Eco Depot (OTCMKTS:ECDP) Stock Delivers Technical Breakout And Spikes $0.3900 To $1.45

Eco Depot (OTCMKTS:ECDP), one day after announcing the Q4 opening of its first micro-production facility in Montreal, sent its stock on a 36.79% technical breakout spike, jumping $0.3900 to $1.45 in heavy volume of 282,238 — 143% above its daily average volume of 116,152. The 36.79% technical breakout for the stock, shattering its lows, came one day after it said its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bronya Canada Group, is opening its first micro-production facility in Montreal/North America in Q4 2021. ECDP and its subsidiary are also looking for locations for more facilities in North America and Europe. 

ECDP rallied from the $1.00 area to $3.25 during May and June of this year, and ran from $1.45 to $5.80 earlier in the year so the stock has a recent history of big breakouts.

Work on the new production facility has already started for its Bronya Climate Shield protective paint coating, designed to reduce 20-40% of energy consumption in businesses and homes. The Montreal facility will be opened by Bronya Canada Group — its first production unit in North America. It has already initiated a process to explore options for several more production facilities in North America, the Company said.

News that ECDP plans to open several regional micro-production facilities to meet the transportation, logistical and distribution centers needs of major retailers broke ECDP stock into a technical breakout, jumping in heavy volume to $1.45. It spiked away from its lows as it announced the new production facility will serve the requirements of Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States. ECDP is also negotiating for additional facilities throughout North America and Europe.

The 4,200 sq. ft. facility in Montreal will have a production capacity of 2,700 gallons per day that will be capable of generating $107,994.60 USD daily, the company said. Location near the retailers’ distribution centers will be designed to mitigate any transportation delays, ECDP said.

“Due to its potential for reducing energy consumption, Bronya Canada Group seeks to make Bronya Climate Shield the most affordable, cost-effective thermal paint coating in the battle against Climate Change through energy conservation,” the Company said. “Bronya Canada Group is considering multiple potential sites in several other states and provinces to accommodate its consumer demand.” 

The ‘Bronya Climate Shield Thermal Paint’ promises climate shielding for exteriors as ECDP plans a global marketing effort as it intensifies its focus on this ready-to-use line, designed to make buildings green and reduce carbon emissions. It is now addressing the challenge of how to commercialize it on a global scale basis. The strategy for  multiple regional micro-production facilities, beginning with the Montreal unit, is designed to meet the challenge and bring its proud closer to retailers’ distribution facilities, speeding delivery and mitigating transportation delays.

 This is a progressive company intent on saving the planet one specialty paint coat at a time. ECDP is in a world of incubating and investing in eco-companies and buying/selling carbon credits for green companies and managing eco-friendly real estate assets. 

ECDP is a development stage company with a 52-week stock trading range of $0.0120-$5.5800. Its Q1 2021 SEC filing details how volatile its stock range can be. It has a policy of funding fiscal capital shortfalls itself and  commercializing its consumer products speciality eco-paint. ECDP’s priorities are acting as incubator and aiding under-compliant companies finance eco initiative with the carbon credit system. It has adopted an ESG synergistic approach to protecting the environment.