Penny Stocks With Heavy Trading Watchlist (EPAZ, HMBL, TBXXF, INTZ)

Active stocks, with their frequent price movements and ongoing market engagement, are attractive to smart investors looking for profit opportunities. That’s why many investors are always on the lookout for consistently active stocks.

Let’s take a look at four such active stocks that have grabbed investors’ attention:

Epazz Inc. (OTC:EPAZ) is making significant advancements in the world of drone technology, especially through its subsidiary, ZenaDrone. The company recently announced a significant expansion into Ireland, marking a crucial milestone for its Drone as a Service (DaaS) operations in the country.

The introduction of ZenaDrone 1000s to Ireland holds tremendous promise. Each deployed drone has the potential to generate over $100,000 in annual revenue, with applications ranging from agriculture to public safety and first-responder systems. One notable application includes collaborating with Irish farmers for plant health monitoring and weed control, illustrating the practicality of the ZenaDrone 1000 technology.

Epazz’s successes aren’t limited to Ireland; the company is making significant strides in the domestic market, particularly within the U.S. military. High-ranking officials from the U.S. Navy and various branches of the armed forces have expressed a keen interest in Epazz’s drone technology. The U.S. Navy’s selection of the ZenaDrone 1000 for critical missions underscores the adaptability and potential impact of these drones in the defense sector.

Epazz’s global expansion extends beyond Ireland. The establishment of ZenaDroneGmbH in Germany and the recent feature of the ZenaDrone 1000 at the AERO General Aviation Convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has opened doors to scheduled demonstrations with NATO partner countries, law enforcement departments, and major rail lines in Germany.

In addition to these international ventures, Epazz announced a partnership with Thunder Tiger, a Taiwanese defense contractor, which positions the company to address the demands of the Taiwanese government while ensuring compliance with U.S. defense regulations regarding Chinese manufacturing. Additionally, strong interest from Brazilian organizations has also led to the establishment of infrastructure for ZenaDrone 1000 operations in Brazil.

These recent developments solidify Epazz Inc. as a significant player in the dynamic drone technology landscape. Epazz’s strategic moves in international markets and its growing recognition within the U.S. military present substantial opportunities, making EPAZ a noteworthy penny stock to watch closely.

HUMBL, Inc. (OTC:HMBL), a technology platform with a diverse range of offerings, has announced significant developments in its mission to reshape the online landscape. In a recent press release, the company unveiled the HUMBL Pro+ subscription service, designed to guide users from Web 2 to Web 3 by offering an array of tools and benefits.

Subscribers to HUMBL Pro+ can enjoy an array of advantages, including early access to new features, social media post editing, customizable user pages, unlimited AI chat services, and even discounts on advertising services. This subscription, priced at $7.99 per month (billed annually), empowers users to take control of their online presence, brand identity, and monetization opportunities.

One notable feature is the ability to customize search results on the HUMBL platform, allowing users to enhance their visibility and directly connect with consumers, audiences, and brands. This opens doors to monetization in various areas, such as direct offers, merchandise, events, ticketing, and services.

Moreover, annual HUMBL Pro+ subscribers gain exclusive early access to HUMBL Social 2.0 (HS2), which promises exciting features like direct messaging, customizable groups, personalized video interactions, scheduled video conferences, and webinar meetings.

This move by HUMBL comes at a time when trust issues persist on the web due to the proliferation of fake profiles, ratings, reviews, and advertising impressions. The company’s commitment to providing verified profiles, along with customization tools for search, social media, and monetization streams, positions it at the forefront of the next generation of web users.

In addition to these advances, HUMBL will be hosting a HUMBL Q4 Shareholder Call on October 10th, 2023, where they will discuss product roadmaps, launches, funding agreements, debt consolidation, and other business strategies. This call signifies HUMBL’s dedication to transparent communication with its growing shareholder community. Furthermore, HUMBL Chat, their new live chat and video conferencing service, will play a central role in fostering direct interaction and engagement with shareholders.

Turmalina Metals(OTCQX:TBXXF) (TSXV:TBX) is a promising exploration company that has been gaining attention in the mining sector, particularly for its endeavors in South America. Turmalina’s focus lies in uncovering high-grade gold, copper, and silver deposits, with a special emphasis on tourmaline breccias, a deposit style that has been overlooked by many in the industry.

Recently, Turmalina Metals unveiled exciting news about their San Francisco project in the mining province of San Juan, Argentina. The company successfully completed a substantial 2,984-meter diamond drilling program, leading to the discovery of a high-grade gold vein system and a new copper-gold mineralized breccia pipe.

The initial mapping and sampling at Veta Rica, a part of the project, revealed a low-sulfidation epithermal quartz vein, demonstrating rock chip assays of up to 56 g/t Au. These findings are highly promising, especially considering that only two holes have been drilled into this new discovery, both returning impressive gold grades of over 17 g/t Au.

The CEO of Turmalina Metals, Mr. James Rogers, expressed enthusiasm about this development, highlighting the similarities to other successful epithermal mines in the region. Furthermore, ongoing surface work has expanded the strike length of the vein system from 300 meters to over 1.5 kilometers, showcasing significant potential.

Turmalina Metals is now actively planning a follow-up diamond drilling program to further explore the Veta Rica target. This recent discovery, along with their broader exploration efforts, underscores the company’s dedication to unlocking the full potential of their San Francisco project in San Juan, Argentina-a region known for its gold production and mining-friendly environment.

In summary, Turmalina Metals Corp. is positioning itself as a company with substantial exploration potential in South America, and their recent discovery at the San Francisco project adds to the excitement surrounding their endeavors.

Intrusion, Inc. (NASDAQ:INTZ), a cybersecurity company headquartered in Plano, Texas, specializes in cyber-attack prevention, particularly against zero-day threats. The company’s standout feature is its exclusive threat intelligence database, containing historical data, known associations, and the reputational behavior of over 8.5 billion IP addresses.

Intrusion, Inc., introduced its commercial product, Intrusion Shield, in 2021. This innovative solution allows businesses to integrate a Zero Trust, reputation-based security approach into their existing infrastructure. Intrusion Shield’s core functionality lies in its real-time monitoring and blocking of malicious connections, whether known or unknown. This capability is vital for safeguarding against zero-day and ransomware attacks, substantially bolstering an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

In recent news, Intrusion, Inc. has secured a substantial $5 million multi-year agreement with a major telecommunications provider. The agreement entails deploying Intrusion Shield to enhance cybersecurity support for the provider’s data centers. The rollout is scheduled to begin in Q4 2023, following a successful pilot program in Q1 of the same year. Crucially, this five-year agreement allows for potential expansion, signaling the prospect of additional revenue beyond the initial projects.

In the third quarter of 2023, Intrusion also finalized four other contracts, all expected to grow in significance over time. These successes underscore the effectiveness and scalability of Intrusion Shield in safeguarding critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

Tony Scott, CEO of Intrusion, emphasized the company’s role in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber attackers. The increased targeting of data centers globally underscores the relevance and importance of Intrusion’s cybersecurity solutions.

Specific details of the transaction with the telecommunications provider are pending final implementation agreements and a public announcement ceremony. Intrusion, Inc. continues to establish itself as a key player in the ongoing battle against cyber threats, driven by its achievements in the cybersecurity sector and a commitment to innovation.