Pontus Protein Announces Huge Investment

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Vertical aquaponics firm Pontus Protein (TSXV: HULK) has announced a non-brokered, private investment worth as much as $2,000,000.

The deal is great news for the company and its investors, as it will fund general operations as well as the continued construction of their facility in Surrey, British Columbia.

Announced after hours on March 3rd, the deal is an additional boon to the already strong innovator in the aquaponics and plant-based protein sectors.

The deal comes at a time when Pontus is already using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to improve profitability and limit waste.


While certain details of the deal remain private, what can be disclosed are some financial specifics:

·        A minimum of 3,125,000 and maximum of 12,500,000 units of Pontus will be purchased

·        Pontus has closed the purchase of the first tranche of 3,947,250 shares at $0.16, for total gross proceeds of $631,560.

·        Each unit is worth one common share AND one share warrant.

·        If/when the investor chooses to exercise those warrants in the next 24 months, they may do so at a price of $0.30 per share.


Aquaponics and water lentils innovator Pontus Protein (OTCMKTS: HULK) announces $2 million in investment.

New capital will be used to fund operations, as well as construction of new facility.

Up to 12.5 million shares to be purchased.

Current market cap of HULK.V is $8.28 million.


As previously stated, part of this newly announced investment will go toward the construction of Pontus’ 20,000+ square foot British Columbia facility. The importance of this facility lies both in its size—which will allow for increased production—and in how it expands HULK.V’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve cultivation and automate harvesting.

Through its proprietary CEVAS technology (Closed Environment Vertical Aquaponics System), Pontus Protein (TSXV: HULK) is able to “fine-tune environmental parameters within the production farm to boost productivity, maintain the health of the environment for the plants and fish, save on energy, and act as smart security system.”


Through its top tier water lentil products and creation of aquaponics systems, Pontus Protein (TSXV: HULK) has established itself as a leading expert in the industry and has begun consulting other firms, as was announced in December 2021.  

This newly announced investment signals great strength for a company using innovative technology and systems to affirm its place in the aquaponics industry.  Pontus uses aquaponics to create a “closed loop” and a more comprehensive and complete ecosystem for growing its water lentils.


Investors should be aware that while the stock price is a relatively affordable $0.115 per share, Pontus’ market cap is more than $8 million. The large scale investment announced in this article—as it drives operations and construction—is aimed at moving Pontus into an increasingly attractive position for investors. As operations grow and reach additional economies of scale, profitability and reinvestment become stronger and stronger.

Pontus Protein (TSXV: HULK) is certainly a must watch for investors.

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