LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS:LQWC) Max Khan, CEO, Predicts LQWC, A Clean Water Company, Will Be Profitable In Calendar Year 2022

In an exclusive interview, Max Khan, CEO of LifeQuest World Corp.  (OTCMKTS:LQWC), a clean water specialist company, predicts that LQWC will become profitable in calendar year 2022. 

Although the Company operates on a May-to-May fiscal year, he gives guidance on a calendar year basis so shareholders and the financial community at large clearly understands how well LQWC is performing now.

“We’re not burning cash,” Kahn says in the interview. “We have funded close to $200,000 in pilot projects with our balance sheet. We have big momentum going forward.”

The pilot projects he refers to are two in South Africa, one in Ethiopia, one in Turkey, one in the Philippines and two in the U.S. in California. 

“They are a game changer for us,” Khan says. They represent seeding worldwide to document LQWC’s products can clean and reclaim water for other non-drinking uses. They include irrigation and water forestry.

LifeQuest World Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC) stock closed last evening at $0.0731, off 1.32%. Trading was extremely light at 21,806, vs. 123,114 daily average.

LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS: LQWC) catalyst is a green eco-system strategy providing on site biological sludge-free and chemical-free treatment of wastewater. It then reclaims that water for irrigation and industrial reuse and other applications. 

It offers a line of specialized wastewater treatment products especially valuable for water-stressed countries. LQWC cleans water worldwide for governments, commercial businesses and consumers. It is a green Company taking sludge, grease and fats out of dirty water. 

The result is clean reusable water. The Company turns raw sewage, often  dumped into rivers, oceans and lakes, into non-potable water for re-use. Waste water treatment is a lucrative industry. The market is seen growing at a CAGR of 6.5% to $211.3 billion by 2025, according to Meticulous Research.

Khan says it is focusing on its flagship product: BioPipe. It is the world’s first biological wastewater treatment system where the entire process takes place inside a series of pipes. It has a small footprint. So it can fit in places where space is tight and other systems cannot. It can be used almost anywhere.

This includes hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings and more. Biopipe is a patented and proprietary product. It is 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free and highly scalable.

“The economics of this are so sweet,” declares Khan. We are a “Water as a Service (WaaS) Company.”

LQWC’s wholly-owned subsidiary, BioPipe Global Corp., markets and sells the  flagship product. BioPipe specializes in reclaiming and converting wastewater into cleaner water that can be repurposed for other uses. This includes: irrigation, replenishing surface water, recharging aquifers, and more. 

An add-on product from LQWC that is mandatory in many Indian commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels provides a high margin profit. It is the Goslyn™ Grease Recovery Device.

This is a small but effective device that removes animal fat, grease and food solids. Khan estimates that some 15,000 Goslyn™ devices are already operating in the U.S. They are perfect for commercial kitchens.

 Even the most sophisticated wastewater systems require it for grease and fat removal, Khan says. “Many commercial kitchens and and hotels with active restaurants are mandated to have it. But we estimate there are two million establishments in India that still do not have a proper de-greasing device.”

The most lucrative aspect to Goslyn™ is the after-profit margin. Khan explains that the device gets rid of 95-99% of all fat oil and grease. The client can then sell that greasy and fatty material to bio-diesel plants.

“They come and pick it up,” he says. “You are paid about  32-42 cents per gallon for materials you have cleaned out of the water. Consider cleaning a fast-food restaurant kitchen, like a Popeyes or McDonalds.”

The opportunity for LQWC is astounding. “Restaurants are re-opening again after lockdowns and we’re seeing more opportunities out there,” he says. 

“The market can range from giant industrial kitchens to a restaurant with a 50-seat capacity,” Khan says. “If you have an active kitchen in an Indian hotel or restaurant, the Pollution Control Board enforces mandated use of a de-greasing device.”

At a 50% profit margin itself, the Goslyn™ device has a bright future. Even if LQWC offers it to a client at a low price, it can then negotiate to receive all of the future profit from selling the materials it cleans to a third-party in a de-greasing protocol. 

LQWC sells Goslyn™, Khan says, in conjunction with its flagship BioPipe wastewater treatment system. It’s an add-on sale which adds a new revenue stream to the Company.

“Our goal is to help municipalities, governments, businesses and anyone else to be able to re-use treated water to improve the environment,” Khan says.

Water is the new liquid gold. Keep LQWC on your Watch List as the Wastewater Treatment Industry grows globally in size and valuation.  For more information visit

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