CapitalGainsReport: Active OTC Stocks with Breakout Potential (TMGI, NHHHF, LDDDF, SIRC)

Following active penny stocks provides traders with the chance to navigate the unpredictable market fluctuations, seeking potential moments of growth and momentum within the dynamic realm of stock trading.

Let’s take a closer look at a few active stocks that have caught traders’ interest, potentially building momentum behind them.

The Marquie Group (OTC: TMGI) has been making waves in the health and beauty industry, particularly with its strategic moves in acquiring and expanding its product portfolio. The company, positioning itself as a direct-to-consumer entity, focuses on delivering premier health and beauty solutions through its subsidiary, Simply Whim, Inc.

One notable highlight in The Marquie Group’s journey is its active negotiation for a dominant stake in Simply Whim, Inc. Following a strategic investment last year, where they acquired 25% of the health and beauty brand, the company aims to enhance shareholder returns through product expansion and innovation. In a major move announced on October 18, TMGI sealed the deal on a 51% stake in Simply Whim, anticipating a revenue boost with the upcoming holiday social media drives.

Simply Whim, founded by the tenacious three-time cancer survivor Jacquie Angell, distinguishes itself by championing superior, safe, and potent beauty solutions. Jacquie’s vision sheds light on the pressing need for higher industry standards in the U.S. beauty domain, exposing harmful ingredients permitted domestically but banned abroad. Simply Whim’s ethos dances with Nature, Nutrition, and Science, challenging conventional beauty norms with its trademarked battle cry, “Age is Not a Skin Type.”

At the heart of Simply Whim lies unyielding product integrity, meticulously avoiding harmful components like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial additives. The brand goes beyond, championing cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan products. Whim’s offerings, packed with antioxidant vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and botanical extracts, adhere to FDA-regulated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with a bold 30-day money-back guarantee.

Simply Whim recently dove into the burgeoning $10 billion transdermal patch sector, aiming to amplify its Inner Nutrition offerings. The water-resistant Whim Patch, boasting a high absorption rate and a unique time-release version, is poised to be a player in the growing wellness space.

Additionally, TMGI has recently secured the INSANITEA and SANITEA trademarks, opening doors to an enticing array of sought-after nutritional offerings.

CEO Marc Angell sheds light on the initiative, stating, “Our commitment to introducing inventive, distinctively branded items led us to the Sanitea and Insanitea trademarks. With the widespread love for tea and the lucrative nature of the specialty drink sector in the U.S., we foresee a significant win for our investors.”

Statista data reveals a robust non-alcoholic energy drink market, with U.S. sales reaching $14 billion in 2022 and an anticipated growth of almost 15% in 2023. Moreover, hard seltzer product sales are on track to surge by over 22% by 2027. Venturing into the specialty drink arena aligns seamlessly with The Marquie Group’s commitment to offering diverse and healthy product choices. The upcoming products under these new trademarks are poised to be free from gluten, sugar, fat, and artificial flavoring, ensuring a continuation of the company’s dedication to quality ingredients.

Recent rumblings from the company’s official Twitter account, @TheMarquieGroup, hint at a potential collaboration with ULTA, a major player in the beauty and skincare retail arena. While the tweet doesn’t quite seal the deal, it fuels anticipation for several significant distribution channels revving up soon.

As The Marquie Group steers through the dynamic terrain of health, beauty, and wellness, investors keen on transformative industry trends may want to keep a close eye on TMGI’s innovative moves.

FuelPositive Corporation (OTCQB: NHHHF) (TSX.V: NHHH)

FuelPositive Corp. is an emerging company in the realm of clean technology, showcasing a commitment to sustainable solutions. Specializing in on-farm/onsite, containerized Green Ammonia (NH3) production, the company not only eliminates carbon emissions but also pioneers versatile applications crucial for the evolving landscape of clean energy.

In a recent stride, FuelPositive achieved a significant milestone with the completion of 3rd party verification of the FP300 Green Ammonia output rate. This accomplishment propels the company into a new phase, where it can now accept 30% deposits on the initial 30 commercial systems. The base price of the FP300 Green Ammonia system stands at a robust C$950,000.

Nelson Leite, COO, underscores the importance of this validation, affirming the precision of their operating cost assumptions. Ian Clifford, CEO, echoes this sentiment, characterizing it as a transformative moment. Deposits, totaling nearly C$9,000,000, mark a shift from a pre-revenue start-up to a revenue-producing commercial entity. Completed sales are anticipated to reach an impressive C$30,000,000, reflecting the company’s newfound standing in the market.

The positive news has not gone unnoticed, with investors and traders responding favorably. NHHHF has experienced a noteworthy uptick, climbing 9.03%. The validation, conducted by third-party process validation service M2AR Consulting, further solidifies FuelPositive’s position as a trailblazer in creating Green Ammonia.

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (OTC: LDDFF) (TSXV: SCAN)

Liberty Defense is involved in security solutions, specializing in concealed weapons detection for high-traffic areas like airports and stadiums. Liberty Defense is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art security solutions and is supported by their exclusive license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for HEXWAVE, a discrete, modular, and scalable protection system.

In a significant move, Liberty Defense has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Rapiscan Systems, a global leader in screening solutions for governments and private industries. This collaboration allows Rapiscan to sell and service HEXWAVE internationally in the security and aviation markets. The initial agreement involves Rapiscan purchasing 20 HEXWAVE systems, with Liberty set to deliver five by the end of 2023 to meet the initial demand.

The distribution agreement broadens Liberty’s international reach, encompassing Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region. HEXWAVE, a walkthrough people screening system, utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to seamlessly detect weapons and threats in real-time.

Ted Alston, President of Rapiscan Detection, expressed enthusiasm about adding HEXWAVE to their product portfolio, citing its unique detection application that aligns with Rapiscan’s commitment to meeting stringent security requirements while offering exceptional value.

Rapiscan’s global presence positions HEXWAVE to combat terrorism, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, and trade fraud with efficiency and confidence.

Investors responded positively to this development, with LDDFF trading up 14.10% following the release. This collaboration not only underscores the technological prowess of HEXWAVE but also positions Liberty Defense as a significant player in the international security market.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC)

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. is a leading single-source solution provider of solar power, roofing, and EV charging systems. SIRC has seen a remarkable surge, with its stock up 20.59%. In a recent press release, SIRC addressed concerns related to trading patterns and took proactive measures against suspected illegal practices impacting its share price.

The company engaged an external entity to review trading patterns and identify potential discrepancies, particularly targeting illegal short-selling activities. SIRC believes that manipulative trading practices may have artificially depressed its share price. This move aligns with similar actions taken by other public companies to combat naked short sellers and maintain market integrity.

On the operational front, PLEMCo, a subsidiary of SIRC, has secured new contracts for the installation of EV chargers at strategic California locations, including Angels Camp, Independence Maintenance Station, Wasco State Penitentiary, and the California Department of Veterans Affairs in Lancaster. McKay Roofing, another SIRC entity, has landed a significant contract exceeding $800,000 for commercial roofing replacements in San Diego.

In the residential sector, SIRC is entering final negotiations to bring back a portion of the former FHP sales force. This move is aimed at selling combined roofing and solar projects, leveraging McKay and Milholland. The innovative financing product, allowing financing for combination jobs up to $100,000 per project, positions SIRC uniquely in the market.

Furthermore, SIRC continues its successful Continuation Capital Debt Reduction Program, retiring $3,508,838.30 in vendor debt. With court approval for another debt purchase transaction with Continuation Capital, settling $4,883,174.11 in debt, SIRC aims to enhance its balance sheet and shareholder equity without additional fees or warrants. The retirement of this debt not only strengthens the company’s position for organic growth but also opens avenues for strategic capital infusions.