LifeQuest World Corp. (OTCMKTS: LQWC) Treats Wastewater Globally, Now Scientists Want To Study It For COVID Variants

LifeQuest World Corporation’s (OTCMKTS: LQWC) mission is to treat wastewater and make it clean again. Now, there could be a more important issue. Scientists want to study wastewater to detect COVID-19 variants.

Wastewater Taking Center Stage

According to The Wall Street Journal, wastewater is now taking center stage in the scientific study of COVID-19 variants. They want to track the rise and fall of variants and can do it by genomic sequencing of wastewater. 

Dr. Marina Matus, CEO and Co-Founder of Biobot Analytics, says, “By studying wastewater we detected how the Delta variant was gaining ground in the U.S., early. Genetically analyzing wastewater enables scientists to track the rise and fall of COVID variants.”

Houston Wastewater Detected Delta Variant Before First Case

“Generally, wastewater is a leading indicator when the disease prevalence is very low,” Dr. Matus said. Last spring, the Delta variant was detected in Houston’s wastewater treatment plants before the first clinical cases were confirmed in the city.

The Delta variant was collected 10 days prior to the first lab-confirmed case being identified.

How LQWC Can Help Worldwide

LQWC could play a vital role helping detect where the variant is traveling globally. The company cleans raw sewage and dirty water in nations such as India, the Philippines, the U.S., Turkey, and others. LQWC stock may benefit as they work to solve this growing crisis. 

This could be a catalyst for LQWC stock. A specialist in cleaning wastewater, the company is already entrenched worldwide in reclaiming wastewater as non-drinking, but clean water.

LQWC’s flagship product is BioPipe. Over one billion people in water-stressed nations need cleaner water. Now, BioPipe can play a more immediate role. It can help medical teams identify if the Delta, Omicron or other COVID-19 variant is present.

Omicron Variant is Spreading Fast

LQWC can play an especially vital role because scientists say the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is spreading fast. It is also highly contagious and other variants may be coming. LQWC, as a wastewater treatment company, can help identify the movement of variants worldwide.

Treating wastewater is a $283 billion market. Fortune Business Insights estimates it will reach $465 billion by 2028. LQWC believes it can treat wastewater and make a profit while helping millions of people.

LQWC’s BioPipe now turns dirty water clean, but not for human ingestion; it reclaims filthy water, treats it then applies it instead to irrigation and other purposes.

LQWC’s catalyst is its green ecosystem strategy. Now it can help identify the global traveling of COVID-19 variants.

The California Connection

In California, the Sewer Coronavirus Alert Network ‘SCAN’ found Omicron in wastewater collected in Merced, California. A week later, the first case was confirmed. SCAN processes wastewater daily from 12 wastewater plants in Northern California.

LQWC will be operating two pilot plants that clean wastewater in California. Max Khan, CEO of LQWC, says that poor nations are water-stressed. However, he also points out even wealthy countries, like the U.S., have areas where water quality is poor and needs treatment.

Seventy percent of all COVID cases were caused by the Omicron variant the week ending December 18, 2021, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Now, with COVID-19 variants spreading the disease globally, LQWC’s services may be valuable. LQWC is a Water As A Service (WaaS) Company specializing in treating wastewater.

BioPipe is LQWC’s Flagship Product

It is ‘seeding’ its operating pilot programs globally. LQWC’s BioPipe is the world’s first biological wastewater treatment system where the entire process takes place inside a series of pipes. Biopipe is a patented and proprietary product. “It is 100% sludge-free, chemical-free, odor-free and highly scalable,” Khan says.

Other devices in LQWC’s line are designed specifically to turn raw sewage into clean water. From latrines in low income areas that are dumped directly into waterways, this company treats and produces clean water.

Fighting Water-Borne Diseases Like Cholera

On the subject of cholera, Khan commented, “In South Africa or India we see water-borne diseases such as cholera. Our company markets products which clean commercial kitchens. They can also clean latrines in India that dump raw sewage into waterways.”

Now he can add COVID-19 variants to the list. They foretell where variants are headed before confirmed clinical cases are identified.

Keep LQWC stock on your Watch List as the company can help in the fight against COVID variants in the future.