Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS:MWWC) Fills Niche in Crypto Mining Industry

Marketing Worldwide Corp. (OTCMKTS:MWWC) is set to do for crypto mining what Robinhood (Nasdaq:HOOD) did for stock investing.  Its new Minosis platform is in beta and offers novice miners the opportunity to start mining cryptocurrency with limited barriers to entry.  In other words, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to start mining.

In 2021, bitcoin mining generated $15 billion in revenue according to the 2022 Digital Asset Outlook Report by ‘The Block Research.’  This represented a year-over-year increase of 206%.

‘Minosis’ is filling a niche in this massive industry as a first-of-its-kind crypto mining portal.   This unique mining application should put MWWC at the top of any crypto bull’s radar.


Distributed Assets Crypto Mining Payouts ‘D.A.C.M.P’ is a patent-pending feature unique to the Minosis portal.  Marketing Worldwide CEO Jason Schlenk said filing this patent prior to global launch was “imperative.”

The company calls this the ‘first in a series of patents in the Crypto Currency and Block Chain sector.’  


When looking at any investment it is wise to check the lead indicator in its industry.  For crypto mining that indicator would be the ‘price of bitcoin.’

Despite a recent dip, many of the experts and analysts who predicted $100k BTC before January are standing by their opinions including Factor LLC CEO Peter Brandt who tweeted “So what that we have a 50% correction? … Greed puts in tops, fear puts in bottom.”   

A study released Feb. 1, 2022 by data intelligence provider Morning Consult found bitcoin owners believe the price will rise to $55k in 6 months, while people owning $500 or more of BTC see a climb to $62k in that same period.

It’s not just BTC investors who are bullish according to the study, 21% of U.S. adults surveyed were considering buying BTC. “That means consumers have so far proved less nervous about bitcoin’s price drop this time around compared with last summer, when its price plummeted,” Charlotte Principato, managing director at Morning Consult wrote in the report. 


Cloud computing, social media, and open source are a few factors that have led to the democratization of several industries.  

–Uber Technologies (NYSE:UBER) and Lyft, Inc. (Nasdaq:NYSE) changed the way consumers ordered rides and took a major dent out of the taxi industry.    

–Paypal (Nasdaq:PYPL) and Venmo have changed the banking industry.

–The aforementioned Robinhood (Nasdaq:HOOD) has taken a bite out of stock brokerage balance sheets.

MWWC is as much a part of the EDP service industry as it is the Crypto Mining industry.  Its ability to affect the latter will fuel its share in the former.


In a recent press release, MWWC estimates its first 50,000 users will generate $3.7 million in monthly user earnings; and 500k users, its first targeted milestone, $35.7 in monthly user earnings or $428 million annually. 

Marketing Worldwide will benefit from this by charging transaction fees.  While the fee structure is still undisclosed, if it charged 1% on $428 million of transactions, that would be significant revenue for a stock with MWWC’s market cap.

This is one of 3 revenue streams the company has created.  The other two include:

–Renting Hashrate

–Corporate Contracts/ Commercial Mining Pools


Marketing Worldwide Corp. (OTCMKTS:MWWC) is positioned to fill a niche in the massive Crypto Mining industry.  Looking to follow in the footsteps of other breakthrough EDP services companies HOOD, PYPL, and UBER; MWWC requires immediate attention.

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