Why WHSI is Headed for 350% Sales Growth in 2022

In January 2022, Wearable Health Solutions (OTCMKTS: WHSI) filed updated guidance on its 2022 projections. In the filing, WHSI disclosed a projected 350% year-over-year increase in sales–$5.87 million. This sales growth would even the growth WHSI’s stock price in the last year.

Here’s why WHSI leadership sees 2022 as the year of extreme growth:

·        WHSI’s launch of its iHelp Max 4G later this year will bring in $2,365,800 in sales, according to the company.

·        Additional income related to the iHelp Max 4G product could equal $2,306,648, according to the Form 10 filed with the SEC.

·        The company believes it will see $1.2 million in sales through its Internet of Things (IoT) platform RPM in 2022.

·        WHSI has declared itself “sufficiently capitalized” after a $5 million Reg A raise.

As the market demands more from PERS providers, WHSI rises to the occasion.

The market for personal emergency response systems (PERS) continues to grow, thanks to the growing number lone workers and the increase in seniors looking to live at home, rather than long-term care facilities.

As the market grows, providers are finding it critical to keep pace and bring exceptional functionality and service to its customers and sales channels.

New devices will win if they are easier to use, more reliable, and provide users and circles-of-care with greater support.

WHSI has focused on each of these criteria.

Anticipated to hit shelves in June 2022, the new iHelp Max 4G boasts highly-desired features, including:

·        Upgraded cellular technology from 3G to 4G

·        Compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant

·        Fall detection, geo-fencing, circle-of-care alerts, automatic updates

WHSI’s robust dealer program affords them a greater reach across the market.

Rather than take on the overhead and additional operational weight of being the direct service provider, seller, and manager of every device, WHSI partners with dealers in the industry to get the iHelp Max 4G into the hands of consumers.

WHSI’s dealers receive access to top-of-the-line systems to market and support the devices.

·        Dealers reap financial benefits of partnering with WHSI through strong margins and volume discounts.

·        Proprietary online dashboards make managing active devices easy. Add to this the ability to connect to the monitoring center of the dealer’s choice.

·        Marketing support through WHSI takes much of the burden off the dealer and even provides them with marketing collateral they need to promote and advertise the iHelp Max 4G.

WHSI’s Financial Health Benefits New Investors

·        WHSI’s stock price has tripled in one year, going from $0.010 in April 2021 to $0.029 in April 2022.

·        A six-fold increase in current assets in 2021 compared to 2020

·        Cash netted an increase of more than $847,000 in 2021, compared to a $0 net change in 2020.

·        WHSI CEO Harrysen Mittler commented on the firm’s $5 million capital raise by confirming WHSI is now “sufficiently capitalized” to meet the demands around its 2022 launch of the iHelp Max 4G. He went on to assure investors some corporate debt was being retired as well.

Here’s how it all ties together:

WHSI has improved three critical components of its future success: its product, its marketing channel, and its financial position.

 Investors getting in today could very well benefit from that projected 350% increase in sales. The increase in sales may be the headline, but it appears WHSI is a healthier company that it was a year ago. It’s much easier for healthy companies to make the leap from watchlist to portfolio.

Will WHSI make the leap? 
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