Sub-Penny Momentum Watchlist (TMGI, BEGI, PHBI, ABQQ)

In the world of trading, significant gainers and volume spikes often draw the attention of investors looking for potential opportunities. Many investors capitalize on the momentum of stocks that are making significant moves, as these stocks often maintain their upward trend for multiple trading sessions, offering potential gains.

Let’s explore four stocks that experienced substantial gains and volume spikes on Monday that could be worth keeping an eye on.

Marquie Group Inc. (OTC: TMGI) is making waves in the penny stock market with a remarkable 50% surge in its stock price on November 6th. TMGI is a direct-to-consumer organization that is focused on crafting and distributing high-quality health and beauty solutions. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Music of Your Life (R), renowned as the nation’s longest-running syndicated music radio service, the company showcases its offerings. Additionally, customers can conveniently purchase TMGI’s health and beauty products at, which serves as their primary online retail platform.

One of the pivotal events that has contributed to the recent surge in TMGI’s stock is the company’s acquisition of the INSANITEA and SANITEA trademarks. This announcement was made on October 25 and generated significant interest among investors and on social media platforms.

TMGI’s CEO, Marc Angell, highlighted the company’s commitment to introducing innovative and distinctly branded items. The acquisition of these trademarks, particularly in the specialty tea sector, is anticipated to bring about a fresh array of sought-after nutritional offerings. With the specialty drink sector in the United States showing promising growth, there is an optimistic outlook among investors regarding the potential success of this venture.

Market trends further support TMGI’s strategic move into specialty drinks. Statista data reveals that non-alcoholic energy drink sales in the U.S. reached an impressive $14 billion in 2022, with a projected growth of nearly 15% in 2023. Additionally, the hard seltzer market is expected to experience a remarkable surge of over 22% by 2027.

This expansion into the specialty drink arena aligns with TMGI’s existing product range under the Whim brand. The company’s strong commitment to healthy ingredients ensures that the upcoming products bearing these new trademarks will be free from gluten, sugar, fat, and artificial flavoring. Such a commitment resonates with evolving consumer preferences for healthier and more natural options.

Adding to the intrigue surrounding TMGI’s stock price surge is a recent tweet from the company’s official Twitter account. The tweet hinted at an impending update on the Whim branding deal with $ULTA, expected in the following week. Such corporate announcements often trigger market speculation and influence trading patterns as investors anticipate the potential impact of a collaboration with a recognized brand like $ULTA. Investors may want to pay attention as their twitter hints at an announcement coming soon

As the direct-to-consumer industry evolves, TMGI appears strategically positioned to capitalize on emerging trends and consumer preferences. OTC: TMGI is attracting significant attention, with investors monitoring the company’s developments and announcements.

BlackStar Enterprise Group, Inc. (OTC: BEGI) saw its stock price surge by an impressive 82.93% on November 6th. This surge is a noteworthy development that has garnered significant attention in the penny stock market.

On October 24, 2023, BlackStar received a ‘Notice of Allowance’ from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its patent application titled “System and Method for Matching Orders and Immutable Blockchain Ledger for all Customer Trading Activity with Settlement into the Broker Dealer Ecosystem.” This patent application presents a pioneering technology that facilitates the trading of common shares of a public company on a blockchain. This innovative software is known as the BlackStar Digital Trading PlatformTM (“BDTPTM”), crafted to enable the trading of electronic fungible shares in book-entry format, ensuring compliance with any U.S. brokerage firm.

When asked for a comment, BlackStar’s CEO, Joseph E. Kurczodyna, emphasized the significance of this achievement, noting that “this may revolutionize blockchain trading of digital assets that are securities.” Once this patent is issued, expected in November 2023, BlackStar will hold a registered patent providing a 20-year exclusive right for digital equity trading of securities on a blockchain.

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. (OTC: PHBI) experienced a notable surge of 128% in its stock price on the 6th. PHBI’s core focus lies in the development of nutraceutical products, particularly the MaxGenomic Supplement, a proprietary blend featuring medicinal plants and fungi.

Earlier on the same day, Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.’s official Twitter account shared an update: “$PHBI Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. management is concentrating on its business development strategies with its new natural supplement formulations and has opted not to pursue further convertible notes financing.” This decision aims to safeguard shareholder interests.

The stock’s substantial price increase is indicative of market enthusiasm for Pharmagreen’s innovative approach in the nutraceutical sector and its commitment to preserving shareholder value

AB International Group Corp. (OTCQB: ABQQ) is commanding the attention of the investment community, not only due to a substantial 20.00% surge in its stock’s performance but also because of a significant recent development. This intellectual property (IP), movie investment, and licensing firm, founded in Nevada on July 29, 2013, specializes in acquiring and developing valuable IP, web series, and films.

What makes ABQQ stand out is the increased buzz surrounding it on social media, particularly Twitter. The surge in mentions and discussions among investors signifies a growing interest and active engagement from retail investors.

One noteworthy development from September highlights ABQQ’s commitment to its shareholders. The company announced the cancellation of a previously planned 10,000-to-1 reverse split, underlining its dedication to safeguarding shareholder interests. Additionally, ABQQ received a substantial financial boost of $1.5 million from its sole officer and director, Mr. Chiyuan Deng. This infusion of capital is strategically directed toward supporting working capital needs and the pursuit of the company’s business objectives.

The presence and engagement on social media indicate that ABQQ has garnered the attention of retail investors, and they are actively participating in discussions surrounding the stock. Notably, recent company tweets reveal that “$ABQQ, the CEO is actively engaged in negotiations with potential buyers for a favorable divestiture of non-core assets, with expected proceeds intended to cover the entirety of the buyback scheme.