OTC Stocks Making News Watchlist (SWISF, ENZC, IQST, HYSR)

Investors are always looking for catalysts that may impact price moves. One big driver that often impacts prices is news. Positive news sometimes has the ability to send stocks soaring.

Let’s take a closer look at four such stocks, all listed on the OTC markets.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTC: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR) has been making significant advancements in the field of cybersecurity. In August 2023, SWISF achieved remarkable milestones in optimizing its operations. Notably, it has successfully reduced its Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to a mere US$26 per customer, surpassing its 2023 target CAC by an impressive 65%. This achievement underscores Sekur’s commitment to cost-effective growth.

In addition to CAC improvements, Sekur has seen a notable uptick in the average revenue per user (ARPU), now standing at US$8.75. This represents a substantial 3.4% increase compared to July 2023. The surge in spending per subscriber can be attributed to the revamped Sekur website, which offers bundled solutions, enhancing the value proposition for users.

Furthermore, Sekur has witnessed a remarkable 24% month-over-month increase in average spending per customer since July 2023, reaching US$14.97. This metric encompasses all expenses for users registered under a specific customer, such as families, small businesses, or enterprises. With the impending launch of new offerings like SekurVoice for encrypted voice calls and SekurPRO for secure video conferencing in Q1 2024, SWISF anticipates further growth in spending per customer and user.

Sekur’s strategy revolves around reducing CAC through targeted digital marketing initiatives, including campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and META. SWISF’s commitment to enhancing website content and SEO efforts has played a pivotal role in its success. With the goal of achieving 100,000 monthly website visits and a conversion rate exceeding 2.5%, Sekur aims to lower CAC to an impressive US$4.

Alain Ghiai , CEO of Sekur Private Data said: “We are very happy to be ahead of our plans for our CAC reduction. Right now, if we count the money we are spending on digital marketing, and the organic growth from the SEO efforts, we are tracking a CAC of US$26 as of August 2023 . This is the 3rd month of us achieving a CAC of well under US$50 . All metrics, from ARPU to monthly sales, are increasing month over month as well. As we increase spending on digital media, we expect to increase our user base, and our organic traffic and SEO are also contributing to this lowering of the CAC. Our immediate goal is to reach a website traffic of one hundred thousand visits per month, and since we are already tracking a conversion rate of over 2.5%, we could get the CAC down to US$4 with those visits, based on our SEO and digital PR marketing costs of US$15,000 per month.”

Furthermore, Sekur has introduced SekurVPN and customizable bundles for consumers and businesses. This strategic move has proven highly successful, with approximately 50% of customers opting for bundles, and 32% choosing SekurVPN either within a bundle or as a standalone service.

In summary, Sekur Private Data Ltd. stands as a beacon of innovation in the cybersecurity landscape. With its impressive CAC reduction, ARPU increase, and expanding product portfolio, the company is well-positioned for sustained growth and success in the realm of digital security. These achievements underscore Sekur’s commitment to providing comprehensive and secure communication solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

Enzolytics, Inc. (ENZC), a prominent player in the biotech industry, is making substantial strides in healthcare innovation. First, they’ve announced a partnership with Khalpey AI Lab and Contenta, Ltd. The focus of this collaboration is groundbreaking-using artificial intelligence (AI) for microbiome analysis to identify biomarkers for early onset Alzheimer’s disease. With Alzheimer’s affecting millions in the United States and its economic impact reaching billions, the need for early diagnosis and treatment is pressing. By harnessing AI and microbiome research, this partnership holds the promise of early detection and innovative therapies.

Additionally, ENZC’s subsidiary, Virogentics, Inc. (“VIRO”), is progressing with clinical trials for ITV-1, with a specific focus on HIV-infected individuals in Bulgaria. The sample size of 60 individuals signifies the company’s commitment to advancing therapeutic solutions. Collaborating with R&D Services Ltd. and other established pharmaceutical entities, VIRO aims to broaden its reach in clinical trials and drug development. Their growing nutraceutical division’s exclusive distribution licensing of +Liver Rescue(TM) in North America, coupled with ongoing research into immunomodulators and therapies for conditions like diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, positions ENZC as a significant player in healthcare innovation.

With their strategic approach to AI, clinical trials, and therapeutic development, ENZC’s potential for growth and positive impact on healthcare is substantial. These developments make ENZC a company worth watching in the biotech sector. Furthermore, their ongoing business combination agreement with Sagaliam Acquisition Corporation further underscores their commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for chronic diseases.

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC:IQST) is a company with a mission to provide essential tools and services that address fundamental human needs in the modern world. They operate in four main business divisions.

In the telecommunications division, they offer services like VoIP, SMS, International Fiber-Optic, IoT, and a Mobile Portability Blockchain Platform. The fintech division focuses on financial services, including remittances, top-up services, debit cards, US bank accounts without SSN requirements, and a mobile app. iQSTEL’s electric vehicles (EV) division provides Electric Motorcycles and plans to introduce Mid Speed Cars. Lastly, the artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced metaverse division offers an immersive platform for accessing products, services, content, entertainment, and information in a virtual 3D environment.

These divisions contribute to iQSTEL’s revenue by offering their services globally, encompassing telecommunications fees, financial transaction fees, electric vehicle sales, and potential licensing or subscription fees related to their AI-Enhanced Metaverse platform.

On September 6, IQST reported revenue exceeding $13 million for both July and August. This impressive performance follows the earlier report of $57.5 million in revenue for the first six months of the year. As of the end of August, iQSTEL’s year-to-date revenue has surpassed $83 million, significantly surpassing its annual revenue forecast of $120 million.

Leandro Iglesias, the CEO of iQSTEL, expressed satisfaction with these results and hinted at the possibility of revising the company’s annual revenue forecast upwards. Additionally, he highlighted the positive trends in the core telecommunications operating income, particularly mentioning the promising performance of the SwissLink 2.0 operation and the anticipated positive operating income in Q3 for the QGlobal SMS business.

SunHydrogen Inc. (OTCQB: HYSR) is a pioneering company engaged in the development of revolutionary technologies for the production of green hydrogen using sunlight and water.

SunHydrogen is at the forefront of innovation with its patented SunHydrogen Panel technology, designed to harness sunlight and any water source to produce cost-effective hydrogen, similar to how solar panels generate solar energy.

In a recent update dated September 5, 2023, SunHydrogen announced a significant development. The company successfully uplisted its common stock from the OTC Pink Market to the OTCQB Venture Market (OTCQB). This move positions SunHydrogen among entrepreneurial and development-stage companies committed to providing high-quality trading and information experiences for their US investors. To meet OTCQB’s stringent standards, companies must maintain current financial reporting, pass a minimum bid price test, and undergo a comprehensive verification and management certification process every six months. SunHydrogen’s common stock began trading on the OTCQB on September 1, under the symbol HYSR.

SunHydrogen’s groundbreaking technology employs nanoparticles to split water molecules into high-purity green hydrogen and oxygen, all powered solely by sunlight. This process eliminates the need for external power sources, making it highly efficient and cost-effective. Tim Young, the CEO of SunHydrogen, expressed pride in this uplisting achievement and highlighted that the OTCQB’s additional compliance and quality standards enhance visibility for investors. He believes this step will introduce a broader range of investors to the company’s mission of producing low-cost, genuinely green hydrogen. Young encourages prospective investors to refer to the recent shareholder update for a comprehensive understanding of SunHydrogen’s mission, advantages, and upcoming goals.

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