5 Cybersecurity Stocks That Rocked March

Hand holding cloud system with data protection

Cybersecurity stocks are on the rise and investors should be watching closely. While it may be premature to call 2022 the Year of the Cybersecurity Penny Stock, it is worth mentioning that many of these smaller firms are having, what some would consider, their day in the sun.

Global tensions are mounting around the threats of cyber warfare as homes, businesses, and all levels of government find themselves in the crosshairs of bad actors, hackers, and foreign adversaries. Even the most seemingly benign threat could create catastrophic ripples expanding deep into servers, networks, and large data and operations centers. How are business and elected leaders fighting back? A key component of cybersecurity strategy comes from employing products, services, and innovations from comparatively small cybersecurity and tech firms.

This article gives brief insights into the most recent news of five such firms that are finding success in areas like:

  • Communication and data management
  • Robotics as a Service (RAAS)
  • Threat detection and collective defense strategies
  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS)
  • Identity as a service (IAAS)

GlobeX Data, Ltd. (OTCMKTS: SWISF) ended what was a banner month for cybersecurity companies by announcing the most astonishing growth number you’re going to see in this article, a 5,600% increase in sales for GlobeX Data’s (OTCMKTS: SWISF) Sekur brand. Stemming from a 1,900% uptick in quarterly subscribers, the massive sales increase is a shot in the arm for the industry leader in secure communications and data management. GlobeX’s CEO, Alain Ghiai, said in a statement released on March 29,

“We are thrilled to see the growth in subscriber rates as this is a key measure of our success. We do expect to continue to see increases in subscriber rates over the coming months and years, especially as we market our new SekurMail email service and our new Sekur business plans for securing businesses’ emails and messaging communications globally. With over 30 million businesses to target in the USA, we have plenty of opportunities to gain a portion of that market share, as businesses small and large are looking for private and secure means of communications.”

Given its impressive growth and strength of the Sekur brand, GlobeX Data (OTCMKTS: SWISF) is positioning itself as a possible strong buy for investors looking for cybersecurity penny stocks.

Investors should at least keep an eye on this stock as it seems poised to build on the growth it experienced in Q1. What will Q2 bring?

Guardforce AI (NASDAQ: GFAI) a relatively young firm, announced earlier this week plans to expand into the Australia and Dubai markets. GFAI announced the creation of subsidiaries in the regions which will focus on Robotics as a Service (RAAS)-a primary component of its operations. The Singapore based Guardforce has focused much of its efforts on the Dubai market, which it has identified as one of nine evolving and emerging economies in which it has found itself. Because of Australia and Dubai’s commitments to being leaders in areas like IoT, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence, Guardforce Chairman Terrence Yap believes it will foster an excellent environment for GFAI’s RAAS rollout.

At the end of the trading day Tuesday, GFAI was trading at $1.39 per share, up from a February low of $0.59 per share.

Iron Net (NASDAQ: IRNT) made news earlier in March with updates to its biggest product. In McLean, Virgina, Iron Net (NASDAQ: IRNT), a cybersecurity company focused on enterprise-wide security, announced updates and enhancements to his premier threat detection platform Collective Defense. The platform provides a unique and possibly more effective method of threat detection by focusing on how threats and users behave. Iron Net’s (NASDAQ: IRNT) website describes as “Through faster sharing of behavioral analytics, signature-based, and human threat insights, organizations collaborating via Collective Defense can more effectively spot malicious activity and greatly reduce attacker dwell time to mitigate threats before damage occurs.”

According to a press release from the company, the upgrades focused on three primary areas:

*        Increasing alert fidelity

* Protecting managed and unmanaged devices from malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

* protecting managed and unmanaged devices from malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Leadership in any firm is important, but when talking about IT and cybersecurity, having an expert and familiar face within the industry can do wonders both for a firm’s position with investors and, more importantly, its ability to compete in the market. For Louisville-based LogicMark Inc. (NASDAQ: LGMK) March brought one such expert to its leadership. John Pettitt, who has four decades of experience in e-commerce, content distribution and protection to the PERS health communication firm. Having been part of two successful IPOs and multiple cyber/IT firms across the years, Mr. Pettitt brings a wealth of knowledge to a firm whose market is growing rapidly. Logic Mark (NASDAQ: LGMK) deals with sensitive information, much of which is protected by industry standards and state and federal regulations.

LGMK focuses on PERS devices which allow seniors to live at home longer and more independently. We are in an unprecedented age of healthcare, self-care, and social connectedness, all of which play a positive role in keeping folks healthier longer. As more and more seniors choose home over facilities, LGMK is finding opportunities to serve its target market.

BIO-Key (NASDAQ: BKYI) announced an 80% increase in revenue for 2021. The drastic growth in revenue was driven by the firm’s identity-as-a-service platform, which provides fingerprint identification biometric technology, enterprise-ready identity access solutions, and software solutions to its clients.

Ending 2021 with revenues of $5.1 million, BIO-Key (NASDAQ: BKYI) boasts more than one million active users across its enterprise clients. With the need for identity verification and security growing, investors could certainly find an argument for adding this stock to their watchlist.