Viking Energy Group, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: VKIN) Latest Acquisition Boosts Position in ESG Space

Viking Energy Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VKIN) has added a medical and bio-hazard waste treatment system to it’s portfolio of environmentally-friendly future-facing assets.  The acquisition helps the company further solidify its position as one of, if not the, leading OTC ESG stock.

Some of the more active companies in the space such as: American Battery Technology Company (OTCMKTS:ABML), an environmental and ethical sourcing company that acquires resources and technologies used in electric vehicles, power grids, and consumer electronics; as well as Tantech Holdings, Ltd (OTCMKTS:TANH) an electric vehicle manufacturing and sales company; have had trouble stabalizing after OTC stocks began to slump at the beginning of 2021.  While VKIN suffered the same price drop, the stock has stabalized at its current price range.

Its recent news could be a catalyst that propels VKIN stock back to its 2021 high ($3.78). 

Acquiring the ‘OZONE’ system is the third major ESG deal VKIN has initiated in the past few months.  The other two being a Renewable Green Diesel Production Facility in Reno; and a carbon capturing technology that creates precious commodities while keeping the air clean.

Viking Energy is growing in a market that reached record highs in investment capital last year.  ESG investments grew to an estimated $120 billion in 2021 according to Bloomberg, more than double the $51 billion of 2020.

72% of U.S. adults express interest in ESG (Morningstar); some analysts forecast ESG exceeding $50 trillion in the next two decades (Bloomberg).

The direction of this market is clear, VKIN should be on your watchlist if you are a speculative ESG investor.


Viking’s 51% stock equity acquisition of an entity which owns IP rights to the proprietary Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste treatment system, ‘OZONE’, is the company’s entry into a fast-growing $20 billion industry.

The all-stock 5 million share deal as follows. 

  • Two million shares at closing
  • Two million shares when product revenues reach $10 million
  • One million more shares when product revenues reach $20 million

These are estimated revenues, however, the deal protects the company if the ‘Ozone’ never reaches its potential.


James Doris, president and CEO of VKIN, says, “We are extremely pleased to continue  our strategy to continue to acquire ready-to-market products that demonstrate our commitment to innovation, sustainable technologies and carbon footprint reduction.”

He adds that the Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste treatment business is a $20 billion industry. Doris says VKIN is already in talks with potential clients in the U.S. and abroad about using this technology at several locations. 

Doris explains that “‘OZONE’ plays a vital role in the proprietary waste treatment system because it is a ‘sterilizing’ agent. OZONE ‘shreds’ the raw waste in a controlled environment and reduces it in volume by 90%.”

“The related waste is then classified as renewable fuel for waste-to-energy (WTE) in facilities worldwide. Ozone has proven effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses,” VKIN’s press states.


The ‘OZONE’ technology will be available for safe use at the following facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Research Facilities 
  • Cruise Ships and Vessels
  • Military Facilities
  • Airports and Terminals
  • Correctional Facilities


Last year, CEI purchased $11 million worth of VKIN stock. The proceeds of that transaction then were used to buy some 60.5% of a company engaged in the manufacture of industrial engines. 

The proceeds were also used to fund the license from ESG Clean Energy LLC. Additional funds from that VKIN stock purchase went to VKIN’s general working capital.

Details of the most recent acquisition are in the Company’s new Form 8-K filed with the SEC.  


ESG investment is growing rapidly, as is VKIN’s portfolio.  The green diversified company is a must for any ESG investor’s speculative Watch List.