EXCLUSIVE: Rogue One (OTCMKTS:ROAG) Looking Past Late Filing

In an exclusive interview, Rogue One, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ROAG), COO Janon Costley told Capital Gains Report regarding the company’s late 10Q “While wildly inconvenient for current and potential shareholders. This is just a speedbump in our company’s growth trajectory.”  He continued, “It is our first filing with Human Brands included, which is a multi-national revenue-producing company; there were a few delays related to illness with our original accountant, we are in the process of completing the document, and look forward to getting back on track.”

The late filing caused the company to be downgraded to the OTC expert market, “We understand this is not ideal and is an inconvenience to current shareholders but we are working tirelessly to correct the situation as quickly as possible.”

After speaking with Mr. Costley, it seems there is a lot to like about ROAG in the near term.


I asked about Rogue’s new Board member and president of the Company’s U.S. import and wholesale division, Lavert Phillips.   Costley added, “We are very excited to have Lavert on board.  His experience and network from 20 years working with industry heavyweights like; Miller-Coors, Diageo, Southern Wine and Spirits, and most recently, Republic National Distribution Corporation; will amplify our sales and distribution in the US.” 

Diageo plc (NYSE:DEO) is actually a competitor in the tequila sector, ROAG earns 90% of its business from bulk tequila production. However, their lead brand is actually an award-winning Japanese Whiskey, Shinju. 

I asked Costley why a tequila company’s lead product is a whiskey brand? “In our experience, we’ve found that having an affordable, niche product helps companies develop relationships with distributors and retail locations and leads to wider brand adoption.”

“Shinju is an extremely drinkable whiskey, with a bourbon taste profile.  It also has a very sleek look which makes it an eye-catching option consumers love to gift.”

According to BevAlc Insights bourbon held a 40 percent share of the whiskey subcategory and a 14 percent share of the total liquor category almost double its closest market share competitor scotch whiskey which has a 20.7 percent share.  

Bourbon sales rose seven percent in 2020, and revenue over the same period was up 8.2 percent.  Making the strategy to use Shinju as their lead brand sound.


Still, ROAG is focused on tequila, a market that is forecasted to grow 46% to $14.70 billion by 2028 representing a 5.8% CAGR.  Tequila sales in the US have shown continuous growth since 2004, reaching an all-time high of over 22 million 9-liter cases sold in 2020.  

I asked Costley about the company’s ‘ground-to-glass’ model and what that means.

“Ground-to-glass means we control everything from growing the agave to production to distribution.  It allows us to control our pricing and provides opportunities beyond our brands.  For instance, currently, a majority of our sales are in bulk tequila.”

Costley originally developed Human Brands prior to being acquired by ROAG.  I asked, “Why take Human Brands public?” He answered, “Opportunity.  We have a great infrastructure, and so many opportunities due to demand for our products we haven’t been able to meet yet.  By joining Rogue One and having access to capital we will be able to grow exponentially and sign larger production deals.  Joe (Poe, Jr., ROAG CEO) has the kind of experience in the capital markets that will help us reach our full potential as a company.”


ROAG is growing fast, and its latest hire could increase its growth rate.  Unfortunately, the company has been downgraded due to the late filing, but appears to be in the process of rectifying the issue. Keep ROAG on your watchlist because if this issue is fixed, it is likely to resume it’s upward trend especially if the 10-Q in question contains favorable numbers.