Why SHNJF’s Shinju Launch Could Signal Great News for Spirit Industry Investors

As demand for Japanese whisky rises, supply has had trouble keeping pace. Enter Rogue Baron and its award-winning Shinju Japanese Whisky. As it prepares for its 2022 launch, Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) is coming to market at a time when drinkers are craving Japanese whisky but are finding more and more shelves without the popular spirit. Great news for Rogue Baron as they enter the soon-to-be billion-dollar market.

A recent boom in the whisky industry—specifically the Japanese whisky industry—has created a constriction around supply. The demand for Japanese whisky as a percentage of total whisky sales has doubled in the last three decades, now making up roughly 30% of the overall whisky industry. Because of the aging process, demand has to be projected well in advance and is hard to keep up with if demand wasn’t properly forecasted. Whisky makers are even finding themselves without the proper barrels to age their products.


·        SHNJF has a large supply ready to hit shelves later in 2022

·        SHNJF’s values and product characteristics are in-line with recently reported change in consumers’ behavior

·        SHNJF has barrels of 8, 12, and 15-year expressions, meaning they can follow up the current launch with two additional lines


Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) has created Shinju with the consumer in mind. Realizing most economic markets are at an inflection point, SHNJF has created a brand to reflect the changing times. Unlike competitors, SHNJF does not conform to the belief that whisky has a ‘Men Only’ sign. In fact, in creating its gender-neutral brand, Rogue Baron has even adjusted the flavor to be more appealing to women drinkers (some 30% of the overall whisky market).

This matter of social consciousness is highlighted as a key trend in the 2022 Bacardi Spirit Industry Report. Along with this social consciousness trend comes a trend for higher quality drinks that offer a luxurious, exciting, or new experience for the consumer. Shinju holds the need for these kinds of experiences as one of the key characteristics of its brand.

Does all this change and improvement come at a price? Yes, but it’s the right price.


One of the most important tenets of its brand is Shinju’s commitment to quality and accessibility. While it finds itself alongside other top-shelf competition, it is focused on being accessible to those who are ready to experience its flavor.

Shinju’s Core Expression is a moderately priced whisky for the higher end category, with an accessible price of $45. Its 8-year whisky is priced at $70, its 12-year option comes in at $85, and its 15- year expression is priced at an even $100 per unit.


As we’ve seen, the upcoming launch of a high-quality, easily accessible spirit brand—which promotes experience over market exposure, and consumer consciousness over saturation—could bring a much needed exhale to whisky industry investors. More supply hitting the shelves could very well lead to happy customers, an even stronger spirit market, and a new player in the premium spirit industry.

With an accessible price on a high-quality spirit comes the expectation of healthy sales. While that is still to be determined, it may be worth putting Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) on your watchlist. And at a price of just $0.15 per share, even Rogue’s stock price is accessible. Will Rogue’s stock live up to the hype and promise of its high-quality, experiential brand? Only those with a place for Rogue on their watchlist will see. 

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