Why Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) is Making Investors Happy This Spring

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Premium spirit manufacturer, Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF), continues to make waves in the Japanese whisky market.

Spring 2022 has proven to be the season of growth and forward motion for Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF). With the launch of its Shinju Japanese Whisky’s 8-year expression, and the forthcoming release of its 12 and 15-year expressions, SHNJF has announced its entrance into the European market.

The presence of Shinju into the European market comes at a time in the premium spirit sector when more drinkers are choosing whisky as their spirit of choice and when Japanese whisky makes up a large share of the overall whisky market.

The Headlines

·        Shinju is being distributed in the UK.

·        While announcing the agreement to distribute in the UK, SHNJF announced plans to distribute in Spain as well.

·        Japanese whisky makes up roughly 30% of demand among whisky drinkers—a new high.

Rogue Baron Expands European Presence

In early April SHNJF announced a signed distribution deal with Oak and Still, the marketing arm of Fine Wine Sellers Limited, to create a European presence for the spirit manufacturer.

The deal, which will bring SHNJF’s Shinju Japanese Whisky brand to the United Kingdom, is an important first step in the firm’s European strategy. The deal focuses on the current 8-year expression of the Shinju, but will include the 12 and 15-year expressions once they become available.

Rogue Baron CEO Ryan Dolder commented on the partnership by saying, “As the UK is a top priority for our Company, partnering with a premium distributor like Oak and Still fits with the goals of our Brand. We look forward to growing Shinju with Oak and Still across the UK.

The firm’s European plans are not limited to its UK presence.

The news of Rogue Baron’s deal with Oak and Still to distribute Shinju in the UK market comes as the firm announced a similar relationship with distributor Beverage Hunters SL. Under the agreement, Beverage Hunters SL will distribute the Shinju Japanese Whisky brand across Spain. Like the UK deal, this distribution agreement includes the current 8-year expression and future 12- and 15-year expressions when available.

Whisky Trends

Rogue Baron seems to have played its cards at the right time, as more and more studies point to upward trends both in the broader whisky market and the Japanese whisky market.

In March, SHNF was mentioned in a piece from Digital Journal that states Japanese Whisky sales make up roughly 30% of all whisky sales across the board. Even the Bacardi industry report cites whisky as a leader in the spirit category.

Why Investors Care

Investor may be wise to keep an eye on Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF). The accessibly-priced stock could be poised for growth if this European strategy works the way company leadership is planning.

Currently $0.10 per share, SHNJF has held steady since the news of its overseas distribution. If investors like the sales they see in these European locations, it may lead to increased attention for the stock.

It could certainly be important for potential investors to keep an eye on Rogue Baron in the early months of these distribution deals.

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