GYST and BITF Lead Green Crypto Mining News

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The Graystone Company’s (OTCMKTS:GYST) latest press release illuminated its potential earnings moving forward.   The announcement of its purchase of 9 additional S19j Pro mining units, bringing its total to 50, alone was a fantastic development for investors.  It was the company’s 2022 growth strategy outlined in the release that has GYST on top of our watchlist.

The company plans to grow its mining units to 300 by the end of 2022.  For some perspective on what that means: 

—GYST’s hashrate would increase to 30,000 TH/s.

—At press time, using CryptoCompare that kind of power would produce 4.27 BTC per month equaling $165,400 of monthly revenue.

—Subtract its stated operational fee of $186 per machine, that’s $111,600 in monthly profit.

—Project that over a year, that’s over $1 million in annual profit. 

A couple of other considerations when evaluating GYST’s news include, its company website states its hashrate goal by 2024 is 1,000 PH/s which would require considerable growth beyond the 300 mining units.  Including several more units which equals more revenue.

More importantly, these numbers are calculated at today’s bitcoin prices.  If you are bullish on bitcoin, GYST is a speculative parlay that has the potential to exponentially increase the profitability of your bet.


Even after the big crypto selloff, 24 fintech experts in a roundtable hosted by Finder and updated on January 26th predict bitcoin prices will reach:

—$76,360 by 2022 YE

—$192,800 by 2025 YE

—$406,500 by 2030 YE

Other highlights from this panel on the future of Bitcoin include:

–Will BTC price drop if Fed raises interest rate?

No- 50%



—Is now the time to Buy, Sell or Hold BTC?


Hold 29%

Sell 10%

Companies like GYST will be major beneficiaries if these price predictions come to fruition, and so will its shareholders.


Bitfarms, LLC. (Nasdaq:BITF //TSXV: BITF) is another mining company in the news.  January 2022 mining results were up 51% from the same period last year.  These numbers were astounding for the vertically integrating mining company that holds 4,600 bitcoin.


Famous Investor Kevin O’Leary recently expressed his interest in green, sustainable crypto mining companies, adding to the list of ESG focused crypto investors; Bitfarms (BITF) and Graystone (GYST) both share in the fact that they are environmentally responsible the former through its hydro powered farms and the latter it’s host’s zero-emission location.

Read about GYST’s Green Commitment:


With BTC and the industry at large at a bit of a low, now is the time to put companies with great news in your crosshairs.  GYST belongs on your watchlist today. 

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