CapitalGainsReport: Four Penny Stocks Poised To Pop On News (EPAZ, ECDP, IQST, XERI)

In the world of penny stock trading on the OTC market, news can hold tremendous significance and wield a powerful influence. Recent developments surrounding these often undervalued stocks can spark considerable momentum and lead to favorable trading conditions.

By staying informed and assessing the relevance and positivity of news, traders can identify potential opportunities for significant gains. In this article, we delve into four OTC penny stocks that have recently made waves, exploring the prospects they present for a possible upward surge in their market value.

Epazz, Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) is a mission-critical provider of metaverse solutions, blockchain cryptocurrency mobile apps, and cloud-based software. One of its prominent subsidiaries is ZenaDrone Inc., specializing in intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle technology that incorporates machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI).

In a press release from July 12, Epazz announced that ZenaDrone has successfully secured asset-based funding for the initial manufacturing and deployment of 20 ZenaDrone 1000s in Ireland, marking a significant milestone for the company’s Drone as a Service (DaaS) operations.

EPAZ expects each deployed drone to generate over $100,000 per year, targeting early adopters such as Irish farmers, businesses, and government agencies. Irish farmers will benefit from advanced-precision agriculture drones capable of monitoring plant health and spraying weeds. Additionally, the police force and fire departments can leverage these drones for quick emergency response.

The global drone services market is projected to grow significantly, with a forecasted value of USD 189.4 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 38.9%. Epazz’s expansion into Ireland aligns with this market’s growth potential. The company has been gaining traction in Europe, lining up customers and positioning itself for ongoing revenue in the region. Further expansion into Germany is also anticipated.

The ZenaDrone 1000 stands out for its high-quality camera, enabling stunning aerial photography and video capture. With autonomous flight capabilities and a multi-sensor system, the drone can navigate challenging weather conditions and obstacles. Its advanced features allow for precise measurement of height, depth, and vegetation, as well as accurate GPS tracking of people, objects, and animals.

EPAZ, along with ZenaDrone, aim to revolutionize industries through innovative drone technology. By reducing labor and greenhouse gases, the ZenaDrone 1000 offers a green solution for the agriculture industry.

Overall, Epazz’s strategic move into Ireland with the ZenaDrone 1000 highlights the company’s dedication to expanding its presence in the global drone services market and could prove to be a major stepping stone for EPAZ.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) focuses on serving basic human needs in today’s modern world. The company is preparing for a Nasdaq up-listing and has an impressive FY2023 revenue forecast of $105 million. iQSTEL recognizes that access to ubiquitous communications, virtual banking, clean, affordable mobility, and information and content are crucial in pursuing the human hierarchy of needs.

IQST operates through four distinct business divisions: Telecommunications, Fintech, Electric Vehicles, and Metaverse AI. The Telecommunications Division offers a comprehensive range of services such as VoIP, SMS, International Fiber-Optic, and a proprietary Mobile Portability Blockchain Platform. The Fintech Division provides remittance services, top-up services, a Master Card Debit Card, a US Bank Account without requiring a Social Security Number, and a mobile app. The Electric Vehicles Division focuses on Electric Motorcycles and plans to introduce a Mid Speed Car. Lastly, the Metaverse AI Division offers an immersive white-label proprietary platform for accessing products, services, entertainment, and information in a virtual 3D interface.

On July 12, IQST announced that its Q2 revenue of 32.5 million exceeded expectations, marking a 32% increase compared to Q1 revenue of 24.6 million. CEO Leandro Iglesias expressed confidence in surpassing the company’s annual revenue forecast of $120 million, emphasizing iQSTEL’s remarkable organic growth and significant merger and acquisition opportunities. The CEO anticipates that 2023 will be a transformational year for the company, potentially surpassing ten times the revenue achieved in its first year of operation in 2018.

This impressive revenue growth signifies IQST’s successful execution of its business strategies and its ability to deliver essential tools to meet basic human needs. As iQSTEL continues to expand its suite of products and services through both organic growth and acquisitions, the company could be in the position for continued success and a potential up-listing to the Nasdaq, solidifying its position as a player in the telecommunications, fintech, electric vehicles, and metaverse AI sectors.

Echo Defense Projects Inc. (OTC: ECDP) is a technology company focused on national defense, security, and border control. Its mission is to create a safer world through advanced defense technology.

The company was recently invited to demonstrate its ground-breaking Hybrid Radio Infrared/Laser Frequency (HRILF) technology at Mexico City’s Toluca International Airport. The invitation, extended by the CEO of Toluca Airport, emphasizes the airport’s commitment to improving security measures. Echo Defense Projects’ HRILF technology offers efficient scanning of passengers and cargo for flagged substances, even at long distances. The demonstration at Toluca International Airport provides an opportunity for the company to showcase the capabilities of its HRILF technology in the field of airport security.

Last month, Echo Defense Projects welcomed Donald Redman to its Board of Directors. Mr. Redman brings extensive corporate leadership and strategic expertise, having held prominent positions in renowned corporations such as The Diversey Corporation and the DuBois Chemical Division of W.R. Grace and Company. With a track record of success in navigating complex business landscapes, Mr. Redman’s inclusion strengthens the strategic partnership between Echo Defense Projects Inc. and AMSI Labs, reflecting their shared commitment to advancing cutting-edge technology in the defense sector.

Echo Defense Projects’ appointment of Donald Redman to its Board of Directors aligns with the company’s goal of attracting top-tier talent and fostering a culture of innovation. His expertise and visionary leadership will contribute to the company’s continued growth and success.

Overall, Echo Defense Projects Inc. is positioning itself as an emerging player in advanced security and threat detection technology.

Xeriant, Inc. (OTC: XERI) is an aerospace technology and advanced materials holding company that focuses on the acquisition, development, and proliferation of hybrid-electric and fully electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Additionally, XERI The company also prioritizes the advancement of performance-enhancing aerospace technologies, critical support infrastructure, and the ownership of the patented VTOL drone/aircraft concept, Halo. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Xeriant is dedicated to revolutionizing the aerospace industry.

In a recent press release, Xeriant announced the successful testing of a proprietary high-volume production process for its environmentally-friendly NEXBOARD composite construction panel. This innovative panel is made primarily from plastic and cardboard waste, offering a recyclable and resistant alternative to traditional building materials. With its industrial-scale manufacturing technique, Xeriant can deliver competitively priced NEXBOARD panels while maintaining the quality and uniformity required for integration into the construction industry. The specialized manufacturing process, composition, resistance properties, pricing, and recently filed patent of NEXBOARD create a significant barrier to entry for competitors.

This breakthrough has the potential to transform the construction industry worldwide. NEXBOARD can replace products like drywall, plywood, OSB, MDF, and MgO board, reducing plastic waste and cutting down on the amount of wood used in construction. The global market for green building materials is projected to reach $610 billion by 2028, indicating substantial growth potential for Xeriant’s NEXBOARD.

The successful implementation of the proprietary manufacturing process positions Xeriant to execute pending contracts and disrupt the building materials industry. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation, Xeriant is well-positioned to capitalize on the global shift toward greener construction practices. As the company continues to develop and commercialize aerospace technologies and advanced materials, investors can expect Xeriant to be at the forefront of transformative advancements in the aerospace and construction sectors.

Skye Bioscience (OTC: SKYE) is an innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to harnessing the potential of the endocannabinoid system, specifically targeting the CB1 receptor, to address diseases with significant unmet needs. With a focus on glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness, Skye has developed SBI-100 OE, a proprietary, synthetic cannabinoid derivative.

In a recent press release, Skye Bioscience announced a major milestone in its glaucoma treatment program. The company’s contract manufacturer, NextPharma Oy, has successfully completed the production and filling of placebo and SBI-100 OE for Skye’s upcoming Phase 2a clinical trial. This trial will be the first to primarily evaluate the efficacy of a synthetic pro-drug targeting the CB1 receptor in human subjects to reduce intraocular pressure.

The completion of production and filling reduces scientific and production-related risks, setting the stage for the study’s enrollment in the third quarter. Skye has also made significant progress in securing regulatory approvals and engaging specialized partners for the trial.

With its novel molecular structure and nanoemulsion formulation, SBI-100 OE offers effective topical delivery and better penetration into ocular tissue. Preclinical studies have demonstrated enhanced therapeutic efficacy and duration of response in lowering intraocular pressure, outperforming the current standard of care.

Investors have responded positively to Skye’s recent achievements, leading to an upward trend in the stock price. As the company continues to advance its glaucoma treatment program and explore the potential of the endocannabinoid system in other disease areas, Skye Bioscience remains a compelling player in the pharmaceutical industry.

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