WHSI Readying New Websites, ‘Dealer Academy’ In Remote Monitoring Market

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This Spring, Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI), is readying new websites and a ‘Dealer Academy’ to spike sales of its new 4GiHelpMAX. 

Marc Cayle, VP of innovation and development, says this revolutionary monitoring device will launch in May. The $23.3 billion remote patient operating market (RPM) is projected as a $23.3 billion industry. Research firm MarketsAndMarkets projects this market will grow at a CAGR of 38.2% to reach $117 billion by 2025.

As it gets ready for a global media blitz in 4-6 weeks, WHSI will go online with all-new websites at the same time. It will also focus on a ‘Dealer Academy’ to make its 4GiHelpMAX remote monitoring device stand out.


WHSI is turning the remote monitoring market upside down. 3G is being phased out by major providers while WHSI’s 4G iHelpMAX is entering. Greater than 30% of industry sales become recurring clients. Now, WHSI is making sure a much higher percentage of its customers are retained through its ‘White glove’ concierge service.

WHSI integrates technology, new websites, 4G telecommunications and a Dealer Academy into its remote control monitoring products.

For its 4GiHelpMAX device, WHSI is now developing a series of apps with partners for telehealth vitals to be entered into a portal direct to physicians, health professionals and other medical institutions. The new remote control device has call integration with Alexis and Google’s assistant. The apps are its future high-tech legs. 

The 4GiHelpMAX units offer call integration with Alexis and Google, telehealth-ready monitoring wearables, AI, BlueTooth, IoT, Central Cloud Management and more.


—  Marc Cayle says WHSI is doing more than just improving its websites: it’s launching new ones.

“These sites will be all-new,” he declares. “They will be online in the next month or so. We are gutting everything and starting from scratch.”

—  WHSI’s new ‘Dealer Academy’ is designed to make WHSI’s 4GiHelpMAX groundbreaking in the remote monitoring marketplace. Cayle said it is designed to certify some 200 or so active dealers/customers who, in turn, sell to end-users. 

“We are preparing modules for the Dealer Academy,” Cayle describes. “I have one module for new dealers, one for the 4GiHelpMAX and how to operate its portal. There is also a module for more mature, senior dealers. 

“We are really business coaches. We let dealers buy banner ads on the sites seen by end-users. The customer learns from the online website, then the customer-facing website takes you to a landing page. When the end-user enters a zip code, a listing of certified dealers appears. That grows business for everyone.”

Cayle estimates that the Dealer Academy and new 4GiHelpMAX will help WHSI add 20% more dealers. A key factor, is that the new product is drawing more dealers and a greater number of sales will stay sold.

Cayle calls tech-savvy seniors a wave of ‘silver tsunami’ end users.

“WHSI is in a great position for investors,” Cayle says. “We have the product, the Dealer Academy and new websites that are simple to operate and helps customers find certified and knowledgeable dealers.”


Cayle also says that WHSI’s agreement with Kathy Ireland’s media company will ensure large exposure worldwide:

“We’re going to get hundreds of thousands of impressions in every way. These will include news, social media, business news outlets to tell about this product and its functionality. It will reach with full force a global audience. The plan is to create 650,000 impressions to an audience of 80 million worldwide,” he adds.


In the future, WHSI will be developing ancillary products or formalizing relationships with ancillary product manufacturers. They would generate telehealth fees for monitoring activities. 

Coyle says WHSI will in the future deliver through a biosensor being developed now telehealth vitals into a portal. It will enable medical professionals to see indicators such as temperature, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure (cuffs), glucose monitoring, and more, Cayle says. “It is exciting when the 4G iHelp MAX is pairing with peripherals,” he says.


The state-of-the-art device will offer GPS tracking services plus remote patient monitoring (RPM). It will have body-mounted sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). Fall detection and geofencing are other features. It features Wi-Fi, NFC (wireless data transfer) technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Low En


Cayle described that WHSI receives multiple revenue streams from sales of its remote monitoring devices. They include a cellular connectivity fee, a portal fee from the energy monitoring center, and more.

Keep WHSI stock on your watch list as it integrates technology into its remote control monitoring products. For more information, go to wearablehealthsolutions.com

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