RLBD Updates Corporate Website

Real Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:RLBD) recently launched a brand new user-friendly corporate website.  The website displays the company:



-Proprietary Technology



-and more

RLBD is a producer, processor, and developer of hemp-derived CBD consumer brands.  Its brands include:

-PHAZE Sports

Created to help athletes with each phase of the daily grind. The PHAZES – Rise, Compete, Recover and Sleep.  The company has 8 SKUs with more on the way.

-American Standard Hemp

A producer of CBD oils and gels.

-WA Cosmedics

A Japanese-inspired cos’medic’ brand offering CBD creams, lotions and balms that bring calming and healing properties to the skin.

-Zen Pets
RLBD’s line of ‘Zero THC’ hemp-derived CBD pet products provides relief to pets.

RLBD also mentions two new divisions on the horizon:

-Teetime Wellness

A golf-focused brand designed to aid in the physical recovery and preparation, as well as the mental side of the globally popular pass time.

-CannaClear Skin

A three-stage system of cream treatments for inflamed facial skin. developed by RLBD’s Cheif Scientific Officer Adel Rammal.

This website is the latest in Real Brands’ re-branding and corporate overhaul.  The company has already updated its filings including a Form 10 with the goal of up listing.

RLBD is in several massive markets:
Health and Wellness which is projected to exceed $6 Trillion by 2025

CBD to hit $20 Billion over the same time period

CBD Beverages $1.3 Billion, with a 43% CAGR

The company boasts an experienced C-suite and a Board with executive talent and independent directors experienced in science, consumer-packaged goods, and capital markets.

Turning Points Brands, Inc. (NYSE: TPB) is RLBD’s largest shareholder with a 23% stake, this investment could grow as TPB looks to increase its stake in CBD.

Make sure RLBD is on your watchlist.

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