Rogue Baron plc (OTCMKTS:SHNJF) Enters Booming UK Market

Rogue Baron plc (OTCMKTS:SHNJF), a brand development company with a portfolio of premium spirits concentrated on two of the fastest-growing liquors; tequila and Japanese whiskey; just completed production on the first Shinju bottles made for the U.K.  

SHNJF’s multiple award-winning Shinju Whisky, most notably receiving a perfect score of ‘100’ the 2021 Sante’ International Spirits Competition,

 will be in the U.K. market within the next 45 days, with the arrival of approximately two hundred cases of 6 bottles each. 

The UK is a hot market for Shinju to enter.

Japanese whisky sales in the UK rose by 232% in 2017 when the spirit made its initial mark.  The global Japanese whiskey market is projected to grow at a 9.4% CAGR reaching $1.1 billion by 2025  (Grand View Research). 

SHNJF’s shipment slated to arrive in the Queen’s land before the break of spring, will consist of the newly redesigned bottles along with the first bottles of the Shinju 8-year-old.  The U.K. market will be the first market in the world to have the Shinju 8-year. 

Aged whiskey is one of the hottest trends in the global market, and can fetch brands an extremely high premium.  SHNJF already has a distinct top-shelf look, the 8-year could fetch a nice market price.

Overseeing this sales expansion will be Lavert Phillips, newly appointed Head of Group Sales. Mr Phillips will leverage his 20-year spirits industry experience to help amplify Shinju’s growth.   

Mr. Philips has a Rolodex built on experience with industry leaders such as:



-Southern Wine and Spirits

-Republic National Distribution Corporation, the United States’ second-largest distributor of wine and spirits


This past fall, Shinju won three awards at the 2021 Sante’ International Spirits Competition:

  1. Double Gold
  2. Best of Class
  3. Best Whiskey

For extra style points, it was one of only two entrants given a perfect score of 100.

This is especially important for SHNJF’s potential because Sante’ is a leading publication read by restaurant professionals who use its brand reviews to find new offerings for customers.  

This kind of awareness will bring the kind of attention Shinju needs to make one of the majors ‘thirsty.’

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