Generation Hemp Uses Hurd to Clean Spills and Comfort Animals

Hemp products and byproducts are becoming more and more attractive to consumers. The market for these products is projected to hit nearly $19 billion by 2027. Hemp producers are breaking into many markets and using every part of the hemp plant to do so.

Generation Hemp (OTCMKTS: GENH) is even using hemp hurd, the byproduct of hemp processing, as animal bedding, and now, it’s partnering with a huge star to help keep garages clean.


Midstream hemp company Generation Hemp (OTCMKTS: GENH) recently announced a new partnership in the hemp hurd space. Through a partnership with well-known brand Gas Monkey Garage, Generation Hemp will manufacture a spill absorbent, sourced from hemp hurd.

Generation Hemp Chairman and CEO Gary C. Evans proudly announced the partnership, saying, “Teaming up with a name like Gas Monkey and Richard Rawlings, and we give this miracle product the instant visibility it deserves! We are extremely excited to partner with Gas Monkey in this new, long-term licensing agreement recently executed. We don’t think we could have found a better fit.”


Gas Monkey Garage is most popular among “gear heads” for its star Richard Rawlings and his shows ‘Fast N’ Loud’ and ‘Garage Rehab.’

A partnership with a brand of this size could lead to revenue growth and even more opportunities for GENH in the future. Generation Hemp will be licensing the Gas Monkey brand and using it to market its “environmentally sustainable, USA made, ultra-absorbent spill clean-up material” to a larger audience.

GENH joins companies like Polaris in gaining the Gas Monkey stamp of approval.  This will be a major market boost for the company.

In partnering with Gas Monkey, GENH will find itself in more garages, shops, and even factory shelves. This could likely affect GENH’s bottom line in a big way.


In a recent study, hemp hurd vastly outperformed its competition in motor oil cleanup. 

-Hemp hurd absorbed 235% of its weight
-Cat Litter absorbed only 5%
-SafeTsorb and Pig Dri absorbed 55%

While this works great in garages, it is also safe for use in any space with spills and clean-up: pet areas and kennels, factories, kitchens, schools, homes, barns, roads, auto accident sites, and imagine how helpful bulk hemp hurd would be for domestic oil spills.

In terms of the safety and environmental friendliness of the product, Evans explains, “Hemp grows in the field within 90-120 days depending on weather conditions. It is free of chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. It benefits the soil and is considered to be carbon negative. Add its incredible absorbency and containment performance and we see yet another hemp miracle product.”

But this hemp hurd spill absorbent isn’t GENH’s only hemp hurd consumer product.


Rowdy Rooster is Generation Hemp’s (OTCMKTS: GENH) animal bedding product, also made from the byproduct of hemp processing.

The decision to create Rowdy Rooster came about from a desire by GENH to be more environmentally conscious. By using even the byproduct of its processing, GENH has committed itself to use every part of the hemp plant. This helps keep GENH in line with its goal of being carbon negative.

Animal bedding can be a great product, but in traditional bedding materials, harmful dust, ineffective absorbency, and acidity pose a risk to the animals. For GENH’s Rowdy Rooster, this is not the case. Studies have proven hemp hurd bedding as one of the most absorbent, non-acidic materials, with low dust. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold that animals may breathe in from those dusty competitors. Not only does GENH not use harmful chemicals while manufacturing the bedding, but hemp does not require harmful chemicals and pesticides as a plant to grow.. The bedding is perfectly safe for animals and humans.

An additional upside to going green with its byproduct is the revenue generated from the sale of products such as animal bedding. In creating an additional income stream from what was once manufacturing waste, GENH is turning its own trash into treasure.


From 1994 to 2021 US spending on pet products has grown from $17 billion to well over $100 billion.  This growth is expected to continue.  One of the key drivers to this growth is the ‘bedding & litter’ segment.  Rowdy Rooster is well-positioned to take advantage of this growing market.


Hemp is federally legal and 100% legal in all 50 states.

This means, unlike some CBD and all THC-based investments, there are absolutely no concerns that the company will face any sort of impediment by authorities.  


Said simply, Generation Hemp’s (OTCMKTS: GENH) values of sustainability and waste reduction are excellent traits many investors look for.

Generation Hemp not only has these two products; it is working on other verticals such as a bitcoin mining operation using hemp hurd as the primary power source.  

GENH is spinning this hemp into strings of gold, as is reflected by its stock price of $0.70.

GENH kicked off 2021 with a stock price of around $0.32/share, then kicked off 2022 with a stock price of $0.60/share. The company has been on a steady climb this year, and is currently priced around $0.70.

GENH’s market cap of $78 million has been built on a $617,000 revenue over the past twelve months.

GENH has seen an increase in trading volume recently.  As news rolls in, this trend could continue.

If an investor is looking for a low-waste company that provides value from every piece of its product, it may serve them well to add GENH to their watchlist.

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