OTC ESG Co. Viking Energy (OTC:VKIN) Facility Deal Close

Viking Energy Group (OTCMKTS: VKIN) is closer to closing on a Green renewable diesel production facility said to be capable of producing ~43 million gallons of renewable diesel annually. VKIN announced its entry into the deal on December 1st.  Last week, it took the next step in closing this major acquisition that would add …. to its already impressive ESG focused portfolio.

VKIN’s Membership Interest Purchase Agreement with RESC Renewable Holdings, LLC to buy the membership interests of New Rise Renewables, LLC. and thereby the Reno, Nevada facility, will add to the list of green revenue streams that includes a zero-emission carbon capture tech. and newly acquired medical waste treatment technology dubbed ‘OZONE.’


Investors might want to keep VKIN stock on their Watch Lists as it expands. In a five million share stock transaction last month, VKIN bought a majority interest in an entity that uses proprietary ozone technology. It is a ready-for-market Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste treatment system.


James Doris, President and CEO of VKIN, says, “We are extremely pleased to continue our strategy.”  This strategy involves the acquisition of, “ ready-to-market products” in the ESG space.

He adds that the Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste treatment business is a $20 billion industry. Doris says VKIN is already in talks with potential clients in the U.S. and abroad about using this technology at several locations.


Last year, Camber Energy (NYSE:CEI) bought $11 million worth of VKIN stock. The proceeds of that transaction then were used to buy 60.5% of a company engaged in the manufacture of industrial engines. 

The funds were also used to acquire an IP license from ESG Clean Energy LLC to generate renewable clean energy from internal combustion engines. Not only does the process capture carbon dioxide (CO2), it also generates numerous precious commodities for sale. This creates several revenue streams from one deal.  That’s an efficient use of capital.


Going back to the ‘OZONE’ acquisition, Doris explains that ozone plays a vital role in the proprietary waste treatment system because it is a ‘sterilizing’ agent. ‘OZONE’ ‘shreds’ the raw waste in a controlled environment and “reduces it in volume by 90%.” 

The related waste is then classified as renewable fuel for waste-to-energy (WTE) in facilities worldwide. ‘OZONE’ has proven effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, according to VKIN.

In the Waste Treatment process, ‘zero’ emissions are created. The proprietary and licensed technology from ESG Clean Energy LLC (ESG) can be used in medical facilities, public facilities such as airports, nursing homes, cruise ships and more.


The aforementioned Green renewable diesel production facility in the corporate tax-free city of Reno, Nevada will not only be capable of ~43 million gallons of annual production but could net large margins.

VKIN’s biofuel margins could exceed average producers because there is a pretreatment center at the facility allowing the company to purchase pure feedstock rather than the pricy pre-treated feedstock many companies use in the production process.   Combined with the tax benefits of a Reno location, the cost of revenue will be interesting to track.

With terms of this agreement closer to completion and the diverse portfolio of green verticals, VKIN should be on top of any ESG investor’s radar.

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