Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY): Positioned for Significant Growth as Demand for Functional Mushrooms Skyrockets 

A promising health and wellness play with multiple catalysts for growth with recent partnerships set to drive Galexxy growth in the health and wellness/plant-based space. 

This year, mushrooms have been popping up in a plethora of food magazines, newspapers, and websites as a certifiable trend. And it’s not just as a food element. Mushrooms are becoming more prominent in nearly every aspect of modern life, ranging from food, drink, fashion, to medicine. Whether it’s veterans addressing chronic conditions, stressed out millennials & baby boomers looking for ways to unwind, or health and fitness enthusiasts looking for natural plant-based solutions to incorporate into their diet, it seems functional mushrooms are filling all these needs. 

Essentially, the global mushroom industry is set to more than double within seven years, exceeding psychedelic and medicinal products and expanding into the food-and-drink market. In fact, according to Grandview Research, the Functional Mushroom market was valued at $29 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach at least $69 billion by 2030 representing a CAGR of 10.8% which bodes well for companies like Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY).

Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY) is a health and wellness company focused on bringing unique and effective health and wellness products to market. Galexxy is also acquiring companies that offer proven as well as new health and wellness products. 

Galexxy acquired 100% of Wellbeing Farms last year. Wellbeing Farms specializes in producing and marketing the highest quality scientifically formulated Functional Mushroom and Adaptogen health products. Wellbeing Farms is “Rooted in Nature and Fueled by Science ”. Wellbeing Farms stands alone with 7 differentiators that make their blended functional mushroom products superior. Their Triple Extracted – 100 Day Process delivers 4x the potency and nutrient benefit over other mushroom products. They use the entire mushroom, including the fruiting body and mycelium. They work with USA based wild and farmer relationships. By formulating their products with adaptogens, they deliver results for specific products like wellbeing, sleep, calm, and focus.

Galexxy recently announced the addition of a new Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Trent D’Ambrosio. Trent is tasked with expanding its Wellbeing Farm’s sales from on-line to retail big box, chain stores, and distributors with current discussions with large retailers. Trent is also responsible for expanding the distribution footprint of the VendGenie™ company smart dispensing units globally. 

To expand distribution of Wellbeing Farms’ various products, and Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY) other businesses, VendGenie™ was founded, with a unique patent pending Smart Vending Kiosk system. VendGenie™ enables customers to purchase and pick up Government regulated products via electronic means or directly at the Kiosk by means of a sophisticated system that legally certifies the age and identity of the customer. VendGenie™ Smart Vending Kiosks will dispense company labeled and wholesale private labeled wrapped kiosks and private labeled products following an exclusive joint venture agreement with a major international manufacturer to supply the Kiosks worldwide. 

In addition to this, back in August, Galexxy and Pillars International announced the formation of a new Direct Sales Company called Galexxy LLC with a targeted pre-launch in the 4th quarter to direct sales distributors. The joint venture will be responsible for promoting Galexxy’s proprietary natural plant health products through a Direct Sales Organization and through on-line marketing portals. 

Galexxy LLC’s distributors will have an impressive suite of proprietary new functional mushroom products to sell backed by a revolutionary new payment, billing, and technology platform to drive adoption and sales. The significance of this partnership can’t be overstated considering that Galexxy, LLC will be integrating two firsts for the industry which are:

  1. A full line of uniquely formulated functional mushroom and adaptogen products powered by science. 
  2. A new technology stack software delivering ‘real-time’ payment information, compensation management, and reporting to scale and manage an ambassador’s businesses ‘real-time’.

So far, silent partners from the industry with over thousands of distributors have already committed to this new company launch and Wellbeing Farms expects to generate $7.5 million in revenues from its first full year of product supply to Galexxy, LLC.

According to a new corporate update, VendGenie™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY) revealed that it had expanded its strategic commercial supply and lease agreement, as well as its marketing expansion program with Delta 88 and its associated company, uVending LLC. The agreement expands the original $9 million revenue forecast to over $12.75 million in annual revenue in year two. Furthermore, this agreement will add more than 100 new smart kiosk installations per month by year two, to exceed 600 kiosks by May 2025.

The most important thing to note however, is that these are not your average vending machines as they are much smarter. Their technology solution for age verification products provides 24×7 access to offer convenience for everyone thanks to a simple ID reader and camera activated facial recognition that verifies the purchaser.

Delta 88’s Phase 2 began in August 2023 with new installations servicing locations throughout Pennsylvania. The growth in the Texas market continues for the white-labeled VendGenie smart dispensing kiosk units, including the sale and supply of its proprietary D88 products which are manufactured by VendGenie. As a part of the wholesale program, Galexxy Holdings provides their marketing and advertising expertise to the program to drive traffic to the kiosks in local areas open 24×7. A current campaign in Austin, Texas is targeting 1M impressions to sign up for free merchandise, discounts and Austin City Limits concert tickets. The target is to introduce new kiosks to a new audience, while increasing daily sales, and new product revenues.

“With each VendGenie installation, our revenues accelerate monthly under Galexxy’s agreement with Delta 88 to $9M annual revenue run rate by January 2025, and a $12.5M run rate by May 2025 said Michael Biagi, Galexxy Holdings. “We are very enthused to be working with Delta 88, collaborating on the huge marketing potential of generating recurring product revenues through strategic placement of our VendGenie Smart Kiosks,” said Michael Biagi.

For investors wondering how this translates to the bottom line, think of it this way. Galexxy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GXXY) is currently trading at about $0.07 per share but is set to generate over $10 million in revenue over the next 12 months. When compared to other peers in the space, most of which aren’t revenue positive, it appears that the company has room to grow its valuation and deserves to be closely watched as the recently announced partnerships start playing out.