OTC Active Stocks Watchlist (EPAZ, MRZM, GCEI, TMGI)

One approach that appeals to many investors is identifying stocks that are consistently active in the market. These actively traded stocks, which often experience significant price movements, can maintain their activity levels over several trading sessions, potentially offering smart investors opportunities for gains.

Now, let’s examine four stocks that have shown increased activity and warrant a closer look:

Epazz Inc. (OTC:EPAZ)

Epazz, a mission-critical supplier of cutting-edge technologies, may be well-positioned for promising growth in the drone industry. The company’s recent press releases detail multiple new developments that point to a bright future for EPAZ.

In an announcement last week, ZenaDrone, the drone-focused subsidiary of Epazz, detailed the start of the deployment of its ZenaDrone 1000s in Ireland. According to EPAZ, a shipment of 20 drones will mark the advent of Drone as a Service (DaaS) operations in the country. With an estimated revenue potential exceeding $100,000 per year per drone, this venture holds the promise of increased income for the company.

ZenaDrone’s role in Ireland extends beyond profitability. Collaborating with Irish farmers, the company will monitor plant health and provide essential weed control services. Moreover, the drones will serve as invaluable assets to local police and fire departments, seamlessly integrating into their first-responder systems. This multifaceted approach underlines the real-world versatility of ZenaDrone’s technology.

The success story doesn’t stop there. High-ranking officials from the United States Navy have recognized the potential of the ZenaDrone 1000, according to a press release issued last month. The ZenaDrone has been chosen for an upcoming presentation, adding to the growing interest in ZenaDrone technology within the U.S. military. ZenaDrone has also begun preparations to assist the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and the Department of Homeland Security. The broad spectrum of interest in ZenaDrone’s capabilities speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

Last month, EPAZ announced a new partnership with Thunder Tiger Corp. As a reputable Taiwanese defense contractor, the strategic partnership between ZenaDrone, Inc., and Thunder Tiger Corp. is another pivotal development. The partnership not only opens doors for sales to the Taiwan government but also ensures NDAA compliance, meeting U.S. Defense Department requirements. 

In conclusion, Epazz Inc. (OTC:EPAZ) and its subsidiary, ZenaDrone, could be on a trajectory of growth and innovation within the drone technology sector. The potential for increased revenue generation, coupled with recognition from the U.S. Navy, strategic global expansion, and key partnerships, allude to a promising future for this emerging drone company.

Marizyme, Inc. (OTC:MRZM)

Mariyzme, Inc. announced that they had achieved a major medical milestone recently when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted de novo classification for their innovative product, DuraGraft. The purpose of DuraGraft is to flush and store saphenous vein grafts used in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgeries for adult patients. 

DuraGraft’s mechanism of action involves reducing oxidative damage and preserving vascular conduit integrity. Clinical studies have demonstrated that, especially at the 12-month mark after CABG surgery, saphenous vein grafts treated with DuraGraft show less graft wall thickening than grafts treated with standard saline. Furthermore, DuraGraft usage has been linked to reduced long-term mortality up to three years post-CABG surgery.

The cardiac care industry is substantial, with coronary heart disease incurring an estimated annual cost of $219 billion in the United States, according to the CDC. CABG is the most common open-heart surgery in the U.S., with over 500,000 surgeries performed annually. David Barthel, CEO of Marizyme, sees DuraGraft as a potential game-changer in the cardiac care field.

The FDA’s de novo classification makes DuraGraft the first and only medical product cleared for intra-operative vascular conduit storage and flushing during CABG surgeries, and it’s also the sole approved product for this purpose in Europe and other countries.

DuraGraft’s uniqueness lies in its patented status, making it the sole product of its kind for CABG and other vascular surgeries. The DuraGraft patent portfolio spans over 30 countries worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Australia, India, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico, and various Asian countries.

Marizyme’s focus now shifts to U.S. commercialization, with an emphasis on driving utilization in hospital integrated networks through their own sales force. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Marizyme, offering access to a rapidly growing market and the potential to revolutionize cardiac care.

David Barthel, CEO of Marizyme, is enthusiastic about presenting this groundbreaking product to cardiac surgeons and their CABG patients, recognizing the immense opportunity it offers to transform cardiac care.

Global Clean Energy, Inc. (OTC:GCEI)

GCEI experienced a notable surge in its stock price on Friday, rising by 25.58%. Without immediate news driving this increase, let’s take a look at some of the company’s developments.

Over the summer, GCEI announced the formation of a joint venture with Provectus Engineered Materials Ltd. This collaboration focuses on Provectus’ patented low-frequency sonication technology, designed to address two critical challenges: reducing sulfur in crude oil and removing oil from oil sand tailings.

Initial tests demonstrated a 13% reduction in sulfur in high-sulfur fuel oil. Ongoing testing will explore the use of multiple catalysts to create a modular solution for reducing sulfur content in fuel oil.

Additionally, GCEI plans to conduct tests for oil separation from oil sand tailings. Success in these tests could pave the way for sulfur reduction and oil separation projects in the United States and Canada, tapping into emerging growth sectors.

The global market for ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is projected to reach $14.5 trillion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.7%. GCEI’s strategic position in providing sulfur reduction services at blending stations for high-sulfur crude oil producers presents substantial revenue potential, with each project potentially exceeding $40 million.

The Marquie Group Inc. (OTC:TMGI)

TMGI witnessed a remarkable rise on Friday, soaring by an impressive 100.00% as of 2:57 PM EDT. This increased investor interest coincides with the company’s recent announcement regarding its negotiations to acquire a majority stake in Simply Whim, Inc., a health and beauty brand. The Marquie Group had previously acquired a 25% stake in Simply Whim, aiming to expand its product offerings and drive shareholder returns through innovation.

CEO Marc Angell expressed optimism about the potential integration of Whim’s revenues, noting that it will significantly contribute to the company’s path to profitability, particularly with the holiday season approaching. The company has also revamped its recent 10-K report to provide a more transparent view of its vision, growth trajectory, and product portfolio.

Simply Whim, founded by Jacquie Angell, a three-time cancer survivor, is dedicated to raising industry standards in the U.S. beauty sector. They prioritize superior, safe, and effective beauty solutions while avoiding harmful ingredients and promoting ethical choices. Whim’s commitment to product integrity, including cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO products, has garnered attention from discerning consumers.