OTC Stocks News Catalyst Watchlist (SWISF, BADEF, NHMD, HCNWF)

Investors often seek potential catalysts that could influence price movements, and one influential factor is news. Positive news can hold significant promise for driving stock values higher.

Let’s take a closer look at four such stocks with recent news releases.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQB:SWISF) (CSE:SKUR) is a prominent player in the cybersecurity and online privacy sectors, renowned for its Swiss-hosted privacy solutions. The company has earned a strong reputation for providing secure and private communication tools, including encrypted email services and secure messengers. These offerings are designed to safeguard users’ sensitive information and maintain their privacy in an increasingly digital world.

One of Sekur Private Data Ltd.’s notable offerings is SekurVPN, a privacy-focused VPN solution available through Sekur.com. SekurVPN is tailored for privacy enthusiasts and individuals who prioritize protecting their online activities from potential hackers. It distinguishes itself by not relying on big tech or hyperscalers for its operations, which can compromise user privacy.

Moreover, SekurVPN takes a strong stance on user anonymity, eliminating the need for users to register with their phone numbers. This commitment to user privacy is crucial in an era where online privacy is of paramount importance.

SekurVPN’s proprietary infrastructure and Swiss IPs ensure that it operates solely through its servers and routing, avoiding the involvement of third-party providers that may compromise user data. The use of robust encryption standards, combined with its proprietary HeliX technology, enhances the security of users’ internet traffic. Notably, encryption keys are never stored on users’ devices, ensuring that their data remains protected even when using public and untrusted internet connections.

Ease of use is a key feature of SekurVPN, with a simplified interface that makes it accessible to users on various platforms, including MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. Expansion to Windows and Linux is also in the pipeline.

In addition to SekurVPN, the company offers bundled packages that include SekurMessenger and SekurMail. These packages combine email, messaging, and file transfer into a secure and integrated application. Unique features like SekurSend enable private and secure communication, even for recipients without Sekur accounts.

On Oct. 10, Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it had decided to adjust its pricing structure for SekurVPN. This decision comes as a response to a surge in new signups, with SekurVPN accounting for an impressive 60% of all new subscriptions in October.

The price adjustment is expected to have a substantial impact on the company’s finances, as it is projected to increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) by 25% to 30% over time. Popular among new subscribers, Sekur’s minimum bundle packages, combined with single VPN signups, are set to drive ARPU from just under US$9 to just under US$12.

In light of this pricing update, the minimum bundle price for SekurVPN will rise to US$14, up from US$12, while the full bundle signup will cost US$17, up from US$15, for individual consumers. Business packages, offering added features, are generally priced 20% to 25% higher than consumer plans.

Beyond pricing adjustments, Sekur Private Data Ltd. is gearing up for a comprehensive digital campaign set to launch later this month. Early results from initial marketing efforts have shown promising outcomes in one of the marketing channels. Additionally, Sekur has strategic plans to expand SekurVPN’s availability, targeting the US and other regions through its reseller network in 2024.

This pricing update reflects the growing demand for Sekur’s privacy-focused VPN solution, underscoring the significance that individuals and businesses place on protecting their online activities and data. Sekur Private Data Ltd.’s strategic decision to adapt its pricing structure reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-tier privacy and security solutions in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

Hercules Silver Corp. (TSXV:BIG) (OTCQB:BADEF), a junior mining company with a focus on exploration and development, has made a significant discovery at its Hercules Property in western Idaho, marking a major milestone in its mining endeavors.

The Hercules project, situated northwest of Cambridge, Idaho, is a disseminated silver-lead-zinc system, covering 3.5 kilometers of strike with a rich history of 28,000 meters of drilling. The company’s dedication to exploration is evident through extensive surface investigations, including soil and rock sampling, geological mapping, and IP geophysics.

The recent news release highlights a groundbreaking development at Hercules. In the first deep hole drilled, designated HER-23-05, the company encountered a substantial copper porphyry discovery. This discovery is particularly significant as it confirms the presence of a large-scale copper porphyry system extending over 1.8 kilometers.

HER-23-05 revealed an impressive 185.29 meters of 0.84% Cu and 111 ppm Mo from depths of 246 meters to 431.2 meters. Notably, this includes a remarkable section of 45.33 meters with 1.94% Cu. The drill hole had to be terminated prematurely due to drilling challenges encountered near a post-mineral boundary. However, observations from subsequent holes suggest that the mineralization likely extends considerably below HER-23-05, down to 435 meters.

The fact that it is located beneath rhyolite-hosted silver mineralization that has been documented by over 300 historical drill holes adds to the allure of this announcement. The porphyry system’s location, completely concealed, makes it a significant blind discovery, and its openness in all directions from HER-23-05 suggests substantial exploration potential.

To further explore this newfound discovery, a 3D IP survey is currently underway to expand the chargeability anomaly in all directions and provide guidance for subsequent drilling efforts.

Additional step-out holes drilled in various orientations to the southeast of HER-23-05 have shown similar alteration, veining, and copper mineralization over varying lengths. Numerous directions remain to be explored, and the potassic center, typically associated with the highest grades in porphyry systems, is yet to be identified. Assay results for these step-out holes are forthcoming.

Chris Paul, CEO and Director of Hercules Silver Corp., expressed great enthusiasm about this discovery, highlighting the exceptional grades returned from the first blind drill hole. This discovery, he noted, is significant as it fills the discovery gap between British Columbia and Nevada, presenting a new district for porphyry exploration in a Tier 1 jurisdiction. The geology of the Hercules Copper Belt mirrors that of British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, known for its large porphyry copper systems. Accessibility year-round, excellent infrastructure, and a supportive, pro-mining state government make the Hercules Copper Belt an attractive prospect for further exploration and development.

Nate’s Food Co. (OTC:NHMD) is making headlines with its strategic moves in the stock market. In a recent 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 8, 2023, the company announced a significant policy change. NHMD has amended its Articles of Incorporation to state that it will not engage in a reverse stock split of its common stock before January 1, 2025, unless uplisting to NASDAQ or the NYSE is on the horizon. This decision follows their impending acquisition of JP Energy Partners, signaling a pivotal moment in NHMD’s trajectory.

NHMD’s commitment to shareholder value is evident as it successfully canceled a substantial 1 billion common shares, representing a remarkable 27% reduction in total issued and outstanding shares. This bold move aligns with the company’s vision of exploring untapped markets and pursuing operational excellence.

Investors keeping an eye on NHMD should take note of these developments. The company’s dedication to sustainable growth and its strategic positioning for potential uplisting make it a noteworthy player in the stock market. As NHMD continues to innovate and expand, it remains an intriguing prospect for those looking to stay ahead in the world of stocks.

Hypercharge Networks Corp. (OTCQB:HCNWF) is a trailblazer in the smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions sector, serving various industries, including multi-unit residential and commercial buildings, fleet operations, and other expanding markets. Their mission is crystal clear: to expedite EV adoption and aid the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. They achieve this by offering seamless, user-friendly charging solutions encompassing top-tier equipment and an extensive network of public and private charging stations.

Their recent announcement on October 10, 2023, introduced their cutting-edge integrated charging software, Eevion. This cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates the Hypercharge EV charging network into various applications, platforms, and systems, delivering an uninterrupted charging experience for users of parking apps, fleet management software, loyalty programs, building management systems, and more.

In a significant move showcasing their commitment to simplifying EV charging, Hypercharge partnered with Preferred Partners, ParkCo and Precise ParkLink, to unveil Eevion. ParkCo is a property technology company specializing in parking access and revenue control systems, harnessing IoT sensor technology. Precise ParkLink, a full-service parking and mobility solutions provider, offers cutting-edge technology and management services.

Eevion enables users of the ParkCo GO and Parkedin apps to pay for both parking and charging in one streamlined transaction. By the end of 2023, Hypercharge charging stations will be accessible via the ParkCo GO mobile application on iOS and Android platforms at designated parking facilities using ParkCo’s technology. Furthermore, select Precise ParkLink-managed parking lots will provide access to Hypercharge charging stations via the Parkedin mobile app by the end of 2023.

This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize how businesses and consumers interact with EV charging infrastructure, integrating all charging functionalities directly into existing systems for a seamless and efficient experience. Hypercharge Networks Corp. continues to lead the way in fostering EV adoption while delivering comprehensive, user-friendly solutions tailored to the evolving needs of modern drivers and businesses.