News-Driven Nano-Cap Stocks Momentum Watchlist (IMRFF, SUUFF, IFUS, INO)

Investors are frequently on the lookout for factors that could potentially influence price movements. One major factor that often exerts a significant impact on prices is news. Positive developments in the news can potentially propel stocks to higher levels, particularly when combined with favorable momentum in the desired direction.

Let’s take a closer look at four stocks that have recently released noteworthy news:

iMetal Resources, Inc. (OTCQB:IMRFF) (TSXV:IMR) is a prominent Canadian junior exploration company that has made significant strides in resource exploration, particularly in Ontario and Quebec. Their flagship property, Gowganda West, has garnered attention with a recent discovery hole that revealed 48.5 meters at 0.85 g/t gold, underscoring the company’s commitment to unlocking mineral potential.

In a recent announcement, iMetal Resources, Inc. unveiled an update on their Carheil project, strategically located in the Northern Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Quebec. This update marks a pivotal moment in their exploration endeavors. The primary goal is to analyze graphite samples taken from various graphite horizons intersected during the Phase I 2023 drilling program, which covered three holes and a total distance of 1053 meters.

According to Saf Dhillon, President and CEO of iMetal Resources, Inc., the significance of this analysis lies in the flake size of the graphite: “The flake size of the graphite within the intersections is an extremely important factor in determining the value of any graphite occurrence.”

In Hole CA-23-01, there were impressive findings, including 3.90 meters at 7.08% Cg, with a notable 11.5% Cg over 1.9 meters in Zone A. Hole CA-23-02 showed 4.65 meters at 5.11% Cg with 12.9% Cg over 1.2 meters in Zone A. Furthermore, Hole CA-23-03 displayed 4.90 meters at 1.93% Cg in Zone A, showing substantial graphite content.

These findings indicate a concentration of high-quality graphite, which is essential for various industries, especially in the context of emerging technologies and green energy solutions.

The Carheil project is strategically positioned in Quebec, one of the most mining-friendly jurisdictions in the world. This location, combined with the presence of historic graphite intersections and multi-metal potential, makes Carheil a project with substantial prospects.

In addition to their geological success, iMetal Resources, Inc. has initiated an engagement with the Scandinavian Alliance, aiming to bolster their market presence and communication. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to enhancing visibility and establishing connections with investors and market professionals across Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Strathmore Plus Uranium Corporation (OTCQB:SUUFF) (TSXV:SUU) is rapidly emerging as a key player in the uranium sector, with a specific focus on projects located in the uranium-rich region of Wyoming, USA. The company boasts a portfolio of three promising uranium properties: Agate, Beaver Rim, and Night Owl. The Agate project has gained prominence because it was investigated by the illustrious Kerr-McGee Corporation in the 1970s. At that time, Kerr-McGee was a major uranium producer in the United States, adding to the allure of the Agate project’s potential.

In a recent and pivotal move on October 11, 2023, SUUFF unveiled its ambitious drilling and exploration program at the Agate project, located within the Shirley Basin uranium district in Wyoming. This comprehensive program entails a planned 100-drill-hole campaign with an impressive total depth of 15,000 feet. The primary objectives are twofold: to validate existing historical data and to expand the known mineralized zone into underexplored areas.

Strathmore Plus Uranium Corporation’s vision extends beyond exploration; it harbors the potential to unlock substantial value. The shallow uranium mineralization at the Agate project, which frequently occurs below the water table, supports the viability of using in-situ recovery (ISR) methods. ISR is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, making it an attractive avenue for uranium extraction.

The presence of established uranium companies such as Cameco, EnCore Energy, UR Energy, and UEC in the district emphasizes the district’s significance as a uranium resource hub. With its strategic positioning and dedicated efforts, Strathmore Plus Uranium Corporation is poised to become a pivotal player in the uranium sector.

This recent development marks a promising opportunity, particularly for investors and those with a keen interest in the dynamic realm of uranium exploration. As Strathmore Plus Uranium Corporation advances its drilling and exploration program, it stands as a company well worth vigilant observation, positioned to make substantial strides in this resource-rich region.

Impact Fusion International Inc. (OTC:IFUS) has recently issued a comprehensive year-end update, summarizing their significant achievements and future endeavors. The company operates in the “Health and Wellness” sector on a global scale, with a mission to create and market proprietary products that promote the well-being of both humans and animals.

In their update dated September 30, 2023, IFUS highlights its proactive response to the drought conditions that have affected several southern states, including Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The company has engaged with government officials at both state and federal levels to introduce them to their innovative solution, SGP+. They are in the process of confirming meetings with senators, governors, and other key decision-makers.

IFUS believes that their technology has the potential to enhance herd health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate fly infestations, and cut costs from $3.45 to $0.45 per day per head for ranchers and farmers. This cost-saving approach can also increase revenue for these stakeholders. With the capability to produce 4900 tons per week, IFUS aims to contribute to the feeding of America’s beef and dairy cattle.

The company has been actively reaching out to extension agents in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, working in collaboration with state universities like LSU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State. Their goal is to educate these agents on the benefits of IFUS’s technology platform. Going forward, they plan to focus on expanding their efforts to Alabama and New Mexico.

CEO Marc Walther has been personally engaging with cattle ranchers and dairy farmers, discussing the advantages of SGP+. Word of mouth and referrals have played a crucial role in expanding IFUS’s customer base.

Notably, IFUS is exploring opportunities in India. Conversations with representatives who oversee 10 sugar refineries and the feeding of 500,000 dairy cattle in India have progressed positively. The company is concentrating on sharing information about how SGP+ could be beneficial in establishing a facility in India. Soil, weather, and sugarcane management in India appear to result in a bagasse product with a higher lignin content, essential for providing crude protein to cattle. A long-term project is underway to test this product, with the ultimate goal of introducing SGP+ 2.0 in India.

IFUS has set clear short-term and long-term goals, focusing on expanding their customer base, collaborating with extension agents and government officials, and playing a pivotal role in the beef industry’s education and development.

INOVIO (NASDAQ:INO) is a pioneering biotechnology company with a dedicated focus on developing groundbreaking DNA medicines. Their mission revolves around creating innovative solutions to treat and protect individuals from a range of diseases associated with the human papillomavirus (HPV), including recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP), a challenging and often hard-to-treat condition.

A recent announcement from INOVIO has illuminated a significant milestone in their journey. The American Food and Drug Administration has given encouraging feedback, indicating that the data from their completed Phase 1/2 trial of INO-3107 are appropriate for the submission of a Biologics License Application under the FDA’s expedited approval program. This response is particularly noteworthy because it eliminates the need for a Phase 3 randomized, placebo-controlled trial that had been previously planned. Instead, before submitting the BLA, INOVIO will conduct the FDA-mandated confirmatory trial, ensuring compliance with all regulatory filing requirements.

In the event of approval, INO-3107 would represent a groundbreaking achievement as the first DNA medicine to secure regulatory approval in the United States. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in INOVIO’s commitment to addressing complex healthcare challenges.

INOVIO’s INO-3107 has recently garnered ‘Breakthrough Therapy Designation’, underscoring its potential as a transformative treatment option for RRP. Dr. Jacqueline Shea, INOVIO’s President and Chief Executive Officer, expressed gratitude for the accelerated development pathway and extended thanks to the patients and investigators involved in the trials.

This news is met with applause from the Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation, with its President, Kim McClellan, recognizing the FDA’s acknowledgment of the critical need for an improved standard of care for RRP patients.

The success of the Phase 1/2 trial further reinforces INOVIO’s position as a leader in the field of DNA medicines, demonstrating the potential to bring hope to patients afflicted by challenging diseases.