SMX (Security Matters) PLC (NASDAQ: SMX) Revolutionizing Transparency and Sustainability

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – June 29, 2023 – The world landscape is undergoing a profound transformation in an age of quick technological development and a growing awareness of the need for sustainability practices. As the barriers between the physical and digital realms blur, opportunities emerge for visionary companies to revolutionize the way we conduct business and shape the future. The world demands more from businesses: greater accountability, traceability, and responsibility across products from various industries.

SMX (Security Matters) PLC (NASDAQ: SMX)

SMX is a pioneering technology company that has emerged to address the global demand for greater transparency, efficiency, and resilience across industries. By harnessing the power of augmented materials, SMX enables businesses to unlock detailed knowledge about the origin, purity, and integrity of materials across various industries. This innovative system is designed for the 21st-century economy, empowering industries to embrace a circular economy model and revolutionize their operations from within.

SMX plays a pivotal role in helping companies align with sustainability and supply chain goals, which have become increasingly critical in response to growing consumer demands and evolving governmental regulations. As businesses strive to meet these expectations, SMX offers comprehensive solutions.

With a focus on marking, tracking, and measuring materials every step of the way into the digital platform technology, SMX facilitates the successful transition to a low-carbon economy, helping businesses navigate complex challenges such as carbon neutrality and compliance with government regulations. SMX solutions empower brands and companies to achieve greater visibility throughout the business chain, driving sustainable practices and fostering a culture of ethical sourcing, recycling, and reuse.

Analyst Coverage

According to the Frost and Sullivan Report published in April 2023, “The investment opportunity in SMX is divided into three main layers: 1.) SMX can create generic formats of authentication; 2.) A potential new digital platform and/or marketplace of raw materials like plastics, fabrics, gold and many others; 3.) Forming new industry standards for digital twining physical assets like Swift did for bank transfers.”

By leveraging SMX technology, sector players across various lucrative industries can ensure that the precious metals or other costly or rare materials used in their accessories, jewelry, and other products are ethically sourced and free from human rights violations. Transparency and traceability not only foster trust but also provide a competitive advantage

Dr. Tiran Rothman Frost and Sullivan, said, “SMX presents a transformative investment opportunity by establishing itself as the industry benchmark for recording, tracking, and connecting physical goods through a blockchain- enabled digital twin. Their end-to-end turnkey solution, encompassing a chemical-based marker system, a unique reader, and a blockchain digital platform, enables participants in various industries to transition to a closed-loop Circular Value Chain Approach aligned with sustainable development goals, fostering responsible consumption, net-zero goals, and equitable value creation in the circular economy.”

Public Offering

SMX recently concluded its underwritten public offering of securities, generating $3.24 million in gross proceeds. The offering’s closing marks an important milestone for SMX as it secures growth capital to support its expansion plans.

The public offering marks a significant step for SMX. Through its innovative marking, tracking, measuring, and digital platform technology, SMX enables companies to successfully transition to a low-carbon economy. The proceeds from the offering will further support SMX’s mission of driving positive change and fostering sustainable practices across various industries.

SMX’s Technology: The Circular Economy

At the forefront of SMX’s groundbreaking technology is their digital twin blockchain platform 3.0, which allows companies, and fashion brands in specific to efficiently recycle their own merchandise into higher-quality materials and products. This plug-and-play technology provides participating brands with a transparent, cost-effective, and scalable solution, revolutionizing production methods in the fast-paced, high-volume industry.

By adopting SMX’s technology, fashion brands can transition from a linear model of take-make-dispose to a circular model of take-reuse/make-recycle. This shift towards a circular economy not only reduces the need for raw materials and minimizes waste but also meets the financial goals and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) demands of the market and consumers. SMX’s Equilibrium Circular Economy business model paves the way for a more sustainable and future-proof fashion industry, and can be used across various other sectors that operate similarly to fashion.

Sustainable Fashion

SMX’s technology empowers fashion brands to achieve greater accountability, transparency, and ownership throughout the lifecycle of their products. By establishing an ethical and transparent supply chain, SMX enables real-time monitoring of the lifecycle and origins of materials, ensuring credible ESG reporting and compliance with international regulations.

Through SMX’s technology, fashion brands can authenticate and provide proof of quality, quantity, and origin of materials, assuring stakeholders, insurance providers, trading platforms, logistics, financing, and international customs. This heightened transparency not only builds trust with consumers but also strengthens the industry’s commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

“With SMX’s B2B white label innovative technological offerings, the future of sustainable luxury is creating desire-inducing brand narratives that connect tangible sustainable ESG practices with the brand’s transparent traceability strategy, to create a profitable lifetime relationship with its customers that is circular rather than linear or transactional. Therefore, we are crafting tomorrow’s sustainable luxury with SMX’s technology.” said Zeren Browne SMX, Chief Strategy Officer

Precious Metal Tracking

In addition to their influence on sustainable fashion, SMX and its subsidiary TrueGold Consortium Pty Ltd. have made waves by providing a cutting-edge solution for the luxury watch and jewelry industries. In order to ensure ethical sourcing and provide unquestionable proof of origin for reliable ESG reporting, trueGold invisibly “marks” gold with a long-lasting marker. This enables a complete and transparent record of the gold’s journey from the mine to the market. The technology, which is shielded by patents filed by SMX, has now been expanded to cover watches and jewelry items in addition to gold bars and coins. SMX is transforming the precious metals industry with its cutting-edge strategy and dedication to ethical mining and sustainability.

By providing clear, crisp, and transparent data tracking, SMX enables its clients to make a profound transition toward a low-carbon economy.