Marketing Worldwide Opts for Stock Buyback and NAAS Investment

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In a strategic pivot aimed at rewarding investors, Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS: MWWC) will expand its stock buyback program rather than initiate a stock split later this year. 

The plan comes as investors balked at the idea of a 10-to-1 stock split, which was announced on February 17th

As part of the stock buyback, MWWC will, in part, use the $MNS token to purchase its own stock on the open market and bring it back under the firm’s control. 

In addition, MWWC will invest in nodes as a service (NAAS) to create passive income and create additional value for stockholders quickly. 


The buyback move comes along with news that MWWC will expand its $MNS Minosis feature buyback program and break into the nodes-as-a-service (NAAS) space, a passive income investment. According to MWWC CEO Jason Schlenk, The combination of these two factors will allow the firm to “rapidly increase [its] stock buyback power.” Schlenk added, “We also expect the #Minosis token will evolve into a usable currency on some other platforms we are currently testing, which could equate to expanded acquisitions and other product incubation in the near term.” 


Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS: MWWC) hopes to create a permanent place in the NAAS market by investing in is investing in PowerNode ( and ThorNodes (, both firms who are powerhouses in the NAAS segment.

An important piece of the blockchain architecture, nodes within the blockchain are the connection point between information senders and recipients. 

Crypto mining and miners are a subset of nodes, as they verify transactions and add them to the blockchain. That said, not all nodes are miners, as not all nodes add transactions to the blockchain; some simply verify the transaction.  In short, there are more nodes than miners. 

This is primarily a passive stream of income and will allow MWWC to bring in revenue without devoting much of its resources to the operation. 

By creating a passive income, MWWC could very well see a boost in its stock price. This is great news for investors who are onboard during the buyback period. 

Not only will investors benefit directly from the buyback program, but as NAAS finds its revenues climbing, its stock price may follow suit. At its current $0.004 price per share, MWWC has plenty of room to climb as its revenues increase.

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