OTC Company Sets Example For Twitter Use

Texas oil and gas explorer, Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP) is breaking new ground, more figuratively than literally…and that’s a good thing.

The company has two major projects in the North Texas region where they are exploiting existing shut-in wells that have the potential to be productive again.   As far as oil and gas exploration goes, that’s as environmentally friendly as it gets.  

While AGYP isn’t necessarily breaking new ground with their Green and Annie Gilmer leases, each located in historically fruitful Texas basins, they are showing OTC companies how to properly update their investors through social media.  

Press releases are the past, and while they are a formal necessity, the meme stonk craze, Elon Musk, and basically everything we’ve seen move the markets over the past few years have shown us social media is where a large majority of the world gets their news.

AGYP has faithfully updated it’s investors every step of the way recently and the company has been repaid with a strong surge of momentum from 25 cents to its current price of 40 cents per share.

Just this past month we’ve seen a master class in corporate communication from the company.  After a quiet period the company explained why things had been so stagnant with a simple tweet:

Allied Energy Corporation


·Jun 8

$AGYP, rework activities have been delayed over the last several weeks due to very intense rains in North Central Texas. Allied’s team is committed to making up for lost time by working several well sites in parallel as favorable weather is moving into the area.

They stayed true to their word, a couple days later dropping this update:

Allied Energy Corporation


$AGYP, Allied’s team has secured 2 triplex pumps to be installed on the Green & Gilmer leases salt water injection wells. These pumps are capable of moving 1000 barrels of fluid per day. Oil /water cut on the Green lease anticipated to be 7 to 10 % of total fluids moved per day.

They then used photos to show their progress:

From there they’ve shown us a series of videos of their progress at the Green and Gilmer leases.

For the longest time, one of the harder things for OTC investors to parse was the question of if the company was legitimate or not.  With company’s like AGYP leading the charge in disclosure and corporate communication investors can start to feel more safe in these markets.