LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS:LQWC) ‘Seeds Market’ With Pilot Program In Turkey

LifeQuest World Corp.’s (OTCMKTS:LQWC) BioPipe subsidiary is focusing on its pilot program in Izmir, Turkey. LQWC is expanding worldwide as it battles to demonstrate its abilities to demonstrate the success of its chemical-free sewage wastewater treatment.

Izmir is the third largest municipality in Turkey. As part of its aggressive growth strategy, LQWC is operating worldwide. Its operations span the globe — from India to the Philippines

Max Khan, CEO, says its BioPipe subsidiary is demonstrating its ability to turn sludge filled wastewater into clean and reusable water. It cannot be used for drinking, but can be reused for vital purposes, such as irrigation.

“This is a seeding operation,” says Khan. “It demonstrates that BioPipe can achieve these goals.” Long term, BioPipe is seeking to commercialize its waste wastewater treatment in water-stressed countries globally.

Khan says the Company will turn a profit in 2022.

LQWC is a Water As A Service (WaaS) Company serving water-stressed nations. BioPipe is the world’s first biological wastewater treatment system where the entire process takes place inside a series of pipes. BioPipe is a patented and proprietary product. It is 100% sludge free, chemical free, odor free and highly scalable, Khan says.

Turkey regularly dumps wastewater into the sea. In Istanbul, more than 70% of the water dumped into the sea is only pre-treated or not treated. As a result, Turkey is looking at on-site ways to treat its wastewater.

LQWC focuses on reusing the cleaner water it produces for non-drinking purposes. LQWC’s catalyst is its green eco-system strategy in water-poor nations.

LQWC says Turkey has identified some 80 different sites where BioPipe can be installed. The eventual goal for LQWC is to apply BioPipe’s treatment capability to other municipalities in Turkey. 

One such pilot program is in a Hilton Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a ‘seeding operation’ to show that the Company can turn dirty water into clean, Khan says.

Max Khan, CEO, is determined to meet the challenge of relieving water-stressed nations. It seeks more pilot programs to ‘seed’ other markets and turn raw sewage and wastewater into reusable and clean water.  

Clean water and drinkable water are scare now, impacting 1.1 billion people. In a few years it will get worse. That’s when scientists predict two-thirds of the world may suffer from water scarcity. This is the challenge to firms like wastewater treatment specialist LQWC.

Countries including Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, India, Haiti and the Philippines suffer from dirty or not enough clean drinking water. 

Some investors call clean water or drinking water ‘liquid gold.’ LQWC’s BioPipe subsidiary is an active eco-green Company. It has test pilot programs over a growing number of countries.

According to research by Fortune Business Insights, the global water and wastewater treatment market will reach $465 billion by 2028. The human toll is that two-thirds of the world’s population will not have access to clean water by 2025.  

Keep LQWC stock on your Watch List as global water is in short supply. The market for LQWC is growing.  

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