Ultrack Systems (OTCMKTS:MJLB) Closes Wednesday Night At $0.0595 In Heavy Trading As Investors Await News On Flagship

Ultrack Systems (OTCMKTS:MJLB) closed Wednesday night at $0.0595 as investors await news on its flagship Ultrack DriveLine ELD. MJLB stock trading was heavy, with Wednesday volume at 1,649,341 shares versus. average daily volume at 1,317,722. It has reprogrammed the product for ELD approval in Canada and certification news is available at its website at http://ultrack.ca and twitter page at http://twitter.com/ultracki. This is due to a reformed testing protocol. This GPS tracking company offers a multi-pronged assets-under-management (AUM) value because its flagship is more than just valuable to today’s under-pressure commercial trucking fleets. It appeals to a significantly wider market — such as personal property for consumers.This line has the potential to be marketed as a consumer personal property protector as well. 

MJLB’s asset value is in the wide ranging impact of its products. Commercial trucking fleets need the ‘Ultrack DriveLine ELD’ . The commercial truck fleet market enables management to track and make efficiency key and new again in the use of GPS products from MJLB — a series of sophisticated trackers that watches how driver’s perform (speeding, stopping), on-time delivery issues — right down to when the ignition is turned on/off. In meeting new ELD compliance issues, these commercial trucking devices have themselves a future in a EV world of driver-less trucks of all electric vehicles. MJLB and its product are well positioned to soar in this automated truck tracking market.

To consumers, a GPS especially with SmartPhone video feeds through a MJLB camera would be reassuring to an owner for both off-site and on-site personal property. This includes everything from motorcycles to even family members themselves.

This company is self-financing awaiting approval and sales for its flagship ‘DriveLine ELD’. But its future is much more than that — if it can market itself aggressively in more fields. Investors should be aggressive as MJLB is on the precipice of growth.