CAVR: The 60 Million Revenue Real Estate Hidden Gem

Amidst the bustling landscape of the Land Development and Construction industry, where major players dominate, a potential hidden gem awaits investors seeking remarkable opportunities. The urban landscape is continually evolving, while new housing developments and infrastructure projects emerge with vigor. Fueling this growth is the U.S. government’s commitment of $1 trillion to modernize public transportation and rejuvenate aging roads.

This flourishing sector presents a wide array of investment options, encompassing massive players and companies involved in sourcing raw materials, manufacturing components, executing construction work, and managing projects from inception to completion. Among these opportunities lies a potential hidden gem – ParagonX Holdings (OTC: CAVR).

ParagonX Holdings (OTC: CAVR): Carving a Path in Development

ParagonX Holdings, formerly known as “LiveToBeHappy, Inc.,” has embarked on a strategic journey, setting its sights on real estate infrastructure and land development. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Kevin V. Cox, CAVR pursued a series of strategic acquisitions to solidify its position as an emerging player in the infrastructure domain.

On July 11, 2023, ParagonX Holdings’ (OTC: CAVR) announced the completion of the acquisition of Asher Homes, Precision Project Management (PPM), and Ruhl Construction. These multi-state home and land developers, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are well-known for their quality and design, which led to consolidated revenues of $48 million in 2022 and continued strong performance in 2023. This non-dilutive acquisition is projected to create over $60 million in annual revenues and over $8 million in EBITDA, further fueling the company’s growth prospects.

“I am very excited to begin this journey in the public space after years of building strong foundational businesses in the private sector. I look forward to working with the team as we build on our success and expand even further,” said Daniel Ruhl, President of Ruhl Construction & Asher Homes.

With this transformative acquisition, CAVR not only welcomes well-capitalized growth companies into its portfolio but also gains the opportunity to scale its rapidly growing majority-owned subsidiary, Hospitality Renovation Services (HRS).

As ParagonX sets its sights on a brighter future in the land development and construction industries, some notable changes are anticipated. ParagonX plans to divest its interest in Sinacori Builders, Monument Real Estate Partners, Drip, and its RenuYou subsidiaries. 

Additionally, Russell Sinacori will be stepping down as Executive Chairman, Board Member, and COO, and Tim Samuels will be stepping down from the Board. Kevin V. Cox, the Interim CEO, will also be transitioning to a new leadership role as the CEO of SOAAK Technologies, which recently acquired ParagonX’s health tech subsidiary, RenuYou.

“After much effort and work, I’m thrilled to complete these acquisitions, have their founder Daniel Ruhl on board, and to have such a strong company as the foundation for our future growth. I appreciate Kevin’s leadership and direction over the past few years, and though he will be with us in a different role, I wish him great success in his new venture. I am looking forward to leading our charge towards a major US exchange, where I have spent the majority of my professional career,” expressed Grant Edwards, President & Chief Financial Officer.

With a strategic focus on infrastructure projects and a formidable leadership team, CAVR is poised to unlock its true potential and capitalize on the dynamic growth in the land development and construction industries. 

As CAVR continues to chart its course towards industry leadership, the potential for long-term growth in this thriving sector positions the company as an intriguing, potentially undervalued, OTC Penny Stock.