Today’s Top OTC Stocks Watchlist (SWISF, EPAZ, ABQQ, RSPI)

Active stocks, known for their frequent price shifts and sustained market interest, are a magnet for savvy investors seeking profits.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top OTC stocks from this week’s trading activity.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQB:SWISF) (CSE:SKUR), a prominent Swiss-based cybersecurity and internet privacy provider, has recently made significant changes to its pricing strategy for their SekurVPN service. The company, known for its commitment to secure and private communications, is looking to enhance its revenue and cater to the growing demand for privacy VPN solutions.

The decision to increase prices for SekurVPN comes as new signups for this service have surged, now representing a substantial 60% of all new subscriptions. This change aims to elevate the average revenue per user (ARPU), with a projected increase of 25% to 30%. The minimum bundle price for individual consumers will be raised to $14, up from $12, and the full bundle signup will cost $17, up from $15. It’s important to note that business package prices are typically 20 to 25% higher than consumer prices due to the inclusion of additional features.

SekurVPN, unlike many other VPN providers, remains committed to maintaining user privacy. It utilizes its proprietary infrastructure without relying on big-tech hosting providers and guarantees the use of Swiss IPs only. This approach ensures that user data is not shared with third-party service providers and that there is no monitoring of user activity. Furthermore, no phone number is required to register for the service, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

In the words of Alain Ghiai, the CEO of Sekur Private Data, “We are very pleased with the progress we are making with SekurVPN signups… SekurVPN is still the most affordable privacy VPN in the market, offering added benefits of being a true Swiss hosted privacy VPN without third-party big tech hosting and without traffic mining.”

SekurVPN’s ongoing success has encouraged the company to plan a comprehensive digital campaign for its VPN solution, set to launch later this month. Early results from a smaller campaign have already shown promising outcomes, and the company is eyeing further expansion into the United States and other regions through its reseller network in 2024.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. remains committed to providing secure and private means of communication, safeguarding individuals and businesses from data breaches, malicious hackers, and data miners. Their dedication to true data privacy, through proprietary technology and secure servers based in Switzerland, positions them as a reliable option for those seeking to protect their online activities.

In conclusion, Sekur Private Data Ltd.’s decision to adjust its pricing strategy for SekurVPN reflects its commitment to privacy and security, and the company’s expansion plans indicate a positive outlook for its future growth. This move is a significant step in the direction of providing enhanced cybersecurity and privacy solutions in an increasingly digital world.

In recent weeks, Epazz Inc. (OTC:EPAZ) and its subsidiary, ZenaDrone, Inc., have been making significant advancements in intelligent drone technology and artificial intelligence, leading to exciting developments and valuable partnerships.

Last month, ZenaDrone introduced its cutting-edge ZD1000 drone, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition in Taiwan. This unveiling showcased the drone’s capabilities on the international aerospace stage.

This move plays a crucial role in establishing partnerships and supply chain vendors in Taiwan, ensuring NDAA compliance, and securing U.S. Defense contracts. ZenaDrone’s CEO, Shaun Passley, has facilitated these partnerships, fostering strong connections between the United States and Taiwan through collaboration with the Office of the American Institute in Taiwan.

The ZD1000, an AI-driven UAV, excels at surveying and inspecting large-scale supply chain warehouses and facilities with advanced image recognition capabilities. Its sophistication allows for proactive issue identification, essential for preventive maintenance or emergency response in flood or fire situations. These developments position ZenaDrone as a key player in the realm of intelligent industrial surveillance and monitoring solutions.

These strategic moves present a significant opportunity for ZenaDrone, as the company is gearing up to showcase the ZenaDrone 1000 to high-ranking U.S. Navy personnel. Recognizing the potential of ZenaDrone’s advanced UAV technology, the U.S. Navy, along with other U.S. military branches, has expressed interest in its utility for missions like surveillance, search and rescue, and reconnaissance.

Moreover, ZenaDrone is expanding globally by establishing ZenaDrone GmbH to conduct drone demonstrations in Germany and partner NATO countries. This expansion enables ZenaDrone to access the European market and strengthen its presence in Germany, a thriving hub for aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Finally, an exciting development is ZenaDrone’s shipment of its first manufactured drones to Ireland, where they will be employed for Drone as a Service (DaaS) operations. This initiative has the potential to generate substantial revenue, given the versatility of these drones, which can be used for various purposes, including monitoring plant health and supporting first responders.

In this fast-paced and dynamic industry, Epazz Holdings and ZenaDrone, Inc. continue to make significant strides, solidifying their positions as leaders in the world of intelligent UAV technology and AI-driven drone solutions. These strategic partnerships and innovations are poised to create fresh opportunities and fuel further growth in this rapidly evolving sector.

AB International Group Corp. (OTCQB:ABQQ) is capturing investor attention with a remarkable 66.67% surge in its stock’s performance as of noon yesterday. This intellectual property (IP) and movie investment and licensing firm, founded in Nevada on July 29, 2013, focuses on acquiring and developing IP, web series, and films.

$ABQQ is currently making notable waves on Twitter, with increased mentions and discussions among investors. The heightened social media activity may signify growing retail investor interest and engagement with the stock.

Notably, in September, ABQQ announced the cancellation of a previously planned 10,000-to-1 reverse split, emphasizing its commitment to shareholders’ interests. Furthermore, ABQQ received a significant financial boost of $1.5 million from its sole officer and director, Mr. Chiyuan Deng, aimed at supporting working capital needs and pursuing business objectives.

$ABQQ is currently making notable waves on social media, with increased mentions and discussions among penny stock investors. The heightened social media activity may signify growing retail investor interest and engagement with the stock.

This recent momentum indicates increasing enthusiasm from investors, making ABQQ a penny stock to pay attention to.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC:RSPI) is a company dedicated to the development of innovative treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders, with a particular focus on conditions that currently lack effective therapeutic options. Their recent collaboration with Ab Initio Pharma Pty Ltd. signifies a significant step forward in this mission.

This partnership, established through a Master Services Agreement (MSA), involves ResolutionRx Ltd., a subsidiary of RespireRx, and Ab Initio. The main objective is to use lipid nanoparticle technology to its full potential to repurpose dronabinol. This effort specifically targets the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition affecting a substantial portion of the population.

Ab Initio will be instrumental in the development, formulation, testing, and distribution of therapeutic drugs based on RespireRx’s cutting-edge lipid nanoparticle technology. The collaboration is divided into several stages, the first of which is the development of a dronabinol lipid nanoparticle formulation for clinical trials and eventual commercialization.

Arnold Lippa, Ph.D., co-CEO and CSO of ResolutionRx and CEO and CSO of RespireRx, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, stating, “With its formulation expertise and GMP manufacturing facilities, Ab Initio will complete our original laboratory experiments to determine a final, optimum dronabinol formulation, scale up, and manufacture the chosen formulation for clinical use. The lipid nanoparticle technology not only represents a major step forward in the development of dronabinol but also has the potential for more widespread use for insoluble or poorly soluble drugs.”

With RespireRx’s focus on pioneering solutions and the capabilities of Ab Initio, this partnership has the potential to make a lasting impact in the field of pharmaceuticals, which could make RSPI a stock to watch.