Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) Stock Green Again At +7.65% As It Seeks More JV Partners For ‘Global Distribution Platform’

Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) closed green again to $25.60, up +7.65% last evening. It continues to grow its worldwide Global Distribution Platform for cultivating and selling Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil.

INSD continues its spectacular run. In one week it sprinted to a +72% green jump.  The stock rose from $3 to $60 since mid-September. Profit-taking took the stock down 23% on Tuesday. Now it’s back green again. Is it starting a new run? 

The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Before its reverse merger on September 24, it was a shell company with no operations.

Shareholders and the financial community are now watching INSD expand its Global Distribution Platform as its widens its Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid distribution.

It already has multiple joint ventures for cultivation and distribution. The Global Distribution Platform touches five continents including North and South America, Europe’s EU, India/Asia and South Africa/Congo. 

Instadose Canada made news for INSD as it continues signing and negotiating more JV partnerships to expand its Global Distribution Platform.

Now it continues to look for JV partners in nations such as Egypt and Mexico. It sent out a Tweet on progress in Mexico.

India was one of its most recent international strategic joint venture agreement. It is with Sanctum Healthcare Remedies Private Limited, its India JV Partner. In turn, Sanctum agrees to grow, cultivate and sell Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil to Europe. It will market to Europe through INSD’s ‘Global Distribution Platform,’ INSD said. 

Earlier it signed a JV Partnership Agreement with Columbia JV Partners. INSD’s catalyst is its expanding global footprint for growing and distributing medical cannabis and cannabinoid oil.

And now Egypt could be next. It disclosed talks with Egypt’s government at the Arab African Investment Conference in a Tweet last week.

And Mexico is a possibility, too. The government there is close to legalizing marijuana. One Mexican Senator is quoted as saying there is a new agreement to prioritize marijuana legalization this current Session.  

That would be a breakthrough. The nation has been discussing the issue for years. But now a Senator from the ruling political party, Morena, said it is a top priority now in the current Session.

Grant Sanders, Chairman of Instadose, calls its JV international joint ventures strategic. They give Instadose open air cultivating land mass. They also add to INSD’s network of established marketing locations.

“Our partnership in India is a strategic pillar to Instadose’s Global Distribution Platform as Indian states such as Uttarakhand legalize Medical Cannabis,” Grant Sanders said. “With a population of approximately 1.4 billion and a growing middle class, the potential for Medicinal Cannabis in India is substantial.”

INSD is becoming a force in worldwide medicinal cannabis. From multiple growing and cultivation sites it is distributing to pharmaceutical firms globally. And it is negotiating for more.

INSD entered international joint venture agreements with India, Portuguese Republic and Columbia. 

It is competing in a large worldwide market. The global medicinal cannabis market is anticipated to reach $46.18 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 22.9% from 2021, according to research by Market Data Forecast. It also distributes cannabinoid oil worldwide.

Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) is seeking to create a large, outdoor growing, cultivation and global distribution program for its Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil. It would, through its Global Distribution Platform,  gain global access to a new wholesale market worldwide. 

This wholesale marketplace would then offer low-cost product as a bulk and active pharmaceutical ingredient. It would be large, sustainable, consistent, diverse and high quality.  

INSD Chairman Grant Sanders said, “The commoditization of Cannabis will have a huge impact on countries where it can be grown outdoors, particularly in the developing world. The hope is that these countries will benefit from the development of a global market for Medicinal Cannabis.”

INSD’s Global Distribution Platform is also focused on sustainable and long-term agreements. The goal is to give back to national people and the environment. Instadose aims to increase fresh water, jobs, education, food, quality of life and security.

INSD is focused on its three growing and cultivation centers in: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Africa and Mexico.

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