000 dollars in the bank today?

Or how about if you invested $1,000 in Celsius Holdings five years ago, you could have netted a $130,000 profit.

My point? 

Energy drinks create enormous wealth for their investors.

This trend doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

The energy drink market is projected to grow 50% by 2026, already at $57 Billion in 2020 this industry is moving into elite territory.

Even with Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, and several others commanding a large market share, there’s still plenty of room for new players to grab a piece of this soon-to-be $100 billion dollar pie.

So who is the energy drink industry’s next ‘green bull?’

We are releasing what could be our biggest idea yet: Performance Drink Group, Inc. (OTC: PDPG) a new player in this blossoming market, and your opportunity to catch the next carbonated caffeine wealth creator.

Top Reasons Why You Need To Look at PDPG Today

New JV Announcement in March.  This is a major catalytic event that could send shares ‘to da moon’ as Redditors would say.  Investors ahead of this announcement could benefit in a big way.

Now is the Time.  The company just announced itself and already its market is liquid.  Momentum is building.  I would forgive you if you skipped the rest of our detailed report and went right to your trading platform to start your research process.

Energy Drink Market Growth is Accelerating.  An already giant market is forecast to grow at a 9.8% CAGR over the next 5 years. 

Management’s Focus on Innovation.  The growth in this industry will come from companies like PDPG that carve new niches and solve problems the current market leaders haven’t.

M&A Activity in the Soft Drink Industry Remains Strong.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi control 70% of the soft drink industry and continue to buy out health and energy drink brands to maintain this market share.  This could be a lucrative exit event for PDPG investors.

Caffeine is Recession Proof. Inflation concerns will certainly affect beverages and consumer goods, but 85% of Americans consume at least one caffeinated beverage daily.  It is the gas that powers the human engine.

PDPG is a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ growth accelerator for beverage brands. Not only does the company acquire revenue-producing brands it also creates joint ventures to manufacture brands with high demand that are failing to produce adequate supply.   Its acquisitions benefit from an increased production capacity, which is a fast track to exploding revenues.

With experienced management that has a deep understanding of the underserved opportunities in this massive market, Performance Drink Group, Inc. (OTC: PDPG) is in a position to be a key player in the health and energy drink segment of the behemoth beverage industry.

Energy Drink Investments Have Created Countless Billionaires and Millionaires.


I mentioned earlier.

Look at this 200,000% gainer!

If that growth wasn’t enough, the company also received a 20% Investment from Coca-Cola.


Since 2015 this stock climbed 13,000%+

Early PDPG Investors could one day see gains like this, but that’s not the only way its investors can make bank.

M&A Opportunity for PDPG

M&A is a major part of the non-alcoholic beverage industry.  The Soft drink segment in particular is controlled by 3 major players.  The top two alone make up 70% of the $899 billion dollar soft drink segment 

  1. Coca-Cola the father
  2. PepsiCo  The eldest Son, who is starting to fade the industry and could soon be usurped by…
  3. Kuerig Dr. Pepper The Plucky little brother with something prove.

While the sodas that made these beverage giants have fallen out of favor they have leveraged their infrastructure to roll up the soft drink industry with strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Costa Coffee $5.1 Billion 

Glaceau (Vitamin Water etc.) $4.2 Billion

Monster Energy (16.7% stake) $2.1 Billion

Honest Tea (40%) $43 Million

Soda Stream $3.2 Billion

Rockstar Energy $3.85 Billion

Kuerig/Dr.Pepper/Snapple $18.7 Billion

In 2021 alone:

Coca Cola Buys Body Armor for $5.6 Billion

PAI Partners Purchase Tropicana Juices $3.3 Billion

These kinds of events are what keep beverage brands going, and while this is certainly one long-term option for PDPG…

Performance Energy Group (PDPG) is really more like a Coca-Cola, than Monster Energy…

And that’s okay.

First of all, Coca-Cola just hit its all-time high in February.  Further proof this is the right time to invest in a company like PDPG.

If you purchased shares in Coca-Cola when they IPO’d in a century ago a $100 investment would be worth $1.7 million today!

That doesn’t even factor in 100 years of dividends.

Performance Drinks Group, like Coca-Cola, is not only a brand developer but a manufacturer as well.

Its business is built in the mold of one of the most successful companies of all time.

How can PDPG follow a path that led KO to 1.9 billion daily drinkers in 200 countries?

Coca-Cola had a unique ingredient and flavor, John Pemberton originally wanted to develop a cola-flavored beverage containing alcohol and cocaine, the ‘Vodka and RedBull of Post-Civil War America’ if you will.   Prohibition made Mr. Pemberton produce an alcohol-free version, but it was still unique and served a need.

Performance Energy founders David W. Lovatt and Leonard K. Armenta Jr have a very clear strategy that will allow them to find a unique market position much as Mr. Pemberton did about 100 years ago.


PDPG’s strategy can be summed up in one word, innovation.   

Unless you’re investing in a resource company, innovation is at the crux of any successful investment idea.





Any truly life-changing investment rides on the wave of innovation and the disruption it causes in the industry it operates in.

Across several Energy drink trend trackers, there are two unanimous trends expected to shape energy drink growth in 2022, and PDPG’s strategy aligns with both.

Fresh Flavors

Even major energy drink brands have been taking chances on new flavors to attract new consumers. Examples include Red Bull The Coconut Edition and Rockstar Recovery in Marshmallow. Newcomer Coca-Cola Energy is showing that cola flavor can work for an energy drink, too. But perhaps Bang takes the cake with its inventive flavors that include Birthday Cake Bash, Key Lime Pie, Champagne, and Frosé Rosé.

Personally, I believe all these flavor innovations still fall a little flat because at the end of the day they taste like carbonated sugar water.

There are countless opportunities for making a ground-breaking flavor that could change the paradigm of the industry at large, and many small budding brands across the country claim to have just that.

PDPG could bring to market the next Red Bull, which itself was a radical innovation from the previous options for energy-providing soft drinks. 

Remember when using Mountain Dew to stay up and study was ‘a thing’?

We might be saying the same thing about Red Bull in 15 years.

Will PDPG’s brands be the new solution?

The flavor will be a major component, that’s why it’s so key to be ready well ahead of the March announcement.

New Ingredients

Much like the flavor innovation trend, brands are adding performance and recovery ingredients like protein and amino acids. For example, Monster’s Muscle Monster Energy Shake offers 27 grams of protein from milk protein concentrate, while Monster Hydro Super Sport is fortified with BCAAs, calcium, and magnesium, plus extra caffeine. Bang energy drinks contain BCAAs, EAAs, and creatine.

Another brand blurring the lines between sports nutrition and energy is Powerade’s Ultra, infused with creatine, BCAAs, B vitamins and more electrolytes. This product looks like a sports drink but the creatine & BCAAs elevate this to a sports performance standard. 

PDPG is a Sports & Energy drink company, they could lean toward these performance-based ingredients.

Or maybe they zig while the industry’s zagging, and bring the first truly useful all-natural organic energy drink?

The Energy Drink Consumer Base Is Aging Fast

Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar’s key demographic is Generation Y (millenials).  However, the largest consumers of energy drinks are males ages 18-24.

Generation Z will decide the new winners in the industry.  They are decidedly more motivated by sustainability and ethics in their consumer good choices.

PDPG knowing this has the opportunity to create options serving this segment, and become a market leader without the stigma current leaders have attached their brands.

This is a major opportunity that makes the March announcement so huge.


PDPG will be acquiring revenue-producing brands, which is fantastic on its own.   We know that equals revenue immediately.

The kicker is the company’s manufacturing capability that will help grow these small yet popular supply-challenged brands to make significant strides in sales.


Performance Energy Group, Inc. (OTC: PDPG), is an opportunity to engage with a company in one of the most historically lucrative industries before its first MAJOR announcement.  If you wait until after the March announcement, you may miss serious gains.

The company follows in the footsteps of Coca-Cola, Monster, Red Bull, Celsius, and innovators like Tesla, Google, and Apple.

At the current share price, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to grab a speculative lottery ticket on this kind of upside.

Energy drink sales will grow

New innovators in the industry like PDPG will take market share from the old guard.

This will either result in skyrocketing valuation

Or a landmark buyout.

Make sure you are in position.

Start your research on Perfomance Drink Group, Inc. (OTC-PDPG) RIGHT NOW!

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