Undervalued Holding Company Stock Set To Soar

Gaensel Energy Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS: GEGR) is an international holding company with assets exceeding $55.6 Million.  In 2021, the company grossed ~$77.9 Million in sales at a healthy 46.3% operating margin.   Gaensel’s interests are diversified across several industries with double-digit projected annual growth rates over the next five years.  

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Savvy investors will know to look at GEGR immediately after seeing its valuation metrics.  The company’s fundamentals signal a stock that could be trading at $2.80 per share. 

With the stock currently trading at less than 5 cents this is one of those rare truly undervalued investment opportunities that only comes along once every few years.

Just look at some of GEGR’s key valuation metrics:

  • Book Value Per Share (BVPS) $0.08
  • Sales Per Share  $0.31
  • Earnings per Share (EPS) $0.14

GEGR’s Potential Valuation Based on Key Ratios

  • 1 x Book (P/B) = $0.08
  • 1.5 x Sales (P/S) = $0.45
  • 20 x Earnings (P/E) = $2.80

Any way you look at it GEGR appears extremely undervalued.  Once the street catches wind of this undervalued opportunity, it won’t stay undervalued for long.   So make your decision today before it’s too late.

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These numbers alone should tell you everything you need to know, but if you’d like to learn more about Gaensel Energy and how it makes its money keep reading…

Gaensel Energy Group (OTC- GEGR)

 Gaensel’s holdings are diversified in the following industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Coffee
  • Commodities
  • Luxury and Beauty Products
  • Web 3.0/ Metaverse
  • Data Management & Software
  • Hemp Cultivation and Distribution
  • Construction
  • Green Renewable Energy

In each industry, the company’s subsidiaries are actively seeking rollup acquisition opportunities to increase market share.  This is a great way for its subsidiary companies to achieve economies of scale.

This strategy is particularly beneficial to investors because each new acquisition is a potential market catalyst.

Being a holding company gives GEGR several other benefits:

  • Reduced Risk
  • Protect Assets
  • Tax Benefits
  • Economies of Scale
  • Competitive Advantages

For a closer look under the hood, here are all of GEGR’s Investments:


GEGR’s Biotechnology Interests

According to Grand View Research, the global biotechnology market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.83% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 2.4 trillion by 2028.  Biotech is also one of the few industries that outperform in an inflationary environment, so GEGR is well positioned with its biotech subsidiaries.

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB) (Switzerland) was founded as a private bank for the cryopreservation of human stem cells obtained from blood and cord tissue for both autologous and allogeneic intra-family use. SSCB also allows the preservation of stem cells from adipose tissue. These cells have great potential in regenerative medicine. www.sscbstembiotech.com/en (30% ownership plus 20% options) 

Re-You Suisse (Switzerland) is an innovative Swiss start-up that brings the excellence of regenerative medicine throughout Europe. Re-You Suisse deals with regenerative medicine, a branch of medicine that aims to repair damaged tissue through cell regeneration and not replacement. It is based on the use of stem cells, which are distinguished from other cells, because they have the ability to regenerate and specialize. www.reyouswisse.com (30% ownership plus 20% options)


GEGR’s Coffee Interests

GEGR’s coffee interests are located in Italy, the 3rd largest coffee-consuming country in Europe. Italy’s per capita consumption, however, is #1 in Europe. Also, 90% of the Italian market is made up of independent cafes rather than large chains, which is why GEGR’s interests in several independent cafes are perfect for achieving market share

Montenapoleone 1838 SRL, (Italy) is a holding group with Coffee roasting, retail and fashion based in Milan, Italy, www.montenapoleone-1838.com. The Montenapoleone Group, now named Montenapoleone 1838 was founded in 1838 in the heart of Milano. Over the past 150+ years, with several different partnerships, the family owner has been actively operating in exclusive fashion and particularly selected Italian coffee.

Recently, the company announced it is acquiring seventy Percent 70% of the controlling interest of Tiburon Cafe’ Holding SRLhttp://tribudelcaffe.it/. A critical component in the acquisition of Tiburon Cafe’ Holding SRL Gaensel/ Montenapoleone 1838 was the award of an exclusive agreement with Epos Café SRL a premier coffee roasting company in Italy. https://www.eposcaffe.it/.

Additionally, Montenapoleone 1838 is completing the acquisition of five additional retail coffee outlets in Italy which will be operating under the Gaensel/ Montenapoleone 1838 brand.

Europa 93 Caffe SRL, (Italy), founded in 1973, is synonymous with capsules, coffee blends, coffee machines and much more. The Company was among the first to offer coffee, infusions and solubles in capsules. www.europa93.com. (50% ownership) 

Bottega Del Caffe SRL,(Italy), is the new E-Commerce of Bottega Del Caffe, and is dedicated to the retail and wholesale of coffee pods and coffee capsules and hot drinks of the best brands along with its own brands. www.bottegadelcaffe.net. (50% ownership) 

Officina Dell Cialda, SRL (Italy), was born from the passion for Italian coffee from its founder and sells capsules perfectly compatible with the most famous dispensing systems, with coffee machines. It plans to exceed 180 retail outlets in Italy in 2021. www.officinadellacialda.it. (50% ownership)


GEGR’s Commodities Interest

ILDA AG Investment Ltd. (England), is an International Conglomerate for Commodities. The primary business consists of over 100 years in coffee and cacao throughout Columbia and South America. The Company is also involved in the marketing of agricultural, petroleum, and energy consumer products. www.ildaag.eu. (10% ownership)


GEGR’s Luxury and Beauty Products Interest

Angelo Caroli SRL (Milan, Italy), operates in the luxury made-in-Italy sector and has developed a plan for the expansion into Europe, Asia and North America. The Angelo Caroli product line includes face, body and hair products, as well as skincare, perfumes, fragrances and other items. Their products have been added to the Marriott Presidential Suite for soaps, shampoo, and luxury bath products. Its products are established in luxury hotels in Italy as well as in beauty spas. The Company plans to expand its brand recognition and products worldwide. www.angelocaroli.com (50% ownership)

Angelo Caroli’s a tastemaker in Italian elegance


GEGR’s Web 3.0/ Metaverse Interest

The Metaverse Technology market was valued at $32 billion in 2021 and is likely to reach $224 billion by 2030. 

VR Metro Studios, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts) is GEGR’s play in the metaverse space. It is an independent software, gaming and virtual reality development company. The company’s core focus is on developing high-quality character-driven action and adventure games for virtual reality on Oculus and PS4. www.metrovrstudios.com. (80% ownership)

Watch a video describing GEGR’s opportunity in the space:


GEGR’s Data Management & Software Interests

Oversky SL (Spain), operating since 2013, with the aim of developing, producing and marketing a range of services and products in the digital marketing sectors, and specializes in management of quality profiled databases with over 20 million contacts throughout Italy and Europe. www.oversky.es. (50% ownership) 

Suite 110 SRL (Italy) provides a complete CRM management, sales and marketing system, encrypted cloud storage for secure documents, project management and a host of other features that provide businesses with a platform that simplifies operations in a single secure platform. (50% ownership)

Gate SRL, (Italy) is a Milano-based Marketing, Media, Editorial and Entertainment Group, https://www.gatemag.it/rivista.asp, with assets and activities in magazines and the media industry. GEGR will own and operate the airline magazine, Gate, including an exclusive patented mobile software application, GATE. The magazine GATE is the new edition of Ulisse 2000, which for many decades served the Alitalia’ airplanes and lounges. The Gate app is an innovative software application which, once released, will provide services dedicated to airport activities and an exclusive airport database known as Osservatorio. Gate is and has been actively operating as a services provider in several Italian airports including but not limited to Rome Fiumicino FCO. (40% ownership)


GEGR’s Hemp Interests

Flowers Trade SRL (Italy), is a major marketing and distribution entity of selected organic medical CBD to pharmacies and authorized buyers. (100% ownership) 

Flowers Lab SRL (Italy) is a biopharma company developing the bio-culture of medical CBD on 40 hectares of land-based in Sud, Italy. (100% ownership)

Curatio Life Sciences, Inc., (US) is a California-based homeopathic health company with hemp and CBD-based products. (100% ownership)


GEGR’s Construction Interests

Forom SRL (Italy) since 2016, FOROM is a construction company based in Florence, and specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of houses and apartments. The company is engaged in the remaking of roofs and coverings to the installation of plumbing and heating systems, along with external coatings and other items. (50% ownership) 

Italpose SRL (Italy) is a pioneer in the construction of glass and windows from complement to main element of contemporary construction. Originally founded as a glass company it transformed into the industrial sector of light alloy products, windows, coating, and continuous facades. (50% ownership) 

Iscom Spa (Italy) The Company’s principal River ClackTechnologies is a pioneer in metal roofing. River Clack is a leading metal roofing system for many construction modules. Its flexibility at high performance makes it an ideal solution for schools, airports, warehouses and stadiums. www.riverclack.com (100% ownership)


GEGR’s Green Renewable Energy Interests

Filmilan Productions SRL (Italy) is a premier European Green Energy Company, including financing, project management, supply chain and acting as a general contractor. It is the developer of industry game-changer POLYFIX® PANEL, a patented energy-saving environmentally friendly solution for the building materials/ supplies industry. 

Simeti SRL (UK and Czech Republic) is an inventor and manufacturer of small vertical wind turbines. Its patented EU-certified technology can be combined with other sources of clean energy such as solar, PV panels and water turbines. www.simeti.co.uk (65% ownership)

BioEnerzyne, (Italy) is an “innovative start-up” that develops the research of enzymes and plants, including microalgae, specifically designed to meet the needs of several manufacturing sectors BioEnerzyne’s first product is CELL-GAS, a special mix of thermostable cellulolytic enzymes produced from microalgae and specifically designed for biogas production. (50% ownership)

Zuc Energy, (Italy) designs and creates ORC modules using more advanced simulations, also with CAM and CAD software. Zuc Energy’s modules are realized based on the energetic needs of every single project. (50% Ownership)

Protonstar SAGL, (Switzerland) a Swiss Research & Development company in the energy sector that specializes in the trade of technological devices and holds the patent on the “Protonstar Battery System, Patent. PCT/IB2018/051315 which is a “Hydrogen Nickel-based energy storage system.” The storage system is a revolutionary new kind of battery that hopes to disrupt the energy market and provide pollution-free energy for both the commercial and retail markets. The Issuer in the Protonstar investment obtained a significant joint venture agreement with Periso, SA in Lugano, Switzerland relating to its biomedical equipment and stem cell technology. (30% ownership)


The company announced its latest investment in renewables with a binding Agreement to purchase thirty percent (30%) of the total assets and intellectual property of LB Energia SRL of Milano, Italy, including most importantly, its Biomass plant. LB Energia’s revenue for 2021, in spite of the pandemic, was over $2,000,000 USD. 

This is another fantastic revenue-producing acquisition for GEGR that has made a habit of creating value for its shareholders.


GEGR’s Technology Interest

Esarc Hi-Tech SRL, (Italy) was established more than 30 years ago, and since 2002 has been dedicated to the development of innovative audio systems and invisible loudspeakers that use magnetostrictive technology. (60% ownership)

Automecc SRL, (Italy) was founded in 2020 by the owner Mr. Carlo Mattei, who has over thirty years of work experience in the production and management of components for machinery dedicated to the various industries. http://www.automecc.it/ (40% ownership)

GEGR is Undervalued Any Way You Slice It

There are generally 3 ways investors determine a company’s proper valuation:
1. Book Value
2. Revenue
3. Earnings

Any way you slice it, GEGR is incredibly undervalued. 

  1. Book value measures a company’s assets vs. liabilities,
    GEGR’s Book Value Per Share (BVPS) is $0.08.

    That means if the company was sold for parts today it would still be worth over double its current share price!
  1. But that’s not going to happen because GEGR is recording record revenues, in fact, last year the company reported sales of $77.9 million! 

Most companies trade at or above 1 times sales, growth plays like GEGR usually trade at even higher multiples. 

If GEGR were to trade at just 1x sales it would be $0.31 per share!

That’s a 10-bagger just for reaching proper valuation.

Investors typically use P/S ratio when companies are pre-earnings; that however, is not the case for GEGR.

  1. GEGR is not your average OTC company, it has a healthy 46.3% operating margin.

GEGR’s EPS is $0.14.

Most OTC companies that are lucky enough to record earnings trade around 20 times EPS.

At that P/E ratio, GEGR would be $2.80, which would be 79X higher than its current PPS!

Make a decision on GEGR today before these prices are no longer available!

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