Marketing Worldwide Corp. (OTCMTKS: MWWC) First Quarter Highlights

Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, and a Stock Buyback Program Highlight a Massive Quarter for MWWC

The first quarter of 2022 has proven to be anything but quiet for Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS: MWWC). Consistently finding ways to market innovative technologies and competitive products, MWWC spent the first quarter of this year attracting new clients and ensuring its attractiveness to more investors.

While there has been no shortage of stories from the offices of MWWC, there are three standouts:

·        A new data breach response toolkit (DBRT)

·        MWWC’s launch of its cryptocurrency mining platform ‘Minosis’

·        A shift in strategy from stock split to stock buyback


In mid-March, MWWC announced the launch of its DBRT—or Data Breach Response Toolkit—a product designed to help keep businesses and governments safer. The utility, which melds artificial intelligence with patent-pending source code, focuses its protective measures on four critical areas of a firm’s IT presence

  • Critical Infrastructure (XDR, SCADA, IC Networks)
  • Block Chain (NFT, DeFi and Smart Contracts)
  • Industrial Controls (PLCs, SCADA Networks)
  • Transportation and Internet of Things (IOT)

The DBRT was launched and released through MWWC’s ARC network—a wholly owned subsidiary—and through its partnership with Global Digital Forensics (GDF).

The product could very well give MWWC a seat at the table in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure protection.


Following months of anticipation, MWWC announced on March 30th the launch of its crypto-mining platform, Minosis. The easy-to-use, click-to-mine platform makes it easier than ever for customers to utilize the tool and conduct cryptocurrency transactions.

Internal daily revenue projections for the platform were made public by MWWC. Using a baseline of $0.12 per user, the company projects the following daily revenues:

50,000 Users x $0.12 – 2% Gas Fees = $5,880.00 USD
100,000 Users x $0.12 – 2% Gas Fees = $11,760.00 USD
250,000 Users x $0.12 – 2% Gas Fees = $29,400.00 USD

MWWC is currently in negotiations with multiple server firms to agree to terms on hash sharing. By marketing the Minosis brand’s hash sharing program, leadership believes the firm can expect an increase in users. MWWC expects to grow its hash availability 3x over by May of this year.


After listening to the advice and feedback from shareholders, MWWC decided against its 10-to-1 stock split, announced in February of 2022. Instead of splitting its stock, the firm chose to reward current investors with a buyback program. The investor-focused strategy, announced March 3rd, will include a strategic use of MWWC’s crypto coin $MNS. By using the token to facilitate part of the buyback, MWWC gives more credence to its own coin while potentially boosting the price per share of the firm’s stock (currently $0.0029).

The move comes along with news that MWWC is looking to utilize NAAS—nodes as a service—an operation that focuses on the pivot points/joints within a crypto transaction.

MWWC CEO Jason Schlenk hyped the firm’s investment in NAAS platforms such as PowerNode and ThorNodes, saying, “By combining the $MNS #Minosis buy-back feature, and the #NaaS passive income investments to the stock purchase pool; we can rapidly increase our stock buy-back power. We also expect the #Minosis token will evolve into a usable currency on some other platforms we are currently testing, which could equate to expanded acquisitions and other product incubation in the near term” 

These strategic moves could bode well for Marketing Worldwide (OTCMKTS: MWWC) as it heads into the next quarter of 2022 and beyond. Diversified operations, innovative technologies, and seemingly investor-centric strategies are reasons why MWWC might look good on watchlist.

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