Why SHNJF’s Japanese Whisky Launch Could Bring Payday for Investors

As it rides the waves of accolades into the launch of its Shinju Japanese Whisky brand, Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) is positioning itself as a potential market favorite.

SHNJF is rolling out the launch of its Shinju Japanese Whisky at a time when industry and consumer conditions are creating the perfect storm for success. Add to this Shinju’s strength and heft as a brand, and there’s no telling where the ceiling is for the firm.

Three Reasons Why Shinju is a Win for SHNJF

Three primary factors in the market are responsible for the company’s bright outlook of its highly anticipated whisky.

·        Overall industry growth, as reported by the Bacardi Industry Report

·        Rise in demand for premium spirit brands, like SHNJF’s Shinju Japanese Whisky

·        Whisky growing overall as a category, with Japanese whisky in particular gaining increased market share

Industry growth

·        Consumer behavior continues to evolve in a new age of spirit consumption. Consumers are looking for better experiences, a greater level of comfort and catering to one’s desires, and innovative ways to enjoy their favorite libations.

·        As drinkers return to the bars in full force and social gatherings can, once again, be made more enjoyable by sharing a drink or two with friends, spirit companies are seeing sales trend upward.

·        The global market for spirits is set to grow by a CAGR of more than 10% between now and 2020 and 2027.  This is excellent news for firms like Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) who are launching new brands in the midst of such growth.

Could you ask for better timing?

Premium spirit demand is up

Rather than trying to squeeze every last drop out of their dollars, consumers are looking for luxury from their spirit brands.

Premium brands, like Shinju, are providing consumers with top-shelf flavor and experience, while still catering to drinkers’ budget. Premium brands that don’t break the bank are heating up.

Japanese whisky growing as beverage of choice

SHNJF is a Japanese whisky product. Japanese whisky is a standout among other types of whisky, in that it most closely resembles Scottish whisky and is a fan favorite for mixed drinks and cocktails.

Demand for Japanese whisky will hit $1 billion in the next three years.

Compare that to its 2021 demand of $660 million.

That’s 9.4% CAGR!

Of that $1 billion, roughly 30% of all Japanese whisky will be sold outside of Japan.

Awards Abound!

As the launch approaches, Shinju continues to rack up awards and first place finishes in festivals and competitions.

Most recently, Shinju Japanese Whisky was named the official spirit of the Bloomaroo Festival in Washington, DC.

In November of last year, Shinju took home a gold medal at the John Barleycorn Awards.

SHNJF as an Investment

Investors looking to add SHNJF to their watchlist could see an influx of news coming from the company as the Shinju Japanese Whisky launch picks up steam.

Currently, the company is trading at an accessible $0.10 per share with plenty of space for possible growth.

Could the Shinju launch be the next big thing for this premium spirit brand? It could be worth adding this stock to your watchlist.

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