RLBD Adds $138 Billion in Opportunity By Entering The EU

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This week, Real Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS: RLBD) announced a major international distribution deal, and with it Billions of dollars of market opportunity.  

RLBD entered into a strategic distribution partnership with Karanten Ltd. of Budapest, Hungary. Karanten’s initial product launch will feature Real Brands’ WA line of CBD-infused cosmetics and topicals; available at www.warazslat.hu.  By entering the EU, this deal has created a massive opportunity for RLBD.


-European CBD Market- $1.5 Billion by 2023

-European Cosmetics Market- $79.8 Billion by 2025

-European Beauty & Personal Care Market- $138 Billion

The European Union has legalized CBD products, and the market is growing rapidly, however, there is less competition in the market than RLBD faces in the US which makes this news even more beneficial for investors.

Hungary, where Karanten Ltd. is based, alone Beauty & Personal Care market projects to be worth $921m in 2022.  

As an online retailer, Karanten’s license is for the entire EU.  The Beauty & Personal Care market in Europe is $138 billion equal to $162.93 per person.

Another great stat for RLBD’s deal is the fact that 26.0% of total revenue in European Union will be generated through online sales by 2022.


“Real Brands is pleased to partner with Karanten under their EU license to offer EU customers the calming and healing properties of our Japanese-influenced WA cosmetics developed from decades of research, as well as our wide array of natural products and brands that contribute to health and wellness,” stated Thom Kidrin, Real Brands President and CEO. 

Cosmetics in the EU accounted for 79.84 billion euros in 2019.  

Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see why this is big news for RLBD.

RLBD plans to launch its PHAZE Sports line next.


This is the first major announcement since RLBD completed its uplisting to the OTCQB.   Adding this huge opportunity to its already lucrative outlook is great news for investors.  Make sure RLBD is on top of your watchlist.
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