LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS:LQWC) Max Khan, CEO, Says LQWC Will Earn Profit In 2022 In $283 Billion Lucrative Wastewater Treatment Market

Water, water everywhere. But it costs $283 billion globally annually today to treat  raw sewage properly and convert it into even reusable and clean water. It is still  non-drinkable, but can be applied to irrigation and water forestry. LifeQuest World  Corp. (OTCMKTS:LQWC), a clean water specialist company, uses its flagship  product, BioPipe to lead the market in innovation. 

Max Khan, CEO of LQWC, says worldwide treatment of wastewater offers his company several opportunities to grow. Khan predicts LQWC will become profitable in calendar year 2022.  

“The economics of this are so sweet,” declares Khan. We are a “Water as a Ser vice (WaaS) Company.” 

Investors should keep an eye out for LQWC’s dynamic jump into profitability. LQWC stock closed Friday at $0.0730, off 0.14%. For the five-day period, how ever, it was green. 

Fortune Business Insights says the wastewater treatment market is now $283 bil lion today. But it will grow to $465 billion by 2028. It will exhibit a CAGR of 7.3%  from 2021-2028. It will offer LQWC several wastewater treatment choices. 

LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS: LQWC) catalyst is a green eco-system  strategy providing on site biological sludge-free and chemical-free treatment of  wastewater. It then reclaims that water for irrigation and industrial reuse and oth er applications. 

Here are LQWC’s choices in a world of water-stressed nations and drinking water  short countries worldwide.

  • Focus on more skyrocketing increases from wholly-owned subsidiary, BioPipe  Global Corp. It markets, sells and installs flagship product BioPipe. It specializes  in employing a chemical-free, biological treatment for reclaiming and converting  wastewater. The cleaner water can then be repurposed for other uses. This includes: irrigation, replenishing surface water, recharging aquifers, and more. 
  • Create more pilot projects globally for LQWC so it can demonstrate to clients  that BioPipe and its other specialty projects are low cost, efficient and effective.  LQWC already operates two in South Africa, one in Ethiopia, one in Turkey, one in the Philippines, and two in the U.S. in California. Clients include hotels, hospitals, multi-family buildings and more. BioPipe is a patented and proprietary product. It is 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free  and highly scalable. 
  • LQWC is adding more partnerships, joint ventures and pilot projects to its client lists. But Khan says that LQWC has another unique opportunity. “We can go solo in the future,” Khan says. “We can completely own our pilot  projects and create a revenue stream we own and operate forever. This is a  ‘game changer’ for us and our shareholders. It is recurring revenue forever.”  
  • LQWC can also focus more heavily on the after-market of wastewater treat ment. It can continue selling the sludge, fat and grease it generates. Its Goslyn™  device is used in commercial kitchens globally and gets rid of 95-99% of waste.  The byproducts create another revenue stream because bio-diesel plants buy it. “They come and pick it up,” he says. “You are paid about 32-42 cents per gallon  for materials you have cleaned out of the water. Consider cleaning a fast-food  restaurant kitchen, like a Popeyes or McDonalds.” 
  • Long term, LQWC has still more opportunities. It can develop potable, clean drinking water. It can then enter the drinking Water ATM machine market. This is growing worldwide exponentially. Booming increases are most pronounced in emerging countries in regions such as Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, according to Transparency Market Research

For LQWC, “Our goal is to help municipalities, governments, businesses and  anyone else to be able to re-use treated water to improve the environment,”  Khan says. This is a green Company. 

The opportunities for LQWC are astounding. Cleaning and creating reusable wa ter is seen by Khan as an important but first element. The real strategy is taking  control of its own future by owning pilot projects and creating a lifetime of recur ring revenue stream. 

LQWC is an innovative water treatment specialist now. But in 2022 when it turns  a profit, Khan says, the Company can be a full-service WaaS with a difference. It  can treat wastewater, sell its products, and also create non-potable and perhaps  clean potable water. 

For water-stressed nations short of water, LQWC can provide a valuable service  and turn a profit at the same time. 

Water is the new liquid gold. Keep LQWC on your Watch List as the Wastewater Treatment Industry grows globally in size and valuation. And watch LQWC grow its business in multi-billion dollar global markets. 

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