Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) Makes Its Own Case As ‘Global Distribution Platform’ Grows And Stock Rises Exponentially

Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) is growing so fast that it makes its own case to investors. Twice in the past two weeks, profit takers have enjoyed INSD’s exponential growth.

This is a profit-making short term and long term opportunity in medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil cultivation and global marketing. 

Yesterday, this worldwide cultivator and marketer of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil closed down 13.04% at $24.61. Last Tuesday, it experienced another profit-taking session. All of that is good and profitable news. INSD stock doubled in the past month to $25.25 from $12.25 on October 20.

Investors are watching in awe. The stock is trading above its 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Before its reverse merger on September 24, it was a shell company with no operations. In January, it was just a $0.10 cent stock.

INSD continues its spectacular run. In one week it sprinted to a +72% green jump. The stock rose from $3 to $60 since mid-September.

The case for INSD is that it is building JV partnerships worldwide. It announces new ones weekly. It is looking for more. It is expanding its ‘Global Distribution Platform’ for growing cultivating and international selling of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil.

It all signals more growth as it expands deeper into the continents where it operates and adds more nations. It is already in five continents including North and South America, Europe’s EU, India/Asia and South Africa/Congo. 

Most recently, INSD :

• Expanded its presence in Africa, when it signed a JV partnership with Cameroon. The transaction extends its ‘Global Distribution Platform’ further into Africa.

Cameroon has agreed to grow, cultivate, process and produce medicinal cannabis. It is an ideal addition to the Platform because it offers port access and ideal growing conditions, according To Grant Sanders, Chairman of Instadose Canada.

  • Named Sanctum Healthcare Remedies Private Limited, its India JV Partner. In turn, Sanctum agrees to grow, cultivate and sell Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil to Europe. It will market to Europe through INSD’s ‘Global Distribution Platform,’ INSD said.

•  INSD is seeking more JV partners in nations such as Egypt and Mexico. INSD sent out a Tweet last week on its progress in Mexico.

  •  The catalyst for INSD and its goal is to open a commercial ‘gateway’ to a new wholesale marketplace. It would provide medicinal cannabis to pharmaceutical industry companies with consistent, high-quality and low cost supplies of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil.
  • INSD is focused on its three growing and cultivation centers in: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Africa and Mexico.

Instadose Pharma Corp. (OTC MKTS: INSD) is seeking to create a large, outdoor growing, cultivation and global distribution program for its Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil. It would, through its Global Distribution Platform,  gain global access to a new wholesale market worldwide. 

This wholesale marketplace would then offer low-cost product as a bulk and active pharmaceutical ingredient. It would be large, sustainable, consistent, diverse and high quality.  

In turn, those products would be used in bulk as an active pharmaceutical ingredient. INSD is becoming a force in worldwide medicinal cannabis. it is negotiating for more JV partnerships to grow its Global Distribution Platform.

INSD Chairman Grant Sanders said, “The commoditization of Cannabis will have a huge impact on countries where it can be grown outdoors, particularly in the developing world. The hope is that these countries will benefit from the development of a global market for Medicinal Cannabis.”

INSD’s Global Distribution Platform is also focused on sustainable and long-term agreements. The goal is to give back to national people and the environment. Instadose aims to increase fresh water, jobs, education, food, quality of life and security.

Grant Sanders, Chairman of Instadose Canada, calls its JV international joint ventures strategic. They give Instadose open air cultivating land mass. They also add to INSD’s network of established marketing locations.

Keep INSD on the medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil stock watch list. It is growing quickly and investors are learning it is a profitable short term and long term play.

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