INKW, Newcomer to Beverages Market, Sees Itself as A ‘Legacy’ Stock

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INKW’s ‘Key Gem’ Asset Is Its Location Over Seven Spring and Artesian Wells

Greene sees entrepreneurial Company INKW as a long-term hold for patient investors. “This is a legacy stock,” Greene says. “Our asset is our unique tasting artesian water, sourced from seven wells in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for an unlimited supply of fresh natural artesian water.”

Greene oversees production at a 60,000 sq. ft. bottling plant in Marion, N.C. The real asset is it sits on 155 acres over a self-refreshing, series of seven spring and artesian wells. Locals call its production ‘sweet water,’ Greene says. “Most major brands of water are sourced from filtered metropolitan tap water that you wash your dishes with. As those supplies are under pressure especially on the west coast, in terms of limited supplies, our water will be seen as plentiful, healthier, naturally hydrating, and sweeter tasting.”

Greene calls the location the ‘key gem’ of INKW. It is virtually a sub-tropical rain forest in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he says.

‘Location, location, location’ is a real estate term, but in this instance INKW says it is in a rare position geographically to grow share in the bottled water industry.

Bottled Water Market: $500.7 billion by 2030 Growing At 9.7% CAGR

Greene Concepts seems to be in the right market at the right time as immense growth has occurred and is expected to continue in the bottled water industry. According to Statistics, 88% of Americans drink bottled water every day. Average consumption is 47 gallons per capita. Worldwide it is estimated at $510 billion, but on a large base growing at a 6.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), according to GlobeNewswire. Worldwide, Precedence Research estimates the bottled water market at $500.7 billion by 2030. It finds it is growing globally at a 9.7% CAGR. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region, due to lack of drinkable water, while North America is today’s leading region. This is a $22.175 billion market in the US growing at an 8.42% CAGR. Greene Concepts seems to be capturing increased market share on a daily basis as it expands its product reach both locally and nationally.

INKW Be Water Marketing Only One Year After COVID Lockdown

INKW’s Be Water brand competes in an extremely large market estimated at $505.19 billion globally by 2028 by Grand View Research as a relative newcomer. It launched its water line just as the COVID-19 lockdowns began, Greene recalls, meaning that retailers were reluctant to see vendors in person or add new lines to their shelves.

“As a result, we are only about one year into marketing the Be Water line,” and we are in over 800 stores nationally, Greene says. “If investors are patient, this could be a multi-generational hold with a big payoff.”

Startup Snapple Grew Exponentially After It Was Acquired

Take Snapple, for example. Now it is marketed within the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group by parent Cadbury Schweppes. The brand began as a startup in 1972 on Long Island, NY in the natural foods industry. What started as a real brewed tea, is now an established multi-drink brand owned by a major bottler. It was first sold to Quaker Oats and later to Cadbury Schweppes. Now it is a member of the multi-billion dollar, multi-brand Dr. Pepper Snapple Group headquartered in Plano, TX.

Brian Adkins, named National Sales Director of Greene Concepts, was actually an employee at Snapple — and recalls the exploding sales history for Dr. Pepper’s Snapple. He is hoping it will happen again. Be Water is his first artesian well-sourced water brand, he says. He has a background in selling both Snapple and Sunkist beverages.

Greene Concepts Initiates Additional Resource Procurement for Growth

Greene Concepts is working to initiate additional bottling plant infrastructure and company growth. This includes new aspects for engineering and prototyping, marketing, production, increasing working capital reserves, and satisfying other corporate expenses.

This strategy follows a pattern of Greene upgrading the bottling plant facility and planning to expand the facility by 20,000 sq. ft. as it grows capacity and increases bottling configurations to reach a total of 80,000 sq. ft. To become more cost-efficient as it expands its production configurations, INKW is also seeking to produce its own bottles rather than purchase them from an outsource manufacturer. INKW created multiple SKUs for its Be Water to accommodate sales to and appeal to an increased amount of local, regional, and national retailers. These SKUs include 6-packs, 12-packs, 24-packs, and gallon sizes. Additional growth capacity equates to increased white-labeling for other companies where INKW bottles water for other companies for a fee which further increases INKW revenues.

Greene says a possible payoff to investors may come when and if an exit strategy is executed in the far future—a possible sale of its unique Be Water brand to a larger beverage player. That may or may not happen.

‘Happy Mellow’ Is Greene’s New Brand for CBD Infused Beverages

INKW is not only upgrading its bottling plant, it also recently debuted its new ‘Happy Mellow’ CBD Infused Beverage brand. It is a three-flavor brand sold online in Lemon Lime, Plum Punch and Blood Orange Acai flavors that delivers all-natural nutrients quickly throughout the body.

Currently, Happy Mellow can be sold in 35 states, but conventional retailers are reluctant to place it on their shelves because of CBD regulations. As a result, today it is sold online, with the store rollout just beginning—and with a bright future ahead of it, Greene says.

The company sees incredible opportunity in the CBD industry with its Happy Mellow brand. The CBD-infused water industry is far smaller than the general bottled water business. It is estimated to reach, by comparison, only $14.6 billion by 2026. However, it is faster growing on a smaller base. Facts and Factors has its CAGR at 27.5% between 2021-2026. It remains a wide-open, quick-growing industry still in its infancy. Vantage Market Research pegs it at a 21.35% CAGR 2022-2028, when it is forecasted to reach $47.22 billion by the end of the research period. Greene Concepts plans to use this growth to quickly expand its brand to the new and informed consumer.

This hemp-based CBD beverage sells online but is also popular at individual cannabis retailers, Greene says.

Camping World, Amazon Are Customers of Be Water Brand

The Be Water brand is already being sold by prominent retailer Camping World, which had 185 stores in 2022. Be Water is also in 55 Amazon fulfillment centers (up from the previously reported 27 fulfillment centers). “We are listed on Amazon Prime and have been selling on Amazon for two years. In terms of advertising exposure nationally, it is a very important component for our future growth. It’s like free advertising,” Greene says.


The bottled water market is here to stay. This multi-billion dollar sector is dominated by major players such as PepsiCo., Coca-Cola and Nestle. They have a history of buying start-up beverage brands with traction and growing them exponentially. Look at what happened to tiny Snapple when it was acquired initially by Quaker Oats and eventually by Cadbury Schweppes. INKW is an emerging growth market start-up in the massive bottled water sector — a perfect candidate for a future acquisition by a larger player. Investors should do more than just place Greene Concepts on their Watch Lists. Instead, as management recommends, they should become involved, show patience, and consider this a long-term hold ‘legacy’ investment. This is also a feisty OTC stock Company, entering the CBD infused beverage market at a time when this industry is still in its infancy. CBD infused beverages are, as a sector, smaller than the conventional bottled water sector, but growing at a quicker CAGR, researchers predict. Investors would be well advised that history often repeats itself. When thinking of INKW, think of Snapple’s success when it was acquired as a start-up.Find additional information about Greene Concepts (INKW) at:

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