Allied Energy Corp. (AGYP) Shows How Twitter Can Be an Effective Tool for Public Companies

Over the past decade, social media has changed the way we communicate.  For better or worse, in business it has removed the middle man.  Companies can now connect directly with consumers, clients, and, in Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP)’s case, investors.

AGYP should be studied by other public companies trying to learn how to best communicate their story through Twitter.  The company has used the visual benefits of social media to relay major milestones to investors.  This is an underrated necessity in the era of ‘fake news’.  

Press releases are still certainly important pieces of disclosure, but if you want investors to understand and more importantly believe in what you’re doing; as the old saying goes “seeing is believing.”

Over the course of this year, the oil & gas exploration company has used photo and video to document major events at their two leading projects; the Green Lease and Annie Gilmer Leases located in North Texas.

Another thing investors should note is that the stock rallies every time they release a tweet.  This is important this week because they just made another twitter communication on Wednesday.

Let’s look at the most recent announcements from AGYP on twitter and the market reaction:

Date: June 28th

Message: First video of work on their leases

Percentage Gain: 88% gain

Date: July 6th
Message: Photos of new work at the Annie Gilmer lease
Percent Gain: 45% gain

Date: July 9th
Message: Video of the K-3 Well at their Green lease 
Percentage Gain:- 7% gain

Date: July 14th
Message: Video of the M-1 Well Pumping
Percentage Gain: 0% gain

Date: July 28th
Message: “Tri-County electric is currently replacing the down poles on the Green Lease. Regaining electrical power is essential to achieving full production on our Wells.”
Percentage Gain:- 21% gain

Date: August 10th
Message: 3 Videos of the Green disposal well, and photos from the site
Percentage Gain:- 10% gain

Date: September 8th
Message: Video of the 2 wells pumping at the Green Lease
Percentage Gain:- 40% gain

Date: September 15th
Message: Gilmer Lease pumpjack installation
Percentage Gain:- 41% gain

The only time AGYP failed to make a major run after a Twitter update was July 14th which can be forgiven since it was the dead of summer.  

Everyone is back in front of their screens now.

AGYP is up 5% since the update on its saltwater disposal well at the Green lease yesterday. How much higher will it go?

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