Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most rapidly growing and innovative industries of our time. Investing in stocks that are developing AI technology can provide a great opportunity for investors looking to tap into the growth potential of this rapidly expanding field.

As AI continues to become more ubiquitous in society, the demand for AI-related products and services is expected to increase, potentially driving up the value of AI-focused stocks over the long term.

Major Tech Giants like Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) are developing AI in numerous ways to improve and expand their businesses.

For example, Google is using AI for image and speech recognition, while Amazon is using AI for personalized product recommendations and improving supply chain efficiency.

Microsoft is leveraging AI for its cloud computing services as well as for improving productivity and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. AI is also being used by these companies for natural language processing, predictive analytics, and autonomous systems, among many other applications.

Trading small OTC stocks can provide numerous benefits over investing in a major player, such as greater potential for growth and the ability to get in on the ground floor of a promising new company.

For those looking for a more cost-effective option, Epazz (OTC: EPAZ) offers an interesting opportunity for investors to get involved in the AI-Tech boom. EPAZ provides mission-critical metaverse solutions, blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps, and cloud-based business software solutions.

Recently, the company’s On-Site Remote Assist product, which is integrated into metaverse technology, has been gaining quite a bit of traction. Just last week, EPAZ announced that the product would be further expanding in European countries.

EPAZ has been focusing their efforts on the On-Site Remote Assist product efforts in the German market, as that’s where the originated in a research project in Berlin, with great success.

Aiming to carry the momentum generated in the German market, EPAZ will be expanding its On-Site Remote Assist technology throughout Europe. Epazz Inc., is in the process of adding new languages on and will be hiring additional personnel in their Dublin, Ireland Office.

TillerStack Field Management Software, a part of Epazz Inc., has advanced its revolutionary On-Site-Remote Assist product, a precursor to the metaverse technology that is being integrated into real-world applications.

Epazz’s metaverse technology, when combined with the On-Site Remote Assist product, will enable remote field workers, repair and maintenance crews and inspection and monitoring teams to conduct on-site video calls.

Crews will be able to communicate with machine experts via the On-Site Remote Assistance and create real-time quality assessments, live training, proof of work and reports.

EPAZ has developed smart data glasses as an accessory hardware that is essential for using the On-Site Remote Assist product.

This product allows field workers to accomplish their jobs with a real-time video stream, connecting distant technicians and back-end office experts. The technology further enables access to local and distributed knowledge objects, automated expert mapping and company-specific configurations.

With a solid product that is gaining traction and an affordable entry point, EPAZ is a great alternative for investors that are looking to get into the High Tech and AI sectors.

Another option on the OTC market is Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTC: AITX) is a global leader in AI-powered enterprise security and productivity solutions. AITX is a forerunner in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that help businesses gain new insights, solve complex problems, and fuel new business ideas.

Through their subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), AITX is redefining the security and guarding services industry, through its lineup of AI-driven, Solutions-as-a-Service, business model.

RAD solutions are specifically designed to provide a cost savings to businesses of between 35%-80% when compared to the industry’s existing and costly manned security guarding and monitoring model.

In a statement, AITX CEO, Steve Reinharz said: “The technology that we’ve developed, that we’re building upon, and that we own, is transforming how legacy security is utilized, paid for, and how it delivers value to its users. I thank everyone for their hard work in bringing the Company to this point.”

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