SciSparc Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPRC) Uplists To NASDAQ, Full Pipeline Of Clinical Trials Set For 2022

SciSparc Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPRC) began trading on the NASDAQ last month. It is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company with multiple catalysts. It has clinical trials set this year for its proprietary drug candidates.

This Tel Aviv-based Company has a full portfolio of patented treatments and therapies focused on the central nervous system.

It applies unique technologies through non-psychoactive cannabinoid ‘CBD’ pharmaceuticals. Its leading drug candidate SCI:110 is entering the clinical trial phase.

SPRC Raised $8 Million In Private Placement

Here’s why investors should keep SPRC stock on a Watch List:

  • SPRC raised $8 million last year in a private placement from institutional and accredited investors
  • SPRC received two patents from the Australian Patent Office and Japanese Patent Office. These are for its proprietary compounds in its core technologies.

SPRC Aiming to Treat Several Conditions

SPRC is entering 3 clinical trials on their drug for treatment of these major conditions: 

  • Alzheimer’s Disease ‘AD’
  • Tourette Syndrome ‘TS’
  • Agitation and Autism Spectrum Disorder ‘ASD’

While those are the upcoming clinical trials, leading drug candidate SCI-110, will also be applied for the treatment of Sleep Apnea and Pain Relief. 

The company has supply chain infrastructure for the manufacturing and delivery of the drug.

SPRC Plans To Increase Exposure To North American Investors

Amitai Weiss, CEO of SciSparc, says the Company is seeking to increase exposure to investors in North America. In 2022, it plans to strengthen its professional team and Advisory Board.

“We are planning on expanding our partner network and continuing to raise awareness of our unique technologies and novel treatments by showcasing them in leading events worldwide,” Weiss says.

Weiss adds, “Looking forward to 2022, we are aiming to show progress in our clinical programs in Tourette Syndrome ‘TS’, Alzheimer’s Disease ‘AD’ and Agitation and Autism Spectrum Disorder ‘ASD’.”

SPRC’s Clinical Trial Pipeline

  • The Company is making preparations for its SCI-110 IIb clinical trials for Tourette Syndrome. They will be conducted with the Hanover Medical School.  
  • SPRC is preparing for Phase IIA clinical trials of SCI-110 for patients with AD and Agitation. They will be conducted with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Helsinki Committee.
  • Clinical trials will be conducted by agreement with the Israeli Medical Center for Alzheimer’s.
  • Pre-clinical studies will begin for evaluation of drug SCI-210 at The Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research. It is being evaluated for the treatment of Status Epilepticus.
  • SPRC received necessary approvals including from the Israeli Medical Cannabis Unit (IMCA) and the Ethical Committee. 
  • SCI-160 tested positively for the treatment of neuropathic and post-operative pain. The controlled pre-clinical trial was conducted at the University of Calgary.

Itzhak Shrem, Board Chairman, adds, “We are excited to conclude a very eventful and successful year. We reached several important milestones, among them the up listing of our ordinary shares to the NASDAQ Capital Market.”

Keep SPRC stock on your Watch List.

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