Real Brands, Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: RLBD) CEO Anticipates Revised Filing For OTCQB Up List By Year’s End

Thom Kidrin, CEO of Real Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS: RLBD), said in an exclusive interview he anticipates a revised up list filing by year’s end. RLBD has already filed a Form 10 and is a fully reporting company.

“We will meet the 10% stock eligibility regulation and plan to file a revised legal opinion letter within a few weeks, by year’s end,”  Kidrin says.”It will amend subsequent events.”

RLBD stock is currently traded on the OTC pink sheets. An up list would take RLBD stock to the OTCQB exchange.

Kidrin says that RLBD was founded by a reverse merger. In his 35 years of executive managing public companies, this is his first on the pink sheets.

In The Middle Of Three-Way Investing

RLBD stock offers investors a compelling opportunity in the CBD and hemp branded space. RLBD is 23% equity owned by Turning Point Brands, Inc.,  (NYSE: TPB). TPB is owner of core product brands Zig-Zag® and Stoker’s®. Both are in the alternative smoking space.

In turn, TPB equity is owned under 20% by hedge fund giant Standard General ‘SG’. SG is a privately-held company with reported $969.8 million total assets under management (AUM). It operates some 20 private funds.

David Glazek is Chairman at Turning Point Brands, Inc. and a partner at Standard General. 

Kidrin said that once RLBD stock is up listed to the OTCQB exchange, the company will transition in 2022.

Strong Marketing Plans For 2022

“2021 was a year in which we had to reposition within the realities of the marketplace,” Kidrin says. “We built our sales team. We opened our Providence (Rhode Island) facility. We’ll have a much stronger performance in 2022 after we up list.”

After the new year, Kidrin has major plans for RLBD.

  • In mergers & acquisitions,  Kidrin says he is looking at acquiring an established CBD seltzer beverage company.
  • He will expand the newly-launched PHAZE sports wellness line targeted to athletes. Now it is sold exclusively in its own online store. Next year, he plans to announce an international distribution arrangement.
  • Kidrin said he is also discussing PHAZE brick-and-mortar sales with a major domestic distributor. That would mean sales at bodegas, convenience stores, gas stations and other frequently-visited locations.
  • To raise the profile of planned CBD creams in cosmetics, he is actively talking with celebrity actress Sharon Stone. She would serve as an ‘influencer’ promoting the line on social media.
  • Kidrin also says he is also negotiating with the agent for actor Johnny Depp to perform as an ‘influencer’ for a RLBD hemp line. 
  • He says he is planning a new golf driven CBD line and is in talks with major athletic groups.      

“I have five major deals waiting for us after the up list,” Kidrin says. “Once that is finalized, everything else can start. I can announce them.”

Analysis Of CBD And Hemp Space

Kidrin had the foresight to see the potential of CBD and hemp. He did not view them as hallucinogens, but as anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety products.

“Now it is a commodity,” he says. “CBD can be purchased now for $8-$13 a pound. What makes RLBD special is that we have a proprietary formulation.” He cited the Company’s exclusive method to produce the RLBD product. “Our team created programming for molecular separation,” he says.

PHAZE consists of eight SKUs across a line consisting of gum, tinctures, topical creams and topical patches, In January, PHAZE will be extended with gummies in each of its four PHAZE groups.

In 2022, the Company plans to expand PHAZE further from the current eight SKUs to some 20 products.

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Keep Real Brands, Inc. on your Watch List as hemp-infused products and CBD are growing in importance to the investor community.