Speculative Cyber Security Stocks Set To Pop as Russia Persists (MWWC, CTEK, SFET, LGMK, CSPI, BKYI)

As sanctions mount against Russia, it is anticipated that Putin’s response will come in the form of cyberwarfare.  For that reason, cybersecurity stocks are on fire.   There is a virtual cornucopia of cloud defenders for the discerning investor’s portfolio with major profit potential.  This report will differentiate which software security securities are best suited for speculative stock investment.


Even before Putin decided to encroach on the Ukraine cybersecurity stocks were set to soar.   So unlike other sector plays popping exclusively in response to the conflict, cybersecurity stocks have a bullish outlook even if the sanctions, invasion and everything Russia vs. Ukraine ends tomorrow.  However, that is not likely to happen so it enhances the market opportunity.

Prior to the conflict, Mordor Intelligence reported the cybersecurity market’s value is projected to reach $352.25 billion by 2026, growing at a 14.5% annual rate.  The number is a bit earnest when considering $600 billion is lost annually to cybercrime, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and McAfee.

The drivers of growth in the cybersecurity market will be IoT, BYOD, AI, and machine learning.   One of the newest and most important drivers of this growth will be digital forensics for cryptocurrency.

In 2021, Cryptocurrency investors lost over $14 Billion Dollars!

That was up almost 80% over 2020.

Finding and identifying these crypto culprits will become a huge market.


Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTCMKTS: MWWC), acquired Application Security Company “AS” and partnered with Global Digital Forensics, Inc. “GDF”, 

MWWC plans to integrate the ‘AS’ products suite and ‘GDF’ services into its crypto mining SaaS, #Minosis.  This will create a first-of-its-kind implementation of Cyber Forensics, E-Discovery and Breach Response Protocol within the Cryptocurrency industry.

Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS:MWWC) hopes to be a pioneer in the crypto-security space.   By providing layers of security and protection to the ‘MWWC’ user base as well as significant revenue growth. 

MWWC’s acquisition AS brings over 800,000 customers and a patent-pending technology that allows real-time response to cyber threats and data breaches. 

Global Digital Forensics, Inc. itself has over 40,000 subscribers utilizing the https://evestigate.com/ platform and offers a variety of products and unique solutions to countless clients; which include many Fortune 500 companies.

Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS: MWWC) is a cybersecurity investment option for speculative investors interested in an exciting new option in cyberdefense.


CynergisTek Inc. (NYSE: CTEK) is another niche cybersecurity play.  It targets the healthcare industry, the company’s training programs help healthcare companies stay safe. CTEK’s instructors are certified and experienced in the healthcare IT world. So, they seem to offer their clients a good amount of trustworthiness.  CTEK just announced two six-figure, multi-year managed Cybersecurity service contracts.    Investors bullish on healthcare could see CTEK as a nice ancillary play that combines two growing industries.


Israel currently has some 430+ active cybersecurity firms. Israeli firms raised a total of $6.32 billion across 594 deals in 2020.   One Israeli firm for investors to look at is Safe-T Group (NASDAQ: SFET) the company boasts a “zero trust” system for users to keep them safe online.  Safe-T’s main focus is Enterprise, however, it does retain some consumer-level clientele.  SFET is one of the better bets for full-service cybersecurity investors.


LogicMark Inc. (NASDAQ: LGMK)
offers personal alert systems for the elderly. Their edge is using IoT with their systems. It also provides two-way communication in some cases.  CSP Inc. (NASDAQ: CSPI)  uses the cloud, AI, encryption and other security measures. CSPI was the 2021 Global Infosec Awards Winner from Cyber Defense Magazine.  BIO-key International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKYI) offers fingerprint technology. BIO-key allows its users to eschew passwords and offers a fingerprint reading mechanism through USB.  It is used on college campuses and is addressing National ID verification in countries like Nigeria.

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