Penny Stocks Making Waves in the News Watchlist (EPAZ, ZNOG, DSHK, NRXP)

Investors are always on the lookout for catalysts that can influence stock prices. News, in particular, can be a powerful driver, capable of propelling stocks to new heights. In this article, we’ll delve into the recent developments of four intriguing stocks, exploring how significant news can potentially impact their growth and performance.  

In this article, we’ll highlight four such stocks, shedding light on the latest developments that could impact their performance.

Epazz Holdings, Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) is a tech company with a versatile portfolio that spans drone technology, artificial intelligence software, cryptocurrency apps, blockchain mobile apps, and cloud-based business software solutions. However, it’s their subsidiary, ZenaDrone, Inc., that has recently caught the attention of investors and industry enthusiasts alike with its groundbreaking developments in the drone technology sector.

The latest buzz surrounds the debut of the ZD1000 drone, a remarkable creation powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). This significant event took place at the Taiwan-US Supply Chain Business Matchmaking Seminar, held during the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE) 2023. The ZD1000 isn’t just another drone; it represents a significant leap in UAV technology, specifically designed for the efficient survey and inspection of large-scale supply chain warehouses and facilities.

Let’s explore the pivotal reasons behind this significant release and its potential impact.

Unlocking NDAA Compliance: ZenaDrone’s strategic move to establish partnerships and supply chain vendors in Taiwan is a clear step toward National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliance. The NDAA limits the use of equipment produced by specific Chinese companies. By resolving supply chain issues and ensuring NDAA compliance, ZenaDrone positions itself favorably for securing U.S. Defense contracts, a market with substantial growth potential.

Showcasing Cutting-Edge Capabilities: The upcoming demonstration of ZenaDrone’s capabilities in North Carolina for the U.S. Department of Defense is a testament to the advanced technology the ZD1000 brings to the table. With its AI-driven features and sophisticated algorithms for automated piloting, this drone offers not only efficiency but also the ability to identify operational issues proactively. Its advanced image recognition capabilities make it a valuable asset for preventive maintenance and emergency situations.

Taiwan-US Collaboration: Beyond the technological aspects, the seminar provided a platform for critical collaborations. ZenaDrone’s CEO, Shaun Passley, met with Ms. Sandra Oudkirk, the Director of the Office of the American Institute in Taiwan. This meeting opens doors for potential collaborations and manufacturing opportunities in Taiwan, a strategic move that aligns with the shifting dynamics of global supply chains.

Fostering Innovation in a Changing Landscape: The seminar was part of a broader initiative to facilitate Taiwanese aerospace and advanced manufacturing companies in accessing cutting-edge technologies from the United States. This initiative comes in response to the impact of the trade war and evolving trade policies. It signals an accelerated restructuring of global supply chains, making ZenaDrone’s advanced technology and NDAA compliance all the more relevant.

Investors may want to watch closely as Epazz Holdings (OTC: EPAZ) explores new opportunities and demonstrates advanced capabilities in the drone technology sector. These strategic moves could translate into significant growth potential.

Zion Oil & Gas (OTC:ZNOG) is on a mission to explore for oil and gas resources onshore in Israel.

The company proudly declared on September 14, 2023, that the State of Israel had granted it a new exploration license, which it dubbed the Megiddo Valleys #434.

“This license is a major endorsement from the State of Israel and affirms our longstanding commitment to unlocking Israel’s onshore energy potential,” remarked Zion Oil & Gas CEO Rob Dunn, expressing gratitude to shareholders and supporters.

The newly awarded exploration license, 434, extends for three years until September 13, 2026, with the option of four one-year extensions, potentially spanning seven years until September 13, 2030. Covering approximately 302 square kilometers, or around 75,000 acres, it represents a promising opportunity.

Zion is wasting no time and plans to commence re-completion operations on the Megiddo-Jezreel #1 well (MJ-01) in the near future. The company is deploying innovative technologies and exploring new stimulation methods for MJ-01, with the goal of unlocking hydrocarbon flows in key zones. Zion has already secured service contractors and necessary items, anticipating operations to kick off in Q4.

Investors responded enthusiastically to this news, propelling Zion Oil & Gas’ stock, ZNOG, to a remarkable 48.97% gain on September 14, 2023

Drive Shack Inc. (OTC:DSHK) is a leading player in the entertainment industry, specializing in golf-related experiences that foster social connections. Their portfolio includes American Golf, Drive Shack, and Puttery.

On September 13, 2023, the company unveiled its financial results for the second quarter of 2023. Drive Shack Inc. (DSHK) reported earnings of $2.4 million for the quarter, equating to a net income of 1 cent per share. Impressively, the company generated $98.1 million in revenue during this period.

Investors responded positively to this news, driving up DSHK, by a remarkable 39.62% on Thursday as of 3:30 p.m.

NRx Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:NRXP) announced a significant development on September 14, 2023. NRXP has entered into a strategic partnership with LS Associates, a division of LifeSci Advisors, LLC (LSA), to enhance its financial expertise and capabilities. As part of this collaboration, Richard Narido, an experienced industry veteran, has been appointed Interim Chief Financial Officer , responsible for overseeing the company’s financial operations. His background, which includes serving as the CFO of Lucira Health, makes him a valuable addition to NRx Pharmaceuticals.

NRx Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative therapeutics for central nervous system disorders. They specialize in addressing conditions such as suicidal bipolar depression, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The company’s lead program, NRX-101, is an oral medication that combines D-cycloserine and lurasidone. It targets the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor in the brain, potentially revolutionizing the treatment landscape for severe bipolar depression and related conditions.

NRX-101 stands out as one of the first oral antidepressants in late-stage clinical studies specifically designed to target the NMDA receptor. This receptor plays a crucial role in depression, making NRX-101 a promising candidate for addressing a range of related conditions, including chronic pain and PTSD. Importantly, early studies suggest that NRX-101 does not carry the same addiction potential as conventional antidepressants.