‘Water ATM’ Global Growth On Radar Of LifeQuest World Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC); Clean Water Is The New Financial Gold

Investors who believe water is the next gold should take a close look at LifeQuest World Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC). This is an emerging eco-green Company that turns dirty water into financial gold.

In water-stressed nations globally, LQWC makes waste water treatment exciting. It turns sludge-free and chemical-free treatment of wastewater and makes clean water reusable and new again. It reclaims water it treats and makes it available for irrigation, industrial and other non-drinking applications. 

Now it is looking into the growing ‘Water ATM’ drinking water market.

LQWC cleans water worldwide for governments, commercial businesses and consumers. It is a green Company taking sludge, grease and fats out of dirty water. The result is clean reusable water. The Company turns raw sewage, often  dumped into rivers, oceans and lakes, into non-potable non drinking water for re-use. 

Waste water treatment is a lucrative industry. The market is seen growing at a CAGR of 6.5% to $211.3 billion by 2025, according to Meticulous Research.  LQWC succeeds with a line of proprietary, trademarked and smaller footprint-sized products. It is a green Water As A Service (WaaS) Company serving water-stressed nations.

The future may hold more opportunities, says Max Khan, president and CEO of LifeQuest World Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC). His Company is producing more clean water through partnerships and JVs worldwide. But he says that Water ATMs are a growing opportunity, especially in water-stressed nations. 

Water-stressed areas are locations where not enough water is available or clean drinking water is not accessible. Nations like South Africa, India, the Philippines, Turkey and even parts of the U.S. struggle with obtaining potable water for its inhabitants.

LQWC sees opportunities ahead:

  • Khan aspires to the Water ATM market. Like money ATMs in other nations, Water ATMs deliver to paying consumers fresh, potable clean drinking water. It is a growing industry globally. LQWC is already treating and cleaning water to make it reusable. In the future, it could enter the Water ATM market.
  • LQWC is also looking into the general market for potable or drinking water for humans. Access to clean drinking water is an issue for water-stressed nations. LifeQuest can help. It already maintains water treatment systems for governments which have allocated billions of dollars for clean water in the future. 

“Clean water is the new liquid gold,” Khan declares recently in an exclusive interview. “The issue of dirty municipal (tap) water is not just confined to developing or emerging nations. It also occurs in the United States. We have developed a scalable system of treatment for raw sewage, treating it with eco-friendly and biological techniques on site.”

The investment by investors into water solutions is becoming huge, Khan said. “Smart money is moving into water forestry and sustainable agriculture. We’re in the right spot. We fit right into it.”

According to the UN’s UNICEF organization less than 50% of India’s population has access to clean water. Chemical contamination of water, mainly through arsenic, is in 1.96 million Indian dwellings. Excess arsenic could affect 15 million people in West Bengal, according to WHO.

Turkey and other nations are future water treatment markets for LQWC. Treating  dirty wastewater also improves the green environment. “Clean water drives agriculture,” Khan says. “We take dirty water and make it reusable for human needs.”

LifeQuest has its most sophisticated infrastructure in India, Khan says. LQWC has five pilot programs operating in that country. The idea is to end the practice of anyone dumping raw sewage into waterways.

Khan says meticulous planning for cleaner water by governments worldwide makes LQWC’s future bright. “India has allocated some $2 billion long term for water processing. We’re very positive about it,” Khan says. “We want to reduce or eliminate water borne diseases.”

LQWC already has proven itself capable in India for cleaning dirty wastewater and making it reusable again. It can be used for industrial purposes in factories, in agriculture or even in water forestry management. These are all sustainable initiatives.

In India, Khan says many of the Company’s water treatment projects are located in the hospitality industry. “We are doing about 80% of our work in India in hotels,” he recalls. “Hotels are growing again and our products are able to remove grease, fat and even heavy metals such as arsenic and chlorine from commercial kitchens.”

Khan adds that LQWC is already running water treatment projects in Indian government facilities flawlessly for four years. It uses Italian-made pumps and German-made sensors. We can operate at a high gross margin.”

LifeQuest sees more expansion ahead. This WaaS Company forecasts more water treatment joint ventures and projects worldwide. Khan says it now has five joint ventures in place — from India and South Africa to Ethiopia and the Philippines. It is working to secure more JVs in other countries. Turkey is a JV target.

“The economics of this are so sweet,” declared Khan. We are a “Water as a Service (WaaS) Company.”

Its wholly-owned subsidiary, BioPipe Global Corp., offers LQWC’s flagship product. It specializes in reclaiming and converting wastewater into cleaner water that can be repurposed for other uses. This includes: irrigation, replenishing surface water, recharging aquifers, and more.

LQWC, Khan says, focuses on reclaiming wastewater. Reusing treated wastewater makes water management sustainable. Treated wastewater by LQWC can be reused for other human activities. It is not potable or clean to drink. But, Khan says, that may be happening in the future.

Khan explains that LQWC has signed a series of joint ventures or partnerships worldwide to provides WaaS solutions to governments, commercial restaurants. hotels and other locations. In some water-stressed countries, such as India, it has developed operating ‘pilot’ programs. 

In the future, it is researching water treatment solutions in Turkey and the U.S.

The market is seen growing at a CAGR of 6.5% to $211.3 billion by 2025, according to Meticulous Research.

“In calendar 2020 we had a very strong sales pipeline,” Khan explains. “Now we are in an even better place because we have structured our ventures to receive  recurring revenue in the next 10 years. Some we will own and operate forever,” he explains. 

And LQWC may see a new advantageous business model that calls for future, valuable ongoing revenue streams. Khan says, “We may unwind some of the joint ventures and just go solo.”

LQWC’s products include:

  •  Biopipe: The Flagship product, this is is the world’s first biological wastewater treatment system where the entire process takes place inside a series of pipes. It has a small footprint. So it can fit in places where space is tight and other systems cannot. It can be used almost anywhere. This includes hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings and more. Biopipe is a patented and proprietary product. It is 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free and highly scalable.
  •  Goslyn™ Grease Recovery Device: It is a small but effective device that removes animal fat, grease and food solids. Small in size, some 15,000 Goslyn™ devices are already operating in the U.S. They are perfect for commercial kitchens. Even the most sophisticated wastewater systems require it for grease and fat removal, Khan says.
  • Glanris Technology: Removes heavy metals from wastewater. This uses a 100% green hybrid filtration media. Khan says it revolutionizes water filtration for government municipalities, businesses and homeowners.
  • Abrimix™: Offers a breakthrough approach to treatment of a wide range of materials in treatment of industrial wastewater. It removes total suspended solids (TSS) and is effective with “hard to treat” waste waters. It uses a proprietary mix for each type of influent waste water.

“Our goal is to help municipalities, governments, businesses and anyone else to be able to re-use treated water to improve the environment,” Khan says.

Water is the new liquid gold. Keep LQWC on your Watch List as the Wastewater Treatment Industry grows globally in size and valuation.